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Fleck2013 fall

  1. 1. Introduction to Public Relations Dr. Kathie Fleck, CAMS 1201 Prof. Jenny Donley Catalog and Serials Librarian Heterick Memorial Library
  2. 2. Introduction ● Welcome! ● Jenny Donley, j- donley.1@onu.edu ● Feel free to visit or email ● Librarians on duty: ● 8-4:30, 6-9 Mon – Thurs ● 8-4 Friday ● reference@onu.edu
  3. 3. Libraries at ONU Taggart Law Library Law School Library: accessible to all Heterick Memorial Library Undergraduate Library: accessible to all
  4. 4. ONU card = Library ID Remember to always use all 11 digits!
  5. 5. How am I supposed to remember all of this stuff?
  6. 6. Research Guides
  7. 7. Finding Background Information
  8. 8. Research Tools: Catalogs POLAR: Accessing physical and electronic items located at HML (Heterick Memorial Library) as well as LAW (Taggart Law Library). OhioLINK: Next step if you can’t find what you want in the HML or LAW collections. ILL: Option of last resort for books and articles.
  9. 9. Research Tools: Periodicals and Articles
  10. 10. Research Tools: Databases Tools for locating journal and newspaper articles Most are subject-specific, but some are multi-disciplinary Many give access to full text articles Heterick has 240+ databases
  11. 11. Research Tools: Databases
  12. 12. Research Tools: Databases Helpful databases to jump start your research: BizMiner Business Source Complete GMID (more international) Hoover’s Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage Search by subject/discipline to find subject specific databases
  13. 13. SEARCH
  14. 14. Research Tools: SEARCH What is included in SEARCH? POLAR catalog OhioLINK catalog Article-level searching for all EBSCO databases Article-level searching for a variety of other databases: JSTOR, Hoover’s, AccessPharmacy, etc. Title-level searching for most other databases: IEEE, CIAO, Proquest Nursing & Allied Health
  15. 15. Facets: Limit your results and focus your topic
  16. 16. How to do research: Cite what you find using standard formats These are the three citation styles that are most frequently used at ONU: ● MLA (Modern Language Association) ● APA (American Psychological Association) ● CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) Always ask your professors which citation style you should use for their particular class.
  17. 17. Bibliographic Citation Software: RefWorks
  18. 18. Bibliographic Citation Software: RefWorks See “RefWorks” tab on the Research Guide
  19. 19. Things to consider:  Not all company information is readily available  Proprietary information  Trade secrets  Possible to get an overview and enough information so you can prepare for a job interview  Resources shown today may not be available once you leave ONU  Alternative resources may be available at your place of business or through your local public library
  20. 20. Things you’ll need to know: Private or Public Parent or Subsidiary United States or International company
  21. 21. Glossary of Terms  Ticker “modern letter-only ticker symbols were developed by Standard & Poor's (S&P) to bring a national standard to investing”  CIK -- Central Index Key, number given to an individual or company by the SEC  SIC --standard industrial classification system, classification of businesses and business units by type of economic activity  NAICS --  DUNS -- North American Industry Classification System, replaces SIC industry standard for keeping track of the world's businesses  Private Company -- ownership is private  Public Company -- company that has permission to offer its registered securities (stock, bonds, etc.) for sale to the general public, typically through a stock exchange  Subsidiary -- Controlled/owned by a “parent” company
  22. 22. Tools for Company Information reports Annual Overview Histories Competitors Revenues, cash flow SWOT News and Views
  23. 23. International Directory of Company Histories HML Oversized Reference 338.7409 I61 •Immediate access to more than 8,500 companies •Learn the complete background and history of a company • Research merger and acquisition activity over time •Determine the impact of particular sales and marketing campaigns •Ascertain the effectiveness of executive Leadership 23
  24. 24. International Directory of Company Histories  Each 3-5 page entry is meticulously crafted with facts gathered from popular magazines, academic periodicals, books, annual reports, archives of the companies themselves and much more. Peppered with statistics, dates and names of key players, entries contain information on:  Founders  Expansions and strategies  Labor/management actions  Stock exchanges, ticker symbols and industries  Principal subsidiaries, divisions, operating units and competitors 24
  25. 25. Business Source Complete Articles for latest company news, reviews of company, commentaries Non-journal content Industry reports  financial data Country reports  case studies Company profiles  investment research reports SWOT analyses  market research reports
  26. 26. Thomson Research  Provides access to real-time and historical SEC EDGAR filings, including as-filed HTML documents, and foreign exchange filings.  Includes more than 3.4 million research reports, with an average of 3,000 new reports added each business day.  Provides full-text keyword searching of SEC EDGAR filings and spreadsheet-ready financials..  Must know company name or ticker
  27. 27. Hoover’s Online Good place to check if public or private, parent or subsidiary Company reports Industry information Market intelligence on both public and private companies Some free information available at Hoovers.com
  28. 28. Standard & Poor's Net Advantage http://www.bus.umich.edu/kresgelibrary/downloads/instruction /standard_and_poors_netadvantage_guide.pdf Company information: Economic insight Market snapshot Mutual funds Company quote S&P industry surveys Equity indexes page S & P stock report Economic calendar for the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America
  29. 29. Company News: Lexis Nexis Academic (fee) PR Newswire Company News On- Call CNNMoney.com Business Wire AJR NewsLink
  30. 30. Other types of company information: Print Resources:  D&B Directory of Service Companies  HML Oversized Reference  338.7610002573 D111  D&B million dollar directory  HML Oversized Reference  338.740973 D11  Foundation Directory:  HML Oversized Reference  061 F771  Company philanthropy Stock information  Value Line Investment Survey Company rankings  Fortune  Forbes