Building your brand through social media storytelling


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Building your brand through social media storytelling

  1. 1. Building Your Brandthrough Social Media Storytelling
  2. 2. Angie McNewDirector of Web and Emerging Media Jenny Messmer Digital Marketing Manager @JMess
  3. 3. Have you heard of thisthing called social media?
  4. 4. Today we’ll talk about• Building your brand using social media by… 1. inspiring your fans and followers to promote you by sharing their stories or spreading yours. 2. engaging your staff to produce engaging content to help tell your museum’s story. 3. using video and multimedia to share your story.
  5. 5. • ―We always like to say that we don’t own our social media channels, our fans do. As a result, our social media strategy is aimed at growing and maintaining a highly engaged global community of Dunkin’ Donuts fans. We work to consistently provide meaningful content and promote a two-way dialogue between the brand and our passionate fans.‖ – Interactive Marketing Manager, Dunkin’ Donuts Source:
  6. 6. Know your brand• Biggest and Best• Fun and Imaginative• Always Changing• Family Learning and Memories
  7. 7. Build your brand by…1) inspiring your fans and followers to share theirstories and promote YOU
  8. 8. • Provide extraordinary customer service – Be available – Be responsive – Be transparent
  9. 9. • Be engaging – ―BE the moss‖ – ―CROAK! The paparazzi found me again!‖ – ―Does this moss make my butt look green?‖
  10. 10. SCVNGR Treasures of the Earth campaign• 80 user-generated blog posts – ―Each and every time we visit The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis, we all—not just the kids—explore, discover, and learn something new. It can be a fact. It can be a feature within an exhibit. It can be a new skill. It can even be the realization that through exploring, trying new things and learning, you can do anything you set your mind to.‖ – Over 200 people at the museum participating
  11. 11. Membership Drive• 100 user generated stories – ―Seeing the looks on our grandsons faces the first time they entered the Dinosphere was beyond description.‖ – ―I couldnt possibly pick just one memory from the Childrens Museum. My entire extended family has grown up going to the Childrens Museum.‖ – ―Our kids will never forget the heart pounding chug and whistle of the Reuben Wells, the graceful, calming sea of glass in the Chihuly exhibit, their favorite carousel horses and the day they were finally old enough to ride a "jumper," and of course the hours and hours splashing, imagining, and sometimes even learning to share in "Playscape."
  12. 12. 100 Toys• In one week… – 11,500 votes and 450 stories shared – Over 8,000 page views on the 100 Toys site – Two FB posts have reached about 25,000 people. – The 100 Toys website was the 4th most visited place on our site and the 9th most visited for the month of July so far.
  13. 13. Enough about us...
  14. 14. Hot Wheels®: Facebook Fan Photo of the Week
  15. 15. Oreo: Birthday of the Day
  16. 16. Walt Disney World: Fans in the Park
  17. 17. San Diego Zoo: Instagram
  18. 18. Indianapolis Museum of Art: Snapshot
  19. 19. Holocaust Museum: Remember Me
  20. 20. Chick-Fil-A: Customer Stories
  21. 21. Build your brand by…2) engaging your staff for content.
  22. 22. Content Crew• Content is everywhere—curators, interpretation, exhibit developers, school services.
  23. 23. Content Crew• Inspired by Sports Illustrated – There is no digital department – Producing more with the same – Editorial and design workflow changes – Sports Illustrated doesn’t think of itself as a magazine, but as a sports media company. Source:
  24. 24. Content Crew• Culture shift at the museum• Crew meets quarterly to talk about content already being produced and brainstorm ideas• Only reward? Pizza and a button
  25. 25. Content Sharing Example• Interpretation article written for an outside publication…once shared with the group… – Used as a series on the blog – Social posts – Shared w/ local reporter who blogged about it – Inspired video series
  26. 26. Know your brand…Our staff is FUN
  27. 27. Know your brand
  28. 28. Build your brand by…3) using video/multimedia
  29. 29. This Week’s WOW Sept. 7, 2010 Launched first This Week’s WOW! 3 months Sept. 7–Nov. 30, 2010: 9 months 6,186Jan. 1–Sept. 6, 2010: 6,675
  30. 30. Video Views• Jan. 1–Dec.31, 2010 15,063 views• Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2011 52,320 views• Jan. 1–July 23, 2012 58,292 views
  31. 31. Biggest and Best
  32. 32. Family Learning/Memories
  33. 33. Always Changing
  34. 34. Interpretation Video Series
  35. 35. Holiday World
  36. 36. Monterey Bay Aquarium
  37. 37. What Tools We Use• Facebook Apps – Build a webpage and embed it into FB – free – North Social – $900 for year – Offerpop – $3000 for 6 months• Blog – Compendium - $5,000 -- share your story capabilities – WordPress - free• Video – 12StarsMedia - $800-$1000 per video if they shoot – Candidio - as low as $150/month (1 video per month) – Flip Cam - $200 – iPhone• Twitter – Hootsuite - free or $10/month for pro account plus additional users
  38. 38. Recap• Use social to tell your brand story, don’t just post events• Use your fans to help you tell your story• Use your staff to help you tell your story• Use multimedia to help you tell your story
  39. 39. Angie McNewDirector of Web and Emerging Media Jenny Messmer Digital Marketing Manager @JMess