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Sports catering in south africa

e are specialists in event catering. Providing delicious meals for entertainment events such as ABBA and Lady Gaga's concerts is something with which we are comfortable

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Sports catering in south africa

  1. 1. Tips on Catering a Confirmation Party Confirmation Catering It's quickly becoming that time a year again, and now that spring is here school is starting to wrap up for kids and that means confirmation parties, graduation parties, and even going away to college or military parties. This time of the year can be stressful enough helping kids get through the school year, getting them signed up for camps, Parks & Recreation sports, swim team, conditioning for football and anything else in between. What better way to save you time and relieve some stress then by having Waiter on the Way deliver and setup any of your food and catering needs for parties of any size. If your planing on taking care of your parties on your own, let us give you a few tips that may help out. Depending on the type of party and date, it can be very common in the case on confirmation parties that many children will have them going on the same days, and at different times throughout the day. What this means to you regarding your food situation is that, the timing of your party could have a big impact on how many guests will eat, and even how much. More often then not, parents order way too much food for their child's parting, thinking that everyone will be eating that stops by, however reality is that the immediate family is generally a for sure count, but once you get into other students family and so on that are also invited to other parties, only a small portion of them will eat. Most likely adults will feel obligated to snack on some items or try a piece of cake, depending on the time of the day. Wedding catering and spit braai in Durban. When deciding on food, think of things that are easy to prepare and also easy for your guests to serve themselves. Very popular items that generally go over well at confirmation and graduation parties are meat and cheese trays that let your guests create their own sandwiches just how they want, and the best part is that it is cost effective for you! Finger foods and appetizer type items also usually go over well because they are easy for your guests to grab one to try and keep moving through the food line. Drinks are fairly straight forward, however certain beverage types are sure to save you big. Generally cans of pop, bottles of water, a small assortment of alcoholic beverages, and coffee can be found at many confirmation and graduation parties. If you want to look for something
  2. 2. different, try some different types of teas, fruit juice blends, bulk juice containers, or even just fresh pitchers of water with lemon slices or wedges available. You can buy gallons of flavored teas at your favorite store and they can go over well depending on your guests preference. Fruit juice blends are generally more healthy then sodas, and look great with the rest of your buffet line. By filling your own glass pitchers with water, you can keep refilling them throughout the party and save a decent amount of money rather than offering bottles of water which you will be picking up half drank ones once the party is over.