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Solar cooker


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Solar cooker

  1. 1. Solar CookerBy Jesus Ornelas And John Quinones
  2. 2. What it is How it worksA solar cooker is a oven  Uses the suns rays that uses the sun to for heat cook food or boil  Sun rays reflect off a water shiny material
  3. 3. What a Parabolic How a Parabolic cookercooker is worksA more efficient cooker  Uses heat to cook that varies its heat  The bigger the from the size. The parabola the hotter. smaller the size the  Uses the reflective less the heat. The disc to reflect more bigger the size the heat hotter heat
  4. 4. How we created our solar cooker? We use a # between 6-8 for our focus Then we cut out the frame Then we cut out Aluminum for the reflective material Then we made a sight for aiming the light to cook
  5. 5.  To be honest I don’t think ours needs any improvements. It works like magic and reaches very high temperatures in very short time. Its design is a good one and very capable of cooking. We love our solar cooker.How to make ours more effective?
  6. 6.  It is good for cooking food and boiling water. It is also not harmful to the environmentWhy would someone want a solarcooker?
  7. 7.  We had a fun, challenging, funny experience.Our experience with the project?