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Sales Presentation Jan 2012


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Looking for an overview on how the GetHomes program works? Check out this presentation.

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Sales Presentation Jan 2012

  1. 1. GetHomes.caHelping you connect faster to online homebuyers. 1
  2. 2. Online Leads to Grow Your Business• 2011 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: – 35% of buyers first looked online for properties for sale as their first step. – 88% of home buyers used the Internet as one of the information sources in their home search. – The Internet has edged out all other sources in the search process.• Consumers are using the internet to look for information before they contact an agent.• Connect with a buyer first and demonstrate the value you bring to their home buying process.• Sales representatives who reach online homebuyers first have the best chance of converting them to clients. “The online consumer may actually be easier to create a relationship with then the traditional consumer. Communicating online takes almost all the judgment at the subconscious level away. E-Mail communication acts like a judgment filter by eliminating the non-verbal communication.” Michael Russer, online marketing real estate expert 2
  3. 3. Program Overview• Subscription based program exclusively for Royal LePage• Guaranteed 120 unique leads every 6 months, primarily buyers.• Average close rate of 4.2%, equal to 5 closed transactions per 120 leads.• $299/month (plus taxes)• Initial 6 month commitment, then changes to month-by-month contract• Receive leads via email within seconds of the consumer completing the request online• Track and manage leads with our easy-to-use, web-based lead management system.• Participate in online lead generation without having to manage SEM campaigns• Build your prospect pipeline through ongoing monthly lead flow• Great alternative to cold calling Available some specific communities: Small Market Packages receive 60 leads over 6 months for $149.50/month, plus taxes. 3
  4. 4. Strong Return on Investment $250,000 x 2.5% commission x 70/30 split x 120 leads x 4.2% = $21,875• Average transaction of $250,000; average expected close rate of 4.2%; Brokerage split of 70/30; 120 leads over 6 months.• Proven to deliver higher expected close rates than our competitors at a lower cost ($1,794/6 months + taxes). 4
  5. 5. About LeadsLead Targeting• Leads come from the subscription area you signed up for, and your neighbourhoods of preference where possible.• You have the ability to rank the neighbourhoods in order of preference.Lead Filtering• Leads go through filters on their first name, last name, phone number and email address with the goal of eliminating invalid leads whenever possible.Lead Notification• Once a lead is submitted, an email notification is sent directly to you with all the lead details.• The lead also will be sent an email with your name and contact details. 5
  6. 6. The Needs of a Lead• Always deliver on the program promise of LISTINGS – Most MLS searches are too broad for consumers’ tastes and results in property information they may not be interested in. Gethomes offers consumers another way to get listings … through GetHomes agents!• Quick Response• Incubation for 4-6 months – Incubate leads today for business tomorrow.• Respect of Time and Privacy – They enjoy anonymity and feel shielded by not having to share to much information 6
  7. 7. Testimonials“Last year my partner and I closed 6 sales and the gross commissions earned from those salesamounted to approximately $20,000. The return has been great so far to date. The big thing is tocontact the lead as soon as possible and set them up as a buyer. You have to follow up with thebuyers as much as possible so as to keep in touch with them. Try to qualify as much as possible tomake sure that the leads that you receive are solid.To date the program has provided us with an excellent return on our investment and I wouldrecommend it to anyone who would like to increase their bottom line.” Todd Thompson, Cornwall, ON.“The key points that helped me make this program a success for me were the leads being delivered tome instantly. I had all the information I needed to be able to do a quick search prior to calling thepotential client. The fact that the clients were coming to me rather than me door knocking to try tosolicit them. I knew they needed my help. I also think that the way the data was held and organized. Icould be mobile and assess the database anywhere I was able to sign in to the intranet. I attribute thisto responding to leads right away. Call them and email them. Then do so again in two days. You needto establish contact within two days or the chances drop of being successful with that lead. Gethomeswill be a program I will never walk away from.I have been extremely successful. I don’t know that I would be the Realtor I am today without this tool.One closed deal is basically all you need to cover the cost of the program for the year. In2011 to date I have closed six deals that are a direct result of the Gethomes program. “ Kiley Bollenberghe, Toronto, ON.Note: All testimonials were gathered July and August 2011 7
  8. 8. More Testimonials“Response to leads needs to be quick and friendly. Most people are surprised that it’s an actualperson calling/emailing them – most are impressed. Automated MLS searches running for potentialclients often converts the leads. Gethomes pays for itself several times over. I keep track of mynumbers very carefully and even with having to pay buying agents it still makes sense. It also keepsyou busy during the slower times of the year. Well worth the investment.” Dan Moloughney, Ottawa, ON.“I joined because I dont like cold calling and this program works and it has worked for me. If peoplefollow up and follow the directions that the program suggests then I think it will work well. I also knowthat there is no magic formula and that it will not work if your expectation is that you have client inevery email. The contacts provided though sometimes bizarre are usually at least interesting and donot always lead to a client but are certainly better than cold calling. The program has been costeffective for me and I feel that if I worked harder it could produce a good return.” George Wall, Hudson, QCNote: All testimonials were gathered July and August 2011 8
  9. 9. Support and QuestionsTo find out if there is an available subscription in your area, or to be placed on awaiting list please contact: Jenny Spahn (416)442-5354 Or 1-877-RLP-4545 (1-877-757-4545) select the GetHomes option 9