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  • After receiving the project theme, the group had a discussion and came to agreement thatWe want to work on the direction of communication without spoken language.That allows multiple users to interact, involve and experience.Why do this?with understanding to that without common spoken language, often it led to misinterpretationOf subject thus we hope to make it work out otherwise.
  • we did some research on the non spoken gesture,paralanguage, writing, body language, haptic …However we discover that due to different culture background, often message will be misinterpreted.For example,Gesture,In the western countries, forming an 'O' shape with the thumb and index finger symbolize as 'OK' or 'No problem'.But in Japan, it symbolize as 'coin'. Thus we had reserve ofusing gesture, writing these forms of communication as part of our project.
  • With some understanding from the researches and prior knowledge,The group came together to write down what communication means to us.After narrowing down to common words appeared,We came up with some potential concepts that we can head towards.Perhaps something of Culture and Traditional Arts.
  • IdeasConcept One:  Singapore Culture (festivals)A installation communicate to viewers, to let them know what is  our perspective  of being Singaporean. The uniquely us.ThatSingapore is a very harmonious country,Due to The "settings" in Singapore temple, mosque and church are locate in close proximity...Why do this?Portraying what is uniquely Singapore. Our ancestors originate from different country but we still able, come together as one nation....How to??Allow user to experience the feel of  festivals celebrated in Singapore using interactive light installation. As for Singapore any event or festive, the country will be decorated with lightsFeedbacks:our lights not so good like other country, Singapore is purposely planned this way by theGovernment thus it might not really be a real side of Singapore
  • Thus we further developed.We break down what is the truly SingaporeFrankly speaking, this nation is a artificial country.Nothing here is original, but we slowly develop and adapting ourselves by using existing or import items.Like new water, land reclamation and waterfallTo tell that: Making use of existing item and re-create it to form Singapore's identity.Message: Make the best out from what you have, even if you're poor.-Reflect about life; how you can build something with what you have (Innovative)
  • We came up with a few execution ideas.One of the example isBy watering “money” into the nation, the country will prosperHowever to much or little will deemed to the fail of the nation….However after discussion we felt that doing something Political is sensitive and this installation might not be relevant when brought to other country
  • IdeasConcept Two: About us ( Arts + digital )Visual: Water color + batikInteraction : human motionSound : MusicHow to communicate (objective)?We reaching out to the audience with what we like/does.combining the factors, we hope that the audience express themselves by painting the installation with their body.Why do this? How do we bring 2 strangers together, if there's no language in this world. Gesture/ motion best express  human than using words. No matter how much one try to hide their emotion, gesture can easily speaks theirmind. How to?There will be a "water color  projection(?)" 1 person enters and according to his/her movements, the projection will start to change. this is art and 1 human communication. As more people enters the projection area, slowly they communicate with each other using the painting to create the final piece of art together.Feedbacks:(research if people had done before) if final thing have physical.something to exchange between people what is the purpose what are the thing to communicate? not to general is this just for enjoying? Intent her is not deep.After much consideration and research, we found that there are too many similar installationExisting and we hope to work on a project that has deep purpose behind it than just any other projectThus we decide not to continue this.
  • Thus we further developed.From there we came up with this concept..(language + strangers)Refined Concept: Bringing Strangers TogetherWith the advance of technologies. Social network has been very popular among people in the world. And there is an increase of people making friends through social network.It can be the faster way of bringing people together. But many of these people has been turning to virtual love. We wish that people could get out and make friends.what is the problem?If making friend online is just a button why cant it be in real life?Who are we addressing to?People who have more friends in virtual world.Intention: Bring strangers together, allow them to know that making aFriend in physical world is as easy as adding a friend in facebook.Message: Communication beyond languange
  • One of Our proposed solution is a mutual collaboration of sound communicationExample: The microphones are installed with different default sounds however the user can control the volume and pitch with their input of sound the default sounds can be musical instruments/ environmentHowever this concept is rejected as making friend this way is only for a momentThere are high chances people leaving the installation just finding the soundInstallation interesting and not able to make a new friend.
