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How to use Facebook for your business

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Facebook for-your-business-howto

  1. 1. How To for Your Business Stephanie Ward & Erno HanninkCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  2. 2. ContentsContents......................................................................................... 2How To Facebook for Your Business..................................................... 3 Have you been wondering things like:.............................................. 3 Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Business......................... 3 Facebook Facts............................................................................. 3 Personal Profile............................................................................. 4 How to Create Your Business Page................................................... 4 How to Dramatically Improve Your Business Page...............................5 Posting on Your Wall & Knowing When Others Post on your Wall...........7 .................................................................................................. 8 How to Promote your Page & Get More ‘Likes’.................................... 8 Getting People to Interact on Your Business Page............................. 10 How to Sell Products on Your Business page.................................... 12 How to Measure Your Progress by Analyzing the Activity on Your Business Page............................................................................. 12 Safety Tip................................................................................... 12 Any questions? ........................................................................... 13Copyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  3. 3. How To Facebook for Your BusinessThis instruction guide is part of the Facebook for Your Business webinar.Have you been wondering things like:  What’s the difference between a personal profile and a business page on Facebook?  How can I keep my personal Facebook profile separate from my business page?  How do I set up my business page?  How do I get people to ‘Like’ my Facebook Business Page?  How can I get people to interact with me on my Facebook Business Page?  How is having a Facebook Business Page going to help me attract more clients and grow my business?Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for YourBusiness  A place to build your community  Be where your target audience is  Attract clients  Sell products on Facebook  Increase the number of people who subscribe to your ezine  Share valuable resources with your community  Increase exposure on the internet  Meet new people you otherwise wouldn’t meet  Build your brandFacebook Facts  Facebook has over 600 million active users, this means that they log on at least once a month  50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day  There are 3.5 million active users in the Netherlands  There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.Copyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  4. 4. Personal Profile • Your Personal Profile should not be used for your business or you could get kicked off Facebook. • Just use your name, no additions no company name. • This is why you need a Personal Profile and a Business PageHow to Create Your Business Page • It used to be called Fan Page and you got fans when people clicked the Fan button. Now its called a Business Page and People like your Page by clicking the Like button. • You can start your Business Page at facebook.com/pages/create.php • Which category to pick: 1. Local Business 2. Company, Organization 3. Brand or Product 4. Artist, Band or Public Figure 5. Entertainment 6. Cause or Topic • Dont use category 5 or 6, these are so called Community Pages. When a Community Page becomes really popular it will be adopted and maintained by the Facebook community. • Category 1 or 2 are perfect for a business. Category 1 is perfect when you have a physical shop that has opening hours and customers can walk in without an appointment. Category 2 for when you have an online shop or have an office and work with appointments. • Choose the name for Your Business Page. Use your Company Name or Brand. If you are a independent professional we suggest: Company Name – Your Name. This way people can find you if they search for your name or your company name. • You can change the name of your Business Page if fewer than 100 people Like your Business PageCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  5. 