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GimpGirl Community Virtual Praxis II Event Slides


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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GimpGirl Community Virtual Praxis II Event Slides

  1. 1. Women with Disabilities Jennifer Cole (JennyLin Arashi) and Katherine Mancuso (Muse Carmona) For more information on GimpGirl Community, visit:
  2. 2. Statistics on Women with Disabilities • 20% of U.S. women have some kind of disability • 2.5 times as many as women without disabilities live in poverty • More likely to have insurance, but less likely to utilize it • Abuse tends to be more frequent, longer and by more people, and includes neglect and withholding of assistive devices and medicine • Less opportunities to escape abuse due to lack of knowledge and outreach by professionals • Seen as asexual, or as a fetish • Isolation due to lack of knowledge, even among disability and feminist communities
  3. 3. What We Bring • Opportunity to experience the cycle of caretaker and care receiver at a younger age • Ability see our own and perhaps other bodies as unique and powerful • Can sexualize our bodies if we choose, even against dominant voices in society • Can become successful mothers and partners despite being told it is impossible
  4. 4. Weekly Meetings
  5. 5. Networking Events
  6. 6. Outreach and Education