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Project-based Learning


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Credit to Roy Genares who made this representation for me...ILOVEYOU!!!!! This is for our report!!!!

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Project-based Learning

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  7. 7. Project – Based Learning
  8. 8. Project – Based Learning Theme: TIME MANAGEMENT TIME IS GOLD!
  9. 9. Project – Based Learning Essential Question/s EU : Effective time management is essential in achieving one’s daily tasks. EQ : What makes effective time management essential in achieving daily taks?
  10. 10. Project – Based Learning Standards – Junior High School Level Study Strategies Content Standard: 1.) Demonstrate eagerness in responding to questions pertinent to previous and future opportunities. 2.) Locate sources of information for purpose of drawing conclusions. 3.) Process information synchronously with peers and other persons for purpose of balancing views and opinion. 4.) Arrange collected information such as scaling and rating. 5.) Design management schemes to carry out specific goals of an organized inquiry.
  11. 11. Project – Based Learning Project Details This is a Project – based learning activity about time management. Students will create a plan to set priorities focused on academic and social goals through a variety of activities as experienced in real-life scenarios.
  12. 12. Project – Based Learning Project Task Title: “TIME IS GOLD” You have received a message Click the picture
  13. 13. Good afternoon, this is James Bond and I need your help… I need you to decode the secret based on the laboratory of Mr. Big… But the most important is how can I have a good timing to attack the laboratory… I want you to help me finish my mission on time…
  14. 14. Project – Based Learning You will be given worksheets to be working independently. You will have time to discuss with a partner. 
  15. 15. Project – Based Learning The worksheet contains three sections. Part I addresses how you spent your time yesterday. In order to complete the Part I of the worksheet, you should do the following : 1.) Prepare a daily calendar. 2.) Plot your schedule that would give you an idea of the time you spend for class hours, study periods, and other routine activities.
  16. 16. Project – Based Learning After you have completed the first part of the worksheet, go to the next part. This time, rate how well did you manage your time in relationship to school and others like homework. 
  17. 17. Project – Based Learning Scale of Time Analysis (PART II) (12-15 points) GREAT: Students have best time management skills. (7-11 points) BETTER: Students have some better habits. (6 or below) NEED IMPROVEMENT: Students need to improve their time management skills
  18. 18. Project – Based Learning I bet, in one way or another, you have realized your weaknesses in not being able to use on your time wisely. So, I want you to accomplish the last part of the worksheet which addresses to how much did you spend in studies, homework, and etcetera. Talk now to your partner and determine the following:  what is most important and how much time it takes up in a day.  what is next important and how much time will it get.  what is least important. 
  19. 19. Project – Based Learning Remember, time management is important and essential in carrying out your responsibilities especially in studies and daily tasks. Through this, you can minimize backlogs and achieve deadlines on time. 
  20. 20. Project – Based Learning Don’t forget to create a daily or weekly “to do list”, it is simply an enumeration of what you want to accomplish. 
  21. 21. Project – Based Learning Put all your works in a portfolio including your worksheets, daily calendar, and to do list. It is to be shown to your parents. 
  22. 22. You have received a new message Click the picture
  23. 23. Thank you friend for helping me manage my time… We did to decode the secret of Mr. Big’s laboratory… And now the world is safe from the evil scientist… From: James Bond
  24. 24. Project – Based Learning Student Requirements   Writing skills Interviewing skills
  25. 25. Project – Based Learning Technology Requirements   Computers Calculator
  26. 26. Project – Based Learning Scaffolds   ain/newMN_HTE.htm
  27. 27. Project – Based Learning Assessment    Formative and summative assessment through paper, pen activities. Journal or Metacognitive logs Portfolio
  28. 28. Project – Based Learning Support     Teachers Students School Administration Parents
  29. 29. Project – Based Learning Thank You…