  • Focused topic: complainWhy do this?Complain is a way/form of expression and dissatisfaction towards somebody or something. We think that complains is a way of a bad & negative communication.Everybody do complain at some point of time. Example, when you are on the bus and the driver drove really slowly caused you to be late for your work. And you will start complaining and pushing blame. But have you thought, why don't you wake up 15 minutes earlier? Another example, you were having dinner with your friends in a restaurant, and you spotted a housefly in your bowl of soup. You complaint to the waitress that they have a bad customer service and unhygienic. Have you thought, if you complain, you might cause the waitress/chef to have a pay cut, or even being sack? Have you ever thought that it is an accident? All these are caused by their perception of their perfect world, and other people intruding into their personal space (privacy, time, physically and mentally).Message: Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.Intent: We want individual to reflect on their acts before accusing other party and cause a "negative communication"Our proposed installationA installation that mimic what the user did. To allow them to feel how he/she looks like when complaining and might be annoying.Feedbacks: Similarity with Talking Tom (app)Go research on confession booth, eliza robot and argument clinic.However after much consideration, we feel that this concept do not have A good link with the topic communication but more of individual reflectionThus we did not continue further
  • Concept Five: Traditional CommunicationWhy do this?With the advance of technologies. There has been a lost in traditional communication.Example, handwritten letters, songs, poems, stories, personally present at an event. We think that traditional communication is the basic foundation of a human being. What we are today is because of our history. We think that these traditional communication methods are not to be lose. We hope to bring back the old traditional way of communication back to the modern, fast-paced society.Message: The beauty/retain/value personal/traditional communication Intent: To keep people reminded that traditional communication is the foundation of inter-personal communicationPropose idea: Interaction InstallationA service for people to send cards. User will type a keyword (e.g. LOVE) on to the screen (probably a website/screen/widget) and the program will automatically print out the template on a nice decorated paper.Lastly, it will be send (mailed) directly accordingly to the address that the sender provided. Feedbacks:- How will this apply in China? How will the people value them, get emotions with it?How much will they cherish it?After getting the feedbacks we when back to develop with 2 more new ideas.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Firstly we came up with a Mosaic Facebook photo (Postcard) conceptBrief description: Making use of webcam to silently capture sender face while he/she is reading something humorous, the application will collect photos that are tagged with recipients and sender’s name fromFacebook and collage photo with sender candid shot overlayed on it.after sender finishes his/her messages to friend. Sender will choose to online print or save it to their computer. This adds a personal touch into the postcard and it will be the only card that is special to The sender and recipient.Intent: to bring user closer together in physical worldFeedbacks: Consultation with andrew only-What do we want to say about Analog and Digital communication?-Our selling point for this project that using social media (facebook), user can generate a montage that is only special to the sender and recipient. What is the point of the mosaic/montage ? We should try out the different possible postcard design.- How are we choosing the photos?- Does print resolution matters?- How can we brand the application? emotion/commercial???  How to retain the meaningful purpose of hand written letter?After the consultation we hope to add special feature to our project. pointing out the reasons why the traditional communication of letter writing is diminishing,We are adding the printing and posting the postcard service on behalf of the sender.Comments: Consultation with andrew and sweesiongIt will be better to provide as a mail service only. (For us to obtain our intent.)- Do more test treatment, color and size for the collage.- Too similar to group 1 finishing product, even though both group have different purpose and intent.For us to take note:Our commentary on Facebook. 'We want to cherish, personal memories.Suggestion: The longer you know this person, the more 'wash out' effect it will be on the photo. (To enhance the value of the postcard.)- Perhaps, let user choose their preference color effect.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Developed from the previous idea,We came up with this new idea that all the new technology being delivered the old fashioned wayBrief description: Sender records a message through video and customize video background. He/she enters receiver’s name and choose to online print or save it to their computer. He/she finishes off with written address before mailing it to receiver.Receiver is/are required to visit a website as instructed after receiving the postcard and make use of webcam to 'scan' the printed marker to see unknown sender and message.Feedbacks: Consultation with andrew only- How to emphasize the importance of the process?Is the process needed?- What can the marker do?- What should the recipient be able to see? (what's the surprise/ the content?)- How about do mark-less augmented reality with unique image?- Find out how to create the  marker?Comments: Consultation with andrew and sweesiongMake use of the back of the postcard for branding and instruction- Do more real example of mock-ups for the postcard and process to survey.- It can be a website or application for the customization. Markers can be more than black and white image.Suggestion: Enhance the marker.(A reward in this marker; Something that they can keep it, that is unique. )- Mess around with the perspective. Play around with shapes. Can it be a jigsaw puzzle or paper fold (origami)?- Make use of Facebook to be serve as a database for the video and pictures.Do research:Why is there marker and mark-less type? What are the different between it?- Marker generator.- Use of Facebookapi to upload video and pictures.
