Insu introduction greenschool_2012


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Insu introduction greenschool_2012

  1. 1. <김지은 - Kim Jieun.>Hello? My name is Kim Jieun.Im 12 years old. I am in the 5th grade.I go to Insu elementary school. I am a girl.I like food and music. I dont like bugs.What do you like? Do you like bugs?Whats your favorite subject?My favorite subject is Math and English.I like Gimbab and bulgogi. Do you know Koran food?Whats your favorite hobbies?My favorite hobbies are listening go music and cooking.Do you like music and cooking?I think its very fun.Do you think you are smart?I like Nintendo wii.Its very fun and it makes me happy.Because of the exercise, the game and dancing.Good bye.
  2. 2. <조민지 - Jo minji >Hello. My name is Jo minji. How old are you?I am 12 years old. I am in the 5th grade.My favorite animal is horse. Do you like horses? and whats your favorite animal?I like food. I dont like math because I think is very hard.Do you know Nintendo? I like Nintendo.Do you like K-pop? I like k-pop. My favorite k-pop is Big Bang.Do you know Big Bang?I hope you like Big Bang. and Big Bang is very famous.My hobby is listening to music.I like music. Do you know You raise me up?I like this song.Do you like sports?Whats your favorite sport?My favorite sport is playing doge ball. because its very fun.Bye bye!!
  3. 3. <윤연상 - Yoon yeonsang >Hello! My name is Yoon yeonsang.How are you?Im 12 years old.How about you?My favorite subject is English.I like playing games. I dont likeinsects.My favorite food is pizza.My favorite game is Mine craft.How about you?Im from Korea.Good bye!
  4. 4. <김도윤 - Kim do yoon >Hi. My name is Kim Doyoon.My favorite food is pizza.Im 12 years old.I like fish.My favorite subject is science.I dont like butterflies.Im from Korea and I live in Nam dong gu.My favorite game is Mine craft.My hobby is looking at fish.My favorite animal is dog.Good bye.From. Kim do yoon.
  5. 5. <이재영 – Lee jae young>Hello. How are you? My name is Lee jae young.Im 12 years old. Im in the 5th grade.I like computer games called Maple Story. I dont like studying.Whats your favorite computer game?Whats your favorite subject?Whats you favorite food?Whats your favorite sports?Whats your favorite hobbies?My favorite computer game is Maple Story.My favorite food is pizza.My favorite sport is soccer.My favorite hobby is listening to music..My favorite subject is social studies..From. Lee jae young.
  6. 6. <김도원 - Do won Kim >Hello? My name is Do won Kim.Im 12years old. Im in the 5thgrade. I like to play the piano.My favorite food is hamburger andfavorite sport is soccer.I have a nintendo.Do you have a nintendo?Im sorry but I know china.Anyway take care.Good bye.From. Do-won Kim.
  7. 7. <한재연 - Han jea yeon >Hello?My name is Han jea yeon. I like soccer, bulgogi and swimming.I dont like English.English is difficult.Soccer is so fun to play. I like my friends.My friends are so kind.How are you?Im happy.I am 12 years old.I am in the 5th grade.Tiger is so scary. Baby tiger are so cute. Korean traditional colthing isHanbok.Korean traditional food is Gimchi. Gimchi is famous. I dont eat Gimchi.Its spicy. My favorite subject is P.E.P.E is so exciting.My favorite sports are soccer and swimming.Whats our favorite subject?Whats your favorite food?Whats your favorite sports? My favorite game is starcraft.Its so interesting.From. Han jeayeon.
  8. 8. <김남형 - Kim Namhyung >Hi. My name is Kim Namhyung.I want to tell something about me.I live in Incheon and I go to Incheon Insu elementary school.My hobby is playing soccer.I play soccer everyday and my favorite food is pizza.It is very delicious! Also, my favorite subject is math, however, I dont like art.And I like music and I like K-pop.My favorite singer is IU.IU is very famous singer. and I have many lego. but I dont play with it now.My younger brother plays lego.My favorite holiday is christmas because I can get many presents.When I become an adult, I want to become a judge.I want to punish bad people and I want to get rich.My soccer ball is special to me because I like soccer. and if I have soccer ball.I can play soccer and I can exercise with soccer. I play soccer everyday!!!And, I want to introduce my country. Korea!!!Korea has many good cultures. In Korea, there is many delicious food like Bulgogi, Kimchi, Galbiand Bibimbab.These are all delicious food and our traditional cloth. Hanbok is really beautiful.Many people use smart phone in Korea.Korea is advanced in technology.Now, I will finish my story. How about your story?Tell me! Tell me!!And bye bye!!^^From. Namhyung.
