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Collecting and utilizing assessment information


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This presentation is from a VSTE 2013 presentation on how to collect assessment data (anecdotal information as well as numerical rankings) easily and work with the data to plan effective instruction for the entire class, small groups, and individual students.

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Collecting and utilizing assessment information

  1. 1. Jennifer Orr @jenorr
  2. 2. Anecdotal Notes What I Wanted: • Accessible • Easy To Use • Collaborative
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  4. 4. Quick Rankings What I Wanted: • Easy To Record • Easy to Sort
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  6. 6. Across the Class View What I Wanted: • Entire Class in One Place • Ability to See Trends
  7. 7. Growth Over Time What I Wanted: • Track Individual Students • Use for Progress Reports • Data for IEPs
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  9. 9. Easy to Prep
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