5. How to Dramatically Improve Your Business PageYour Business Page has been created. Now you need to complete the pageand make it more attractive for people to Like your Business Page. Takethe following steps: • Include an image for your Business Page. The image will be shown on the top left of your page. The maximum size is 180px wide and 540px tall. With this size you can make a banner with some extra information on your business. See for example facebook.com/BarefootExecutive and facebook.com/fabienne • An important part of improving your Business Page is be completing all the details so people can find more information on you when they land on your Business Page. In the new Facebook page layout the tabs are on the left just below your Business Page image. • Starting with the various tabs of your page: ◦ Wall Tab – this is the main tab. Fans and wannabe-fans land here by default. This where you post content and people who like your page post content. ▪ What to post will explained in the next section. ▪ With the new Facebook Page layout you can post as yourself AND as your Business Page. In Your Settings you can change the default settings for this option. We suggest you switch this option to off. ▪ Make sure you show the comments of Everyone, you and the people that liked your page. Go to Manage Permissions – Wall Tab Shows – select Everyone. ▪ Facebook does monitor for spam and places spam in a separate view. You can view the spam comments in the Admin view – Hidden Posts ▪ You can also delete weird comments yourself. Move your mouse over the post and you can click on Remove Post or Hide Post = mark as spam. ◦ Information Tab – complete the fields in this tab, Basic Information. ▪ Here you can also change the category of your Business Page. ▪ Describe your company. This is a place where people can find more information about your business. ▪ Include the URL(s) of the website(s) for your business. Include http:// so the URLs are clickable. ◦ With the new Facebook layout you can also feature the Page Owners. We suggest to feature yourself as Page Owner, if you are an independent professional. You can find this option in the EditCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  6. 6. info – Featured section. ◦ Welcome Tab – A very important tab if you want more Likes. ▪ A welcome tab is where you make people land first that have not yet Liked your Business Page. On this Tab you inform new visitors about the page: • What is it about • Whom is it for • Encourage People to Engage • Ask People te Like your page ▪ 23% click on Like when they land on the Wall vs 47% click on Like when they land on the Welcome tab! ▪ Check out this example facebook.com/fabienne? sk=app_4949752878 ▪ Our tip, use pagemodo.com to create a custom Welcome Tab. There is a free version that you can use for one page. There will be branding for Pagemodo on your Welcome Tab. There are different templates that you can choose from. These templates can be completed with your text and photos. See the Welcome Tab on Stephanies page created with Pagemodo facebook.com/fireflycoaching?sk=app_112078882147346 ▪ Now you will have to change the Default Landing Tab so new visitors will first land on your Welcome Tab. You can find this in Edit info – Manage Permissions ◦ There are lots of free apps available that can add extra tabs to your page for more interaction. A good example is the free apps from Involver. This service has apps that are premium and free apps. With these apps you can add 2 of these for free: ▪ RSS Feed (Blog Tab) – will show the posts from your blog on a separate tab ▪ Twitter Tab ▪ You Tube Tab ▪ Flickr Tab for photos ◦ Another great app is from Slideshare so you can show your slide from presentations you have done. http://apps.facebook.com/slideshare • The first 6 tabs are below your Business Page image, this includes the Wall and Info Tab. The next tabs shown can be changed. You click More below the 6 visible tabs. Then you click Edit. Then you can use drag and drop to reorder the tabs. You can also hide a tab by clicking the x.Copyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  7. 7. Posting on Your Wall & Knowing When Others Poston your WallMost of our action is on the wall. This is also where the interaction takesplace with the people that liked our Business Page. Some ideas of whatyou can post on your Wall. • You post valuable & interesting content once a day or every other day so the page will show up in the news feed of the people that Liked your Business Page. What to write about: ◦ News and Tips from your industry ◦ Links to interesting articles ◦ Book recommendations ◦ Questions ◦ Quotes • Add pictures & video ◦ Adding photos and videos to your Business Page works the same as on your Personal Profile ◦ Photos and videos you upload on your Business Page will not show up on your Personal Profile (and vice versa). So you can keep you party photos private. ◦ Try to cluster photos in a Photo Album, i.e. events, clients, examples from your industry ◦ When you add photos to your Business Page this also shows up in the news feed of the people that Liked your Business Page and photos draw attention. • Add your posts from your blog automatically to your wall with the NetworkedBlogs app. This app will also create a separate tab with all your blog posts on your Business Page. ◦ Go to http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/ ◦ Register a blog and complete the data for your blog ◦ Are you the Author of your blog? Yes. ◦ You can verify ownership of your blog by adding some code to your blog or ask friends to verify you. The last option takes longer but required no technical actions and will add followers for your blog and possibly some ratings. Which makes your blog more visible to non-followers. ◦ The you can setup the syndication of your blog. You can automatically add updates of your blog to your Personal Profile, Twitter and your Business Page. • With the new Facebook pages you can receive notifications from Facebook for your Business Page. By default it is set. You can findCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  8. 