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Evaluation LB

  1. 1. Louis Blakeney 1004 Claremont Fan Court School 64680 OCR Media Studies J526B324 Production Portfolio in Media Studies
  2. 2. Video Brief 7: opening sequence from a new thriller with storyboard• I worked in a group of three with Oliver Walpole, Ryan Apps.• I took specific responsibility for the editing of the piece and also worked as Co-Director• We made a thriller film opening entitled ‘National Security’• The genre of our film is of a hybrid genre, incorporating elements of a psychological and political thriller
  3. 3. Research into similar films/music videos• JFK: I have researched this similar media text because of the similar themes present within the film. For example this films too is also a political thriller with psychological connotations.• Transsiberian: I have carefully watched this film analysing the use of camerawork and soundtrack, the way that the thoughts of mistrust and fear from the superior governmental powers I found very well done and hoped to try and use some of the techniques used.
  4. 4. Research into similar films openings• Se7en: I have extensively researched and analysed the opening to this film as it is exactly the type of style that I intend to recreate within my own piece of work. I very much like the use of very paced editing but also the psychologically dark tone of the film opening.
  5. 5. Our Target Audience• Audience profile: our target audience is likely to be both genders aged from 15 years of age up to 45 years of age.• They are likely to have seen these films recently: Halloween (dir. 2007)Zombieland (dir. Fleischer,2009), Shutter Island (dir. Scorcese, 2010) Inception (2010, Nolan), London Boulevard (dir. Monahan, 2011), Anuvahood (dir. Deacon, 2011), Sanctum (dir. Cameron, 2011)• They are likely to go to the cinema once or twice a month as well as see films on DVD and downloads on their computers• Audience figures show how popular the thriller /horror /action genre is. Box office returns for films similar to mine show the following figures (source Box Office Mojo): Shutter Island ($294,803,014);
  6. 6. An account of my planning• I have taken a record of everything that I have done towards the project within my planning – This is an example of Ryan and I working on our film opening in class. (This is a day when Oliver was not present.)• Including of which my contribution to the project such as what I have done towards the planning of location for shoots and also control over the editing and sorting of the general appendix.
  7. 7. How the forms and conventions used in our film function• Opening – The extract itself introduces the story through the telling of a story and displaying the scenes of the plot in a way that will keep the audience on the ‘edge of their seat’.• Titles – The titles within our film were striking and stood out, however they show the• Mise-en-scene (locations) – within our film the shown locations that give a dark and menacing tone furthering the messages of mystery and danger within the extract.• Costumes – the tone created matches the time period set within the plot, this is shown through the use of formal 1940’s clothes
  8. 8. Forms and conventions (cont.)• Sound – Throughout the film the use of discoordinating and ambientic sounds creates an element of suspense and mystery, thus unnerving the audience and heightening the experience as a whole.• Music – The music fits the conventions of typical thrillers through the• Atmosphere- A general tone of several key elements; such as the dark sympathy for the victim which is created through the use of music within the extract which has connotations of mystery and suspense.• Suspense – the tone of the piece displays to the audience the mystery of the happenings, this is furthered by the elements of danger present (within the cinematography and soundtrack) and the unsuspecting of which. This is turn directly affects the audience when a figure appears out of darkness only to take Oswald into a metaphoric hell, as the appearance to the audience. Furthermore the hidden identity of the character adds to the false sense of security.
  9. 9. Audience feedback• To see how our audience reflected from our project we invited 15 people from a range of ages and film tastes to watch a screening. Additionally I uploaded the project to Youtube.com and asked for a response from an audience over Facebook.com. They responded by saying how they enjoyed the camerawork, soundtrack and editing. However it was the general census that the title of the film was easily visible however the feedback displayed that I needed to make it more profound.
  10. 10. How successful our project is as a film opening• In my opinion I think that our project is successful as a film opening especially specifically within the genre of a thriller. For example; when one watches an intense thriller it becomes more than a form of entertainment but rather a psychological experience up to an extent.• Our film opening keeps elements of tension, mystery and suspense within the mind of the audience through the use of fast paced editing, aspects of camerawork, sound and constant abstract references to danger which eventually accumulate to a overwhelming sense of unnerving of reality.
  11. 11. How successfully the whole project answered the brief• Opening sequence from a new film, including titles, in any genre or mix of genres chosen by the centre, such as a comedy or a thriller, together with a storyboard.• I feel that I have complied with the brief within the work. As it is a film opening under three minutes in length it is a hybrid genre of a psychological political thriller (as thrillers are on of the most popular film genres) which was been created with a storyboard therefore I think that I have done everything required within my brief and successfully answered such to the best of my ability within the amount of time given.