UI Design: Photoshop v.s Sketch and why I switched


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A talk presented in Taiwan UI/UX Designers meetup. I discuss the pros and cons of each software and shared some of my UX UI works and plug-ins I use. Slides are in both English and Chinese.

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UI Design: Photoshop v.s Sketch and why I switched

  1. 1. &why I switched UI DESIGN: PHOTOSHOP V.S. SKETCH Jenny Shen
  2. 2. ⼤大 綱 應⽤用Sketch在UX/UI flow 💎 Photoshop v.s. Sketch 💎 個⼈人使⽤用Sketch的⼼心得 💎 好⽤用的Sketch外掛+apps💎 @jennyshen
  3. 3. UX & UI 顧問 J E N N Y S H E N 沈沈 真 年年 Ladies that UX 阿姆斯特丹丹 創辦⼈人 Digital Nomad (科技遊⺠民?) @jennyshen ✈ # ✏ 🐦 Sketch使⽤用: 8個⽉月💎
  4. 4. P H O T O S H O P V. S . S K E T C H
  5. 5. 離 開 P H O T O S H O P 沒有Overview ❌ 笨重 ❌ 很簡單的事變很複雜❌ 很多功能沒在⽤用❌ @jennyshen
  6. 6. S K E T C H 是 啥 米 ? @jennyshen #1 for Interface Design & Wireframing 2015 Subtraction.com Design Tools Survey
  7. 7. S K E T C H 幾 霸 昏 💯 Artboards ✔ 容易易上⼿手 ✔ 很多外掛✔ ⾃自動存檔✔ 可作UX跟UI✔ @jennyshen 向量量圖檔 (Vector)✔
  8. 8. S K E T C H I N U X & U I F L O W
  9. 9. I N F O R M AT I O N A R C H I T E C T U R E @jennyshen
  10. 10. P E R S O N A @jennyshen
  11. 11. TA S K F L O W @jennyshen
  12. 12. 切 PDF/PNG @jennyshen
  13. 13. I N T E R FA C E D E S I G N @jennyshen
  14. 14. P R O T O T Y P E
  15. 15. P L U G - I N S + A P P S
  16. 16. C O N T E N T G E N E R AT O R @jennyshen
  17. 17. S K E T C H C O M M A N D S Guides > Around Selection Text > Case UPPERCASE Numberize > Artboards Add Duplicate > Duplicate Artboard Right @jennyshen
  18. 18. S U B T L E PAT T E R N S @jennyshen
  19. 19. http://nudg.it/
  20. 20. V E R S I O N C O N T R O L
  21. 21. http://sketchkeys.com/
  22. 22. http://teamsketch.io/
  23. 23. https://www.sketchapp.com/community/
  24. 24. D R I B B B L E I N V I T E S
  25. 25. @jennyshen🐦 jenny@jennyshen.ca📧 www.jennyshen.ca🌏 S AY H E L L O @jennyshen🏀