8. this in Edit info – Your Settings. ◦ If someone posts on your wall or comments on a post you will receive a notification in your inbox right away. ◦ Tip: there is another option that we prefer and that is Hyper Alerts. It is outside Facebook and you will need to setup and account at http://www.hyperalerts.no . It is easy and for free. The advantage is that you have the option to receive updates right away or once per day for example. Also the notification in the mail includes the post and comment.How to Promote your Page & Get More ‘Likes’Now that our Business Page is all set and we have posted several updates,received some likes it is good to let your friends know about your page. • Suggest your Business Page to your friends on your Personal Profile so they can Like your page. You can find the Suggest to Friends link at the right side of your Business Page. • You can also Tell your Fans about it. Go to Edit Info – Marketing – Tell your Fans. You can use your online email service or upload a contact file that you exported from your e-mail software. • Once you have 25 likes or more for your Business Page you can create a Username (customized url) Go to Edit Info – Basic Information. You will not able to edit this username once you set it! You need this to make promoting your page easy. For example http://www.facebook.com/marismith You can even shorten this link further by using fb.me e.g. http://fb.me/marismith. So http://fb.me/yourusername • Once you have set the username (URL) for your Business Page you can promote your page by: ◦ Posting it on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ◦ Add the link to your Business Cards ◦ Add the link to your E-mail Signature ◦ Adding a link to your Business Page on your Personal Profile. Click on Edit Info - ‘Contact Information’ and add it to the section Website. ◦ On your Personal Profile you can also add employers. Here you can add your company. When you copy and paste the name of your Business Page, Facebook will make a connection to your Business Page. This way friends can go from your Personal Profile to your Business Page by clicking the employer. See for exampleCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  9. 9. http://www.facebook.com/ernohannink?sk=info • You can Add badges of your Business Page to your website. Go to Edit Info – Marketing – Get a badge: ◦ You can add a Like Badge – this shows you like that page. People can click on the badge and will go to your Business Page. ◦ You can add a Page Badge – this shows your Business Page and people can click the Like button on the badge. (Better) ◦ You can add a Like Box – this will show your page, a like button and also people and friends that Like your page. (Best) For this option you will have to go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box ◦ You can add these badges/boxes to the sidebar of your blog and/or website. You can see an example here http://www.marismith.com/mari-smith-blog/ • Invite your newsletter subscribers to your Business Page. Send a special newsletter announcing your new/revised Business Page. Make sure there is some special content that your subscribers can find on your Business Page and nowhere else. • This requires some technical effort, but you can also Give special Content in Exchange for a Like. The moment people click the Like button on your Welcome tab they will have access to special content. • Create a Greet Box for new visitors to your blog. WordPress has a great plugin for that. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp- greet-box/ In this box you can ask people to Like your page. • Add a Facebook Like and Share button to your website pages/blog posts. This will promote your blogpost on the personal wall of the person that Liked your post. This way new visitors will go to your site and can see the Business Page on your blog. ◦ Like plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/like/ ◦ Digg Digg plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/digg-digg/ ◦ Sociable plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sociable/ • Give something away when someone Likes your page. For example a book they can download only when they Liked your page. See Guy Kawasakis Enchantment book page for this http://www.facebook.com/enchantment?v=app_4949752878 • Use video on your Welcome tab to make it more personal. See http://www.facebook.com/marismith?sk=app_351221792913 • Other places to get more Likes: ◦ Thank you page – newsletter signup ◦ Thank you page – webshop ◦ Signature – thank you message LinkedInCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  10. 10. Getting People to Interact on Your Business Page • Ask questions – this is a great way to interact with your followers. You can ask fun and interesting questions. You can ask questions to build a post for your blog with experiences from your followers. • Spread your updates on other platforms. There is a link behind the date below your update. Go with your mouse over the data e.g. 5 minutes ago or a specific date. Click your right mouse button and copy the link. Paste the link in Seesmic or Tweetdeck and it will shorten automatically, or use bit.ly to shorten the link. • Invite an expert to answer questions on your page. For example you could invite an expert to answer questions every Friday for one hour. People can answer questions on the Wall of your Business Page and the Expert would answer the questions on your Wall. This will help your followers, i.e. they get their questions