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Dj hire johannesburg


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If you are looking to add that punch to your event, look no further than Pristine DJ Services. Our artists have mastered the rocking of your bodies to the tune of songs that pull you off the chair and attach you firmly to the dance floor. We at Pristine DJ Services know how to get a party going with thunderous music.

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Dj hire johannesburg

  1. 1. 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ For Your Party The main reason that most people choose to hire a DJ for a party or wedding reception is peace of mind: it is one less thing to worry about and stress over at a big event, because if you hire a good disc jockey, you do not have to worry about choosing the perfect music and creating the mood yourself. Great party entertainment is the key to any successful event and deciding whom to hire for your party is thus an important task. Some disc jockeys have enticing personalities and can engage your guests. Even if they do not say a word and stay in the background, their ability to determine what exactly the audience "wants" is a great benefit. A party DJ will examine the room and see how many people of different age groups are present and will then come up with the right music mix. An experienced DJ will catch the "rhythm" of the listeners and if he sees that people are fading or losing energy, he will know what kind of music to put on and what beat to choose. If he senses a mellow mood, he will put the romantic mood on. Your decision to hire a band or a party DJ Johannesburg will also rely on your musical predilections. A professional DJ should be able to play pretty much any kind of music. They will possess classics, Broadway songs, hip-hop, jazz or rock. Based on your preferences, he will arrive at the reception hall with suitcases full of the music you love. Whilst you can hire a band for almost any genre of music these days, they are always limited to a few specific styles, and cannot offer variety. A professional DJ should be able to take requests from your guests and keep them happy throughout the night. A good DJ for hire will have a music library of thousands of songs to choose from and it should be easy for them to buy a song that they might not already have in their collection. It goes without saying that hiring a DJ will cost you less money than hiring a live band. A good DJ will generally be more cost effective than a band and will also be able to play throughout the night without taking any breaks. They also act as the MC for the event, making announcements throughout the night. The size of the reception hall is another factor that you must take into consