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How to navigate the Cayuga Community College Library website, to access databases, the online catalog, citation sheets, online periodicals, other library catalogs, and get live help 24/7.

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CCC Website How To Guide

  1. 1. Cayuga Community College Library Website A TREASURE TROVE OF INFORMATION
  2. 2. What You Will See
  3. 3. Using the Site  Use the navigation in the center or the tabs to the side to navigate the site Center Navigation
  4. 4. Let’s Start With Portal 1  Browse Reference Sources  This section contains the following:  Databases in several reference Area including  Gale Virtual Reference Library  Grolier Online  Online Encyclopedia  Online Dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary)  WestLaw
  5. 5. Portal 2: CAYLIB  CAYLIB is the library's online catalog it includes records from:  Print Books from Auburn and Fulton Campus  eBooks from EBSCO (88,000 titles)  Books 24/7 Technology and Computer Books
  6. 6. Looking for a book at Auburn Campus?  To look for a book on a specific campus or in a specific format you must filter your search to do this you must first click on:   Advanced Search Then go to the bottom of the page and filter by the collection, type of material, ECT. Filters
  7. 7. Portal 3: eBooks and Streaming Video  Looking for eBooks or Streaming Video? Click on number 3 to see these collections exclusively. The collection includes:  EBSCO eBooks  Books 24/7  Medcom Videos  American History in Video  SUNY Press  Gale Virtual Reference Library  And More….
  8. 8. Portal 4 Articles and Databases  Portal 4 is where you will find access to all the library databases. The librarians have grouped the databases for you already, so when you research; with the topic of your paper in mind filter the databases by that topic to find the best results.  There are over 100 databases, so filtering makes it much easier to find what you want!
  9. 9. What Filtering Looks Like… Be sure to filter by the topic of your paper or assignment. Click here to get filters to come up
  10. 10. Portal 5: Other Catalogs  Did you know you can get books from all over the country?  Portal 5 lets you explore other catalogs, so if there is something you are looking for we do not have, this is the place to find it!  Use Worldcat to search all over, or choose some of the close to home, such as the Seymour Library, Oswego, or SU libraries
  11. 11. Portal 6: Interlibrary Loan or ILL  Interlibrary loan is where to go when you would like to request a book. Create an account with your email username and password, then request any book you would like. ILL requests can take a few days or more, so be sure to order the book early if it is for a project or paper.
  12. 12. LibGuides Below Portals 1-6  LibGuides are created by the CCC Librarians just for you! The will help guide you to resources and databases, and help you with your general research.
  13. 13. Looking to the Left at Navigation  You can use the side navigation to get to the library materials  Note the first few options you see are the same as the portals  Ex. Browse Reference Sources = Portal 1  Search CAYLIB = Portal 2  Search for Streaming Video or eBooks = Portal 3  Search for Articles = Portal 4  Search Other Catalogs = Portal 5  Request Books & Articles = Portal 6  Research Guides by topic is also our LibGuides
  14. 14. The Left Navigation Continued…  Full Database Listing will show you all the databases that are available to you  You can also search for a magazine or periodical by title to see which database it is in using the Journal & Magazine Titles button
  15. 15. The Lower Section of the Webpage  The lower section of the library webpage is where you can go to look at policies, such as how much we lend something out.  You can also check out announcements and hours, when ever we have an hours change or an activity you will see it here.  At the very bottom of the page is the library contact information, the numbers, emails, and fax numbers for both Auburn and Fulton campus libraries can be found here.
  16. 16. Tips and Tricks  Don’t forget you can look at our citation guides using the left navigation!  Remember you can ask a librarian a question anytime, 24/7 Monday to Sunday! Just click on the Live Help button!