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Great sightings at gregory!


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Published in: Education
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Great sightings at gregory!

  2. 2. Purpose of this PowerPoint • Recognition of the time and effort put into setting up your classrooms. • Share ideas with others (Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!) • Providing a baseline of some of the items you will need setup in your classrooms.
  3. 3. Items for the front of your classroom…
  4. 4. Do you have an area for Objectives and Standards in the front of the classroom?
  5. 5. Some of our Positive Power Monthly Themes
  6. 6. Positive Power Ideas…
  7. 7. Do you have your desks labeled with students’ names and supplies ready?
  8. 8. Treasures-How will my students rotate to centers?
  9. 9. Is my classroom library lexiled?
  10. 10. Did I discuss my schedule with my class and post it?
  11. 11. Kindergarten
  12. 12. How do I recognize my students? POSITIVE POWER!
  13. 13. Word Wall
  14. 14. Beautiful Bulletin Board ideas for updating monthly….
  15. 15. Classroom Environment
  16. 16. Do I have an area to post my Classroom Responsibilities and homework?
  17. 17. Share the Mission and Vision of LBPS!
  18. 18. Creative way to show area and perimeter!
  19. 19. Word Wall and Real World Connections!
  20. 20. Rubrics
  21. 21. Classroom Incentive Plans & sharing Current Events!
  22. 22. Areas for recognizing student work…
  23. 23. Calendar, Weather & More…
  24. 24. Did I find out how my students are getting home each day?