  9. 9. <백준하>Hello. My name is Baek Junha.Im 12 years old. Im in the 5thgrade.I like exercising. I dont like eatingvegetables.My favorite game is Minecraft.My favorite food is chicken.My favorite sport is soccer.My favorite subject is math.Whats your favorite games,sports, subjects and foods?
  10. 10. <조유정 - Cho youjung >Hello. My name is Cho youjung.I am 13 years old. Im in the sixthgrade.I go to Insu Elementary school.My favorite subjects are Koeanand English.And I want to be an announcershen I grow up.My favorite thing is my cell phone.I like to play th piano and listen tomusic.I dont like sports.Bye bye.From. Youjung.
  11. 11. <홍서연 - Hong seo yeon >How are you? My name is Hong seo yeon.I amd thirteen years old.I am in the sixth grade.I like soccer.I dont like baseball.My favorite food is meat.My favorite subject is English.My favorite sport is soccer.My favorite hobby is playing soccer.My favorite color is pinkMy best friend is Kim mina.
  12. 12. <김민아 - Kim mina >How old are you? My name is Kim mina.I am thirteen years old. I am in the sixth grade.I like soccer.I dont like baseball.My favorite food is meat.My favorite subject is P.E.My favorite sport is soccer.My favorite hobby is playing soccer.My favorite color is pinkMy best friend is Hong Seoyeon.
  13. 13. <김하은 – Kim haeun>Hi~ How are you? My name is Kimhaeun.Im in the sixth grade. Its nice to meet you.My favorite food is Kimchi. Its very spicy.My favorite sport is soccer. Its very fun.My favorite subject is science.My favorite hobbies making somethig.My favorite colors are black and white.My good friend is Lee Eun-kyung
  14. 14. <김예은 – Kim YeEun.>Hello.My name is Kim YeEun.I go the Insu Elementary school.Im in the sixth grade.Im thirteen years old.I like listening to music and I dont like beans.My favorite music is R&B and pop.My hobby is playing the piano.My favorite colors are black and white.My family is my mom, my dad, my brotherand me.My brother is in high school third grade.My mom and dad are very kind.
  15. 15. <한수진 - Han Sujin >Hello.My name is Han Sujin.I go to Insu elementary school.Im in the 6th grade.I really like to eat.My favorite food is pizza.And I also like listening to music.I like Justin Bieber.He is a pop singer.He sings very well, and Baby is themost popular song.Hes other favorite songs are :Mistletoe, One time Naver say neverBoyfriend.Anyway, My family has 4 people.My mom and father is caring and kind.And my older sister is short-tempered.
  16. 16. <이은경 – Lee Eun-kyung >Hello!my name is Eun-kyung.I am 13 years old I am sixth grade.I like Poket monster very much.I hate my sister.My birthday is on August 8th.My favorite food is teokboki.My favorite subject is math and art.My favorite colors are blue and red.From. Eun-kyung Lee.
  17. 17. <김진호 - Jin ho Kim >Hello?How are you?My name is Jin ho Kim.I am 13 years old. I am in the 6th grade.I like winter I dont like taet gyan.My favorite food is steak.My favorite subject is English.My favorite hobby is solving the Rubix cube.Bye bye.
  18. 18. <남택균 - Nam taek gyun >Hi!My name is Nam taek gyun.How are you?Im fine.I like cookies and meat.Im thirteen years old.My favorite sports are soccer and baseball.My hobby is playing soccer.
  19. 19. <김재현 - Kim Jaehyunn >Hello! My name is Kim Jaehyunn.I am 12 years old I am in the sixth grade.How old are you?I like soccer. Do you like soccer?I dont like basket ball.Do you like basket ball?My favorite food is chicken.Chicken tastes good.My favorite subjects is P.E.I want to meet you someday.Bye bye.
  20. 20. <전영민 – Jeon Youngmin.>How are you?Im 13 years old.Im in the 6th grade.I like music. I dont like pig because they are stinky.My favorite fruit is all.I love fruit because its tasty.What fruit do you like?haha.. bye~See you again.
  21. 21. <손민규 - Son mingyu >How are you?My name is Son mingyu.Im from Korea. My school is In suelemetary.Insu is not bad. How about yourschool?Do you know Kimchi? I dont likeKimchi.I like spicy, but almost all Kimchiis not spicy.My hobby is reading fiction.Do you like fiction?And do you know Naruto?I like Naruto.See you next time.From. Son min gyu.
  22. 22. <김완기 - Kim wan ki >Hello. My name is Kim wan ki.Im sixth grade.I like pizza.Do you like pizza?Tomorrow is an important day inKorea. It is Memorial Day.I like playing soccer.Do you like soccer?I can solve the Rubix cube reallyfast.I like cube.Bye bye.