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Twitter Tutorial


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The basics of twitter

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Twitter Tutorial

  1. 1. Venture Right 1 Menlo Ventures “Twitorial” October 8, 2012
  2. 2. Venture Right Twitter – So what, who cares? 140M users, $8B valuation, 900 SF employees Everything you care about, in 140 characters or less: News - Photos - Videos – Music – Humor Social Network - Keep in Touch - Listen/Learn – Share In Real Time #FastFact Twitter: a series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds. The founders were trying to describe in one word the sound of mobile phone notifications buzzing in your pocket. (via Mashable)
  3. 3. Venture Right Users • Musicians • Comedians • Politicians • Sports Teams • Reporters, News • Brands • TV Shows • Your mom #FastFact Twitter usage grew 43% overnight with the addition of one user… via New York Times April 17, 2009
  4. 4. Venture Right Popular Tweeps • Lady Gaga • Justin Bieber • Katy Perry • Rihanna • Britney Spears • Barack Obama • Taylor Swift • Shakira • Kim Kardashian • Nicki Minaj • Oprah Celebs Brands • YouTube • Twitter • Starbucks • CNN Breaking News • TwitPic • UberSocial • The New York Times • NBA • Google • E! Online Bloggers, Business & More… • Robert Scoble • Guy Kawasaki • Pete Cashmore • Michael Arrington • Tony Hsieh • Steve Case • Jeremiah Owyang • Dooce • Stephen Colbert • Anderson Cooper • Ken Jennings #FastFact Conan O’Brien famously follows just one person (a girl he picked at random). Conan has 6,716,534 followers.
  5. 5. Venture Right Twitter 101 • Basics - Getting Started • Twitter Glossary & Terms • Tweet Consistently • Follow Effectively • Engage Authentically • Reduce the Noise • Best Practices • More Ways to Use Twitter & What’s Next
  6. 6. Venture Right Basics - Getting started • Upload a photo, Create a good bio – No photo = no followers – Who you are, what you do, what you like – Add URL to increase site traffic @johnjarve, I’m talkin to you….
  7. 7. Venture Right Home
  8. 8. Venture Right @Connect - Interactions
  9. 9. Venture Right @Connect - Mentions
  10. 10. Venture Right #Discover - Stories
  11. 11. Venture Right #Discover - Activity
  12. 12. Venture Right Profile
  13. 13. Venture Right Twitter Glossary & Terms • Mention – a user’s handle in a tweet • @ Reply – publicly visible, only appears in followers’ feeds if use the following format: • RT/MT –Retweet/Modified tweet, compliments original tweet
  14. 14. Venture Right Twitter Glossary & Terms contd • DM - Direct Message: equivalent to twitter email, still limited to 140 characters. To send someone a DM, they must follow you. Useful when you want to send a message, but don’t want it public. • Favorites – yellow star bookmarks tweets for later, or as a compliment
  15. 15. Venture Right Twitter Glossary & Terms contd. • # Hashtags – a way to organize tweets, track conversations, and spread information. Used for Topical groupings (#socialmedia), trending topics (#MarsRover), whimsy (#DamnYouAutocorrect) – Helpful sites for Hashtag searches:,, • #FF – most common hashtag, meaning FollowFriday • Promoted Tweets – advertised tweets or accounts • Verified Users – people who have huge followings, marked by a blue checkmark • More…check out Twitter’s glossary in the Help section #FastFact The Hashtag #sandiegofires was one of the first use cases for hashtags on Twitter – it alerted people to evacuation status in 2007
  16. 16. Venture Right Tweet Consistently • How? Get in the habit – 20 minutes a day – News related to business/interests – Your opinion – Something interesting non-work related (but not what you’re eating for breakfast) – Use media – photos, videos, links – Respond to other’s tweets – RT, and add value (proper format is to start with your comments) – Listen – Use your mobile – Combine social networks – Implement Twitter in what you are already doing – conferences, lunch with a colleague, meeting a great entrepreneur, browsing online #FastFact Twitter was built for accommodation on mobile phones – 140 character limit was based on a 160 SMS limit, which leaves space for a name in addition to the message
  17. 17. Venture Right Follow Effectively • Follow people you know (they follow back) – Import contacts, use the search function (search tips in appendix), check out who your friends/colleagues are following • Utilize other people’s lists – Menlo’s “Reporters” and “Investments” lists • Use Twitter as a resource - #Discover, @Connect – Some people follow hashtags more than users – Respond to those who reach out to you • Create targeted connections – what interests you? What’s interesting to your followers? #FastFact The world learns about the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound via tweet on May 1, 2011 when @reallyvirtual tweets “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).”
