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j scanlin marketing & advertising design


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Published in: Design, Business
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j scanlin marketing & advertising design

  1. 1. success begins with great design
  2. 2. JSjennifer scanlincomplete designs for business & individuals
  3. 3. !LOGO DESIGN
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  5. 5. brooklyn mediation center 210 JORALEMON STREET SUITE 600 BROOKLYN, NY 1201 T: 718.834.6671 F; 718.834.6681 manhattan mediation center 346 BROADWAY SUITE 400W NEW YORK, NY 10013 T: 212.577.1740 ent F: 212.577.1748 ch  ev EMAIL  INFO@NYPEACE.ORG l aun WEBSITE october 6th, 2011 WWW.NYPEACE.ORG CEO BLOGhttp://THEHECKLIST.WORPRESS.COM twitter @nypeace EVENT PROGRAMS
  6. 6. !"#"$%#&"($)*+,-./0$*1%#&"($2(,($. <7DD?67BA@< "&#0 7:8D 98G87 ,.$"/ @B7C 9:D8 ,-)"- @A=7A $ H7?F7 FK<?: :7I J@AK ?=;7 F 7@EA 7<EA?F9:6@GABG8GA7 Today we honor 30 years as a Safe Horizon program, and embrace our future as the New York Peace Institute. From the streets, to the schools, to the courts, to the United Nations, we give people the BRAD HECKMAN resources they need to resolve conflicts peacefully and creatively. We provide a safe space for tough CEO, NEW YORK PEACE INSTITUTE conversations to thousands of New Yorkers each year, and strive to advance the peacebuilding profession. With deep appreciation, Id like to acknowledge our volunteer mediators for their dedication and extraordinary service to our communities. To our staff, partners, funders, friends, and families, thank you for joining us as we build peace in New York City and beyond. ;@:@A9:6@GAH?D8 ARIEL ZWANG :7IJ@AKH7?F79:D898G873455?I?A=I9::7AD CEO, SAFE HORIZON &"1$2,-3$4"+5"$4-%6" :7IJ@AKH7?F7HA9L7 INTRODUCED BY ELENA SAPORA *!-.#)%/0%1$#)DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, NEW YORK PEACE INSTITUTE 2,$3)%*45$&1%6,)&-,*&%!&&4-$#1 A7D7:8 ?89@: Charles J. Hynes is serving his sixth term as Kings County District Attorney. He has pioneered many innovative strategies, including Criminal Court mediation, protection ?I?A=DH for domestic violence victims, and residential drug treatment initiatives. He received the American Bar Association’s Minister of Justice Award and the Fund for Modern Courts’ Cyrus R. Vance Tribute. Mr. Hynes began his public service career in 1963 as a Legal Aid attorney, and became an Assistant District Attorney in 1969. In 1971, he 3455:7IJ@AKH7?F7HA9L7 became Chief of the Rackets Bureau, and was promoted to First Assistant District Attorney in 1973. He served in numerous special government positions, including Fire Commissioner, Special State Nursing Home Prosecutor, and Special State Corruption CHARLES J. HYNES Prosecutor. He has served as Chair of the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section and as Vice President of the National District Attorneys Association. He co-wrote Incident at Howard Beach: The Case for Murder and authored Triple PRESENTED BY Homicide, a novel. Mr. Hynes is also as an Adjunct Professor at St. Johns, Brooklyn, MICHELE KIRSCHBAUM and Fordham Law Schools.DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS, NEW YORK PEACE INSTITUTE !"#$%&$#"$(%))*"$(")+* 6789:8;7<9==>7<7=?>34556789:8;7<9==>7<7=?> !"##$!%"!&&#() AMEENA MATTHEWS *#!)#%+,-# Ameena Matthews is a violence interrupter from the streets of Chicago and is featured PRESENTED BY prominently in the acclaimed documentary The Interrupters. Her deeply compassion- BRAD HECKMAN ate, courageous and inspirational style of street mediation draws upon a past rooted in the reality of urban poverty, drugs, gangs and violence. She is the daughter a notorious gang leader, and was involved in gang activity in her youth. After finding love and faith through her Muslim family, she joined CeaseFire, an organization committed :KD8@M to preventing urban violence. CeaseFire’s violence interrupters seek out street DH7F9?>8;? conflicts, and work to diffuse situations before they turn violent. As a result of her life experiences, Ms. Matthews brings credibility and deep sympathy to individuals caught KG FARE FOR OUR DELICIOUS BITES in the cycle of violence. Through her dedicated efforts and those of her colleagues, a VOLI VODKA FOR OUR TASTY COCKTALS new vision of peace is being practiced on the streets of Chicago. Ms. Mathews has been OUR MUSICIANS DAVID MILLER & MARK WOODYATT interviewed on NPR by Terry Gross, and has been profiled in numerous national and international publications. DJ RUSA FISCHER
  7. 7. about the“Mediation helped usreach an agreement that was NEW YORK PEACE INSTITUTEmuch better for my child.” The New York Peace Institute is committed to promoting peace in our communities. Whether“Mediation opened the channels of a dispute involves two people, or severalcommunication and allowed everyone to groups, we can creative in their approach to the child.” We work in three areas: ‘Send requests for mediation by mail, fax or emailto your child’s school and to the New York PeaceInstitute’s Brooklyn Mediation Center TEL: 718.834.6671 FAX: 718.934.6681 TEL: 212.577.1740 FAX: 212.577.1748Be sure to include the following informationin your request for mediation: BROCHURES
  8. 8. WHEN PARENTS ABOUT SPECIAL EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS DISAGREE MEDIATION QUALIFIED MEDIATORS Special Education mediators have had “I don’t want my child in a extensive conflict resolution training and are Special Education class.” knowledgeable about education law and the operations of the New York City school system. A FREE SERVICE “If the child’s behavior continues, They are professionals from various we can’t support him in our school.” Mediation is provided at no cost to parents and occupations and are not employed by the ’ schools. Department of Education. “I don’t think my child is getting enough services.” A VOLUNTARY PROCESS DUE PROCESS RIGHTS PROTECTED “This child doesn’t belong in a general Mediation can be requested by either parent or Parents can request both an impartial hearing education class, and the parent isn’t   school, but will only take place if both parties and mediation at the same time. The impartial listening.” agree to the process. hearing can be cancelled if all the concerns are resolved in mediation. DIFFERENT FROM AN IMPARTIAL HEARING An impartial hearing is a court proceeding whereMEDIATION CAN HELP a hearing officer makes a decision based on evidence and testimony. Mediation is a disputeMediation is a process in which parents of a child resolution process where a mediator assistswith a disability and a school meet with a neutraI parents and schools to work out disagreementsperson (a mediator) to work out their differences. about a child’s educational plan. The mediatorIt is often chosen instead of an impartial hearing does not make decisions, but rather helpsas a way of resolving disputes about a student’s participants reach their own solutions.placement, services, evaluation, or classification.In most cases, the mediator is able to helpdevelop an agreement that is acceptable to boththe parent and the school in a way that: BINDING AGREEMENTS Any agreement reached is binding and is written - Allows all concerns to be heard up at the mediation. After the mediation, the - Builds trust and improves Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is updated to communication reflect the terms of the agreement. - Explores creative solutions - Gives everyone a chance to have equal say in all decisions