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Cognitive process

developmental reading topic

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Cognitive process

  1. 1. Reading as acognitive process
  2. 2. • The mental or cognitive process in the perception of meaning is also known as comprehension.
  3. 3. 2 BASIC STEPS IN READING COMPREHENSION Extraneous process Fusion/interpretation/constr that creates a STIMULUS on the uction of “meaning” by the brain mind out of the stimuli. Word Attentiverecognition or adjustment by the written the reader on symbols these symbols
  4. 4. “Selecting andcombining relevantitems of experiencethat are implied by theimmediate context, bythe author’smood, tone, or
  5. 5. “Selecting the right elements of the situation and putting together in the right relations and also with the right amount of weight of influence or
  6. 6. 4 Levels ofComprehension
  7. 7. • Literal• Interpretative• Applied• Evaluative
  8. 8. Meta – cognition (characterized by:)
  9. 9. • Self – awareness• Careful reading and greater retention• Making previous assumptions or hypothesis• The deliberate and combined ability to reflect, question, classify, summarize and predict• SQ3R
  11. 11. Thank You!....Presented by: Jeany Barbuco Engl 3A