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Cats and the_internet


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A brief history of cats and the internet.

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Cats and the_internet

  1. 1. Kittehs & teh “Internet” Teh Road To Power!!!
  2. 2. Ground Rules1. For all their strengths,cats are horrible spellers. Kitteh = Cat Teh = The U C?2. We never speak of thisphoto again, okay?
  3. 3. Teh Kittehs On Teh Internet: An Overview“ Untrainable, skittish and unpredictablebeasts that they are, cats are a bust inHollywood. But it’ s those skittish,unpredictable qualities that made themscrewball comics for a YouTube age.” - Salon“ Computer geeks have their ownniche in pop culture. Sometimes,something crazed from that nicheescapes and runs rampant amongthe masses.” - Chron
  4. 4. Kittehs On Teh Internet: A Timeline2005 - The term “LOLcats” is invented in theanonymous image board “4chan,” describing a photoof a cat with a humorous caption.
  5. 5. In teh beginning, there was Ceiling Kitteh… April 1, 2006: A photo of a cat stuck in a ceiling is posted to the web and the legend of Ceiling Cat is born.
  6. 6. Then there was more kittehs…June 14, 2006: becomes aregistered website.December 28, 2006: The cat compilation video“Funny cats” is posted to YouTube and goes on tobecome the most viewed cat video on YouTubewith over 35 million views.Then the kittehs demandedcheezburgers…January 11, 2007: “Happy Cat” is posted and “Lolcats”become a sensation.
  7. 7. Then the Kittehs developed talents.. June 7, 2007: “Keyboard Cat” is posted to YouTube. Today it has 22 million views. “ Most of us who have dealt with cats know that cats are jerks, and while outright abuse is never popular, I think a lot of people just like to see cats get their comeuppance,” says Brad O’ Farrell, creator of the Keyboard Cat video. “ That’ s probably why LOLcats are so popular. It’ s both funny to pretend that a cat is actually riding an invisible bicycle and it’ s enjoyable because the cat is being subjected to an acceptable range of humiliation —it’ s funny but not abusive.”Watch Keyboard Kitteh in all his glory here.
  8. 8. And teh people started to recognize these talents…July 12, 2007: Time Magazine covers “Lolcats,” bringing themnational media attention in the U.S.September 7, 2008: “Ninja Cat” is posted to YouTube andgains 11.9 million views, making it one of the most popular catvideos on the web. Today it has 30 million views.October 2008: “” reaches 2 millionmonthly visitors.August 14, 2009: The off Broadway play “I Can HasCheezburger: The MusicLOL” opens to the public inGreenwich Village.January 2010: The bible is translated into “lolspeak” featuringCeiling Cat as God, Basement Cat as Satan, and Happy Catas Jesus.
  9. 9. K, enough dates, let’s meet more kittehs!Maru, watch here. Jerk Kitteh, watch here.Hugging Kitteh, watch here. Roomba Kitteh, watch here. And you can watch the best kittehs of 2011