  18. 18. Venture Right Engage Authentically • Be human – Twitter is social • Share your expertise, add to the conversation • Post links on what you find interesting • Listen • Show your personality • Reach out to others • Then take it off Twitter…
  19. 19. Venture Right Reduce the noise • Use Lists – Stay organized – Maintain account size • To purge, use – Create your own, use others’ • Follow content aggregators – @TweetSmarter – @Infographics – Bots (@VCDelta) – There are multiple websites that aggregate tweets and hashtags, no really good ones yet • Save searches, hashtags • Block Spammers! #FastFact Menlo is a member of more than 150 lists on Twitter!
  20. 20. Venture Right Reduce the noise contd • Use Twitter Clients – HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seesmic, UberSocial – Saves time – Schedule in advance or Autoschedule – Multiple users/Social accounts – Tracking/Analytics – Mobile apps
  21. 21. Venture Right Hootsuite
  22. 22. Venture Right Best Practices Do: • Tweet others how you would like to be Tweeted • RT with added value, put your comments before the RT • Keep tweets short (100 characters or less gets more retweets) • Shorten your links (if Twitter doesn’t shorten enough, you can use websites like or tiny.url • Compliment often, brag sparingly • Try to reply when people connect with you or mention you • Give credit where it’s due – Example: “A great entrepreneur practices Success Amnesia” via @shervin • Be genuine, be transparent • Tweets between 8 am and 7 pm have higher engagement • Use links, photos, videos • Use #hashtags but no more than 2 per tweet • Listen Don’t: • Lock your profile! • Be mundane or profane • Steal tweets or fail to source your tweet • RT all the time with no added value
  23. 23. Venture Right A few good examples… Uses humor/personality Mentions shervin (oops, double check username – twitter will autofill if you follow someone but you’re on your own if you tweet from a website) Uses headline Includes link Sources tweet
  24. 24. Venture Right A few good examples… Mentions Travis Compliments Mentions Uber Uses media Combines social platforms
  25. 25. Venture Right A few good examples… Keeps it human inspires with words and media: increases engagement …and you never know when you’ll get a retweet from @nasa
  26. 26. Venture Right How Jeremiah Owyang uses Twitter Jeremiah publishes an average of 15 tweets per day – but his goal is to add value: 1) As a ‘shared feed’ reader. I’ll post up links of what I’m reading that I find is interesting in near real time, and give some commentary. I try to add value here, rather than adding to noise. So use me as a news filter. 2) As a chat room. We collectively work out problems, issues, and I gain insight to other people’s viewpoints. Often when conversations are just between a few folks, I shift to direct messages or email –sparing my community from hearing my minutia. 3) Event capture: Lately, when I attend an event, I’ll fire off the top nuggets I learn. 4) Listening tool: It’s interesting to find out what others are sharing and talking about, from very personal to big concepts. I frequently use the search tools around different topics to keep on top of what’s happening. 5) Traffic direction tool: I use it to direct people to this blog, sometimes (I’ll admit) a bit too enthusiastically. Google Analytics indicates this is one of the largest referrers of folks to my blog. 6) For work: When I’m conducting interviews or briefings that aren’t confidential, I’ll state who I’m speaking to and what I find interesting, if you listen closely, you’ll hear me tweet about other interesting findings from my job as a social media analyst. Also, I will announce new research, request interviews, and promote workshops, conferences and other services. #FastFact Jeremiah was named in Forbes’ Top 50 Media Power Influencers in 2012, and Time Mag’s 140 best twitter feeds in 2011.
  27. 27. Venture Right Top tips from @shervin • Just use the mobile app • Follow many • Most useful is @Connect – Interactions: people who follow him • Twitter is like email – you have to respond • Broadcasting only is a black hole • You don’t get it until you engage! 27 CONFIDENTIAL
  28. 28. Venture Right More Ways to Use Twitter • Follow hashtags • Save searches • Participate in Twitter chats (or just listen) • Tweetups (Shervin’s open office hours)
  29. 29. Venture Right What’s next • Ads – Twitter ads beating Facebook ads • Twitter removes 3rd party sites and restricts 3rd party apps (LinkedIn, Twitpic) • Better profile pages – introduced last week • Better curating/aggregating platforms for news • Better measurement tools (Klout, Twitter)
  30. 30. Venture Right Appendix I: Search Terms
  31. 31. Venture Right Resources • Twitter Help Section, Twitter Blog • Mashable Guidebook • Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Shaefer • Jeremiah Owyang, How I Use Twitter • @TweetSmarter
  32. 32. Venture Right 3 2 Menlo Ventures 3000 Sand Hill Rd. Ste. 4-100 Menlo Park, CA 94025 @menloventures