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Wellness powerpoint


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Wellness powerpoint

  1. 1. PE 2850 Wellness Choices Final Presentation JENNIFER LEWIS SUMMER COURSE 2012 PROFESSOR: JOSE GONZALEZ
  2. 2. Although it may seem like asimple concept many people arenot aware of their own wellness.Wellness can be defined as thequality or state of being healthy inbody and mind especially as theresult of deliberate effort. In myeyes the perception of wellness isnot only a state or condition, it is aduty to take care of your body soit can live to it’s maximumpotential. That is why I think it isso important to raise awarenessabout health to other people. ~*~ “Wellness is first and foremost achoice to assume responsibilityfor the quality of your life.”-Dr.Don Ardell
  3. 3. The Six Dimensions of Wellness Created by Dr. Bill Hettler (Cofounder/president of the National Wellness Institute) the six dimensions of wellness provide people with insight on their overall health. The dimensions are categorized as physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational. By analyzing and recognizing these categories people are able to find/ maximize their individual potential of wellness.All 6 categories are interactive and go hand in hand.
  4. 4. Intellectual Wellness: The ability to engage in creative and mental activities schools of thought. The picture in the background Lamson Library is where I spend a multitude of hours a week studying. Being a Biology major and chemistry minor, I find myself in this building and Boyd half of my time or more while I am at Plymouth. I have always felt as though science has been a hard subject for me, however at the same time it fascinates me. I chose to be a biology major not just because I want to get into the medical field but also because I wanted to challenge myself intellectually. So, I guess you can say I challenge myself everyday in that aspect, and will continue to do so throughout my career as a student. ^ Me presenting a semester long research pr on horseshoe crabs at PSU symposium event
  5. 5. Physical wellness: Can be defined as the wellness of the physical body; influenced by factors such as body weight, physical fitness, and ability to perform day- to- day functions.Personally my whole life I feltas though I never had an issue with myown physical wellness. I have alwaysbeen active in some way shape or form. Ihave been able to exceed in many areassuch as dance, cheerleading (me doing ascorpion/cheer move to the right), andcardio. However, being in college I havereached a slump in my daily fitness.Starting July 10th I am joining a ballettechniques class for 6 weeks, beingflexible has always been a natural talentto me and I think I would be able toenhance that skill even more in ballet.
  6. 6. The ability to get through the rigors of life, aspects include self-acceptance, self- confidence, self-control, and trust.As far as emotional wellness goes, I definitely have mystrengths and weaknesses. A strength I have is that Itend to make friends very easily and a lot of thefoundation of who I am as a person comes from theunconditional love of my family and friends. I alsowon the award “most gullible” in high school( it’s okayto laugh) but I see it as most trustworthy, whichsometimes is a good aspect but other times can be adownfall as well. On another note however, I also won“Best Laugh” I am constantly happy, and laughingabout one thing or another, that tends to make otherpeople happy as well. I guess if I had to work onsomething with my emotional wellness it would haveto be confidence in myself as I go into work force aftercollege and also confidence in my heart’s decisions.Also I will be working on managing my study timemore efficiently so I can make more time for friendsand exercise at school next semester
  7. 7. Spiritual Wellness: Meaning and purpose in life; aspects include the ability to forgive, to show compassion, and to love. For as long as I can remember I havealways believed in God. It is not somuch the religious aspect that Ifollow, but the faith I have in a higherpower( to me it’s God) that sometimesgets me through the day. I usually prayevery night for circumstances withfamily and friends and that calms me. Ialso think I have the ability to sense/feelother peoples emotions very well, evenif I am not physically with the person.Nature wise I like to spend my time bythe ocean, the ocean being very vast Ifeel like it connects the world as thesound of the waves is something thatcan be heard on every continent. Forspiritual practices I will be working onbreathing exercises, and also attendingmy church more regularly. “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us”- Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. 8. Social Wellness:Social Wellness emphasizes becomingcontributing member of society. Socially I feel as though I contribute time with society, such as volunteer work for the church. I also feel as though I spend so much time with my friends, that calling me social is an understatement. However, I will be working on being able to successfully join a club or two and manage my study time more efficiently at Plymouth next semester.
  9. 9. Occupational WellnessPersonal satisfaction from your career. As one strivesfor occupational wellness, you can contribute yourskills and talents to work that is meaningful andrewarding.Being at the same job for 5 years as a cashier I havelearned a lot about working with the public. I feel asthough this has helped me to become a more well-rounded person, also when I have patients in themedical field one day I will be able to understand theirperspective better. As far as occupational wellnessgoes, I need to start really looking into what branch inthe medical field I want to go in starting nextsemester, as well as looking into grad. schools. Mymain goal in whatever I do though is to go homeeveryday and know I made a positive impact onsomeones life. That to me is the most rewardingexperience I could obtain.
  10. 10. Thank you for your time everyone! I hope you all took a lotfrom this course! ~*~“The most important thing in all illness is to never loseheart”-Nikolai Lenin