answered, the Expert will get extra exposure, you will have all the action on your Wall. • Run a contest. There is a great app to run a contest http://apps.facebook.com/promotionshq/contests Be careful there are special terms for promotions and contest. For example You can not require people to like your page in order to enter the contest or promotions. But you can add the like button to your promotions or contest page and get more likes this way. See for more information http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php • Invite people to share the link to their Business Page on your Wall – have a special day in the week where the people that like your page can show off their page. Like a brag basket or megaphone. Lots of links will be shared on your page. You get to know your followers better, learn about their Business Pages. They can get more likes from other people coming to their Business Page. • Make photos at your event and publish these on your Facebook Business Page. Invite people to tag themselves and friends in the photos. This way the photos will spread in all these status updates and their networks. • Link to your Business Page in a status update. You can add the link of a status update in another update. This way you can get attention for a status update on your Business Page by using the link in an update on your Personal Profile. You can also tag the page by typing @ and the name of the page. There will be a drop down list of pages and you can select your Business Page. You can even promote your Business Page on other peoples Business Page. Be selective with this, and we suggest not to use this onCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  11. 11. competitors pages. • You can also tag other peoples Business Page in a status update. This update will also show up on the Wall of their Business Page. We suggest to be selective with this. It is not all about you. It is better to promote just other peoples Business Page. • Celebrate your fans. Thank the 100th or 1000th new person that Liked your page. Show the link to their profile and promote their website. So they will get a lot of traffic from your page. You can also have a Liker of the week for example. • Get Likes and keep Them. Once you have people Liking your page it is important to stay interesting and informative: ◦ Publish updates regularly - once per day ◦ Make updates about your followers - not about you ◦ Focus on quality updates - quality is more important than quantity ◦ Post exclusive content – only on Facebook so there is a reason for people to show up ◦ Answer questions - when people ask questions on your Wall answer these questions. ◦ Remove spam – remove comments there are their just for promotion and are not supportive to your Business Page. When there are too many promotional/spammy links people will stop visiting your Business Page.Copyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  12. 12. How to Sell Products on Your Business pageYou have some products that you are already selling on your website, likean ebook, or other digital or physical products. You can sell these sameproducts on Facebook. • We suggest to use Payvment as your shop on Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/payvment/ ◦ It is easy to setup and a separate tab on your Business Page. ◦ You can charge in US$ or EUR or 18 other currencies. ◦ You can add your local TAX ◦ Customers are purchasing from your store via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover. ◦ More information http://www.payvment.com/facebook/How to Measure Your Progress by Analyzing theActivity on Your Business PageYou are building your Business Page. You get more Likes for your pageand more comments. There is a good way to learn more about howeffective your status updates are and about the demographics of thepeople that visit your Business Page.On the left side of your Business Page you see View Insights –click this link. • An overview of your ‘Users’ and their ‘Interactions’ by week or month (this information can be exported) • You can get even more details on ‘Users’ by clicking it: ◦ Gender, Age, Country, City, and Language, Tab Views, External Referrers (and more) • You can also get more details on your ‘Interactions’ by clicking on it and see: ◦ For every comment how many impressions it had ◦ And the amount of feedback, i.e. Likes and CommentsSafety TipWe recommend to add one extra Business Page administrator. In this caseif, for whatever reason, your personal profile gets deleted, there is still away to access your Business Page. Be sure you can trust this personbecause he/she can also remove you as the Business Page owner.Copyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink
  13. 13. Any questions?You can contact us at:Stephanie Ward • @fireflycoaching • facebook.com/fireflycoaching • fireflycoaching.com • stephanie@fireflycoaching.comErno Hannink • @ernohannink • facebook.com/ErnoHanninkNL • ernohannink.com • erno@ernohannink.comCopyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno HanninkThis is a product you paid for, it’s not cool to share it with otherpeople.All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronically ormechanically, including photocopying, recording, without priorwritten permission from the author except for the inclusion ofbrief quotes in a review.Copyright 2011 by Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink