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China to drive wool revival


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China to drive wool revival

  1. 1. THE LAND AUSTRALIAChina to drive wool revivalJULIAN LUKE15 Jun, 2012 04:00 AMTHE Australian wool revival is set to rely on the success of China, with Australian WoolInnovation (AWI) predicting demand for all microns to grow in the country.AWI China manager Xiao Ya Wei said Chinese buyers traditionally demanded 21 micron wooland broader, but the continued rise in luxury goods consumption and a better appreciation forfiner wool would see continued growth in the super and ultrafine microns.“As more people appreciate wool they want finer, lighter wool,” she said.“Luxury suits using premium ultrafine Merino wool are taking the leading role of the increasinguptake among all categories.“The demand of premium women’s wear will become the new growth point.”Ms Wei said the current marketing focus was to increase the value of the local Chineseindustry, encouraging companies to compete by value-adding as well as on price.“AWI is deeply integrated with the wool industry in China. We utilise AWI’s investment inresearch, product development and marketing to inspire and educate industry to demand morewool,” she said.