  • After many rounds of “shooting ourselves”We came out with this final project.we are doing a project about communication between users and their acquaintances via the use of digital media and postcardWe are mainly targeting user that have certain knowledge using computer and often spend their Time on digital media.You might ask Why digital media and postcard?Digital media had been always said that it brings human "closer" than ever and due to this , it had almost entirely replaced the traditional way of communication like writing a letter or meeting up with someone.Although the digital medias allows messages to be delivered instantly,but these digital methods of communicating can never allow one to feel the same when you get hold of a real physical letter on handOr meeting someone in physical world.In order to allow humans to enjoy the convenience of digital communication and beauty of traditional communication, we came up with this project that make use of modern and traditional communication.The main traditional communication we are focusing isinterpersonal communication. After much thoughts, we felt that digital communication causes us to loseinterpersonal communication as we abused the convenience of  digital media to communicate and thuswe stop meeting up people.Why interpersonal communication?Interpersonal Communication is important as it is the key to overcoming doubts and misunderstandings.It gives more hint and evidence on the message sent.
  • After we had found the concept to work on, we started to look for a art directionAnd came up with a few mood boards likeBubbly, Happiness & Joy Old & Traditional and Sentimental & Romantic.After reviewing the mood boards, we though of heading to a lomography kind Of style
  • This is the moodboard we came up with. This mood board gives of a Oldish feel and subtle of joy of that moment. However when we starts to work On the styleguide, we found out that this only gives off the mood but not a good guide for Us to develop from thus we made a new mood board.
  • This mood board contains retro with a bit of vintage feel Which suits us best as we hope that the old style will able to Make a good combination with our web application
  • After referencing from existing logo designs, we decide to do a less cooperate kind of logo As we don’t want the users to feel that this application is too commercialize, we created this application for a friendly intentThus a blockish cooperate kind of logo will not suit us.
  • Sketches, ayu talk abt them briefly
  • Logo development after digitalizing the logo, did different styling to itAnd this design is the chosen one and from there developed the color
  • After choosing the best like design and color, polished up the logoFinal logo why got 2 explain
  • With postcard in mind, we made a documentation web design similar to it.The website will be landscape and navigations in it to be vertical rectangles
  • A rough description of flowDue to time constraint we are setting the secret message as image only.
  • Basic graphic elements
  • A rough description of flow
  • We hope in near future, user can record videos and audio as the secret messageAnd people can use our web application for event like wedding where theInvitation cards are the markers. The wedding video will be revealed when the Relatives and friends present their invitation marker and these will enhance the Value of the palk postcard.
  • As we have yet to finish the application,we will show you a short video how you can use the application and service.
  • Interim

    1. 1. Final Year Project <br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    2. 2. Communication?<br />Communication?<br />你好!<br />Bonjour!<br />Hello!<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    3. 3. Research<br />Research<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    4. 4. Potential topics<br />Potential topics<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    5. 5. Concept One<br />Concept One<br />Singapore Culture: festivals<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    6. 6. Concept One<br />Concept One<br />Singapore: Artificial Nation<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    7. 7. Concept One development<br />Concept One development<br />Singapore: Artificial Nation<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    8. 8. Concept Two<br />Concept Two<br />Arts and Digital<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    9. 9. Concept Two<br />Concept Two<br />Bringing strangers together<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    10. 10. Concept Two development<br />Concept Two development<br />Bringing strangers together<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    11. 11. Concept Three<br />Concept Three<br />Complaining<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    12. 12. Concept Four<br />Concept Four<br />Traditional Communication<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    13. 13. Development One<br />Development One<br />Traditional Communication<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    14. 14. Development Two<br />Development Two<br />Traditional Communication<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    15. 15. FinalConcept development<br />FinalConcept development<br />Traditional Communication<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    16. 16. Mood boards<br />Mood boards<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    17. 17. Mood boards<br />Mood boards<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    18. 18. Final Mood board<br />Final Mood board<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    19. 19. Color Scheme<br />Color Scheme<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    20. 20. Typeface<br />Typeface<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    21. 21. Logo development<br />Logo development<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    22. 22. Logo development<br />Logo development<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    23. 23. Logo development<br />Logo development<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    24. 24. Final logo<br />Final logo<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    25. 25. Documentation web<br />Documentation web<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    26. 26. Interactive Storyboard<br />Interactive Storyboard<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    27. 27. Graphic user interface<br />Graphic user interface<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    28. 28.
    29. 29. Future Iteration<br />Future Iteration<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />
    30. 30. Demonstration<br />Demonstration<br />DISCLAIMER!<br />DISCLAIMER!<br />Following video might hurt you eyes, as the application is still on preliminary developing phase. Thus the interface consists only of “programmer art”.<br />Ayu 091916E • Li Jia 092011H • Jin Yu 094508k • Karen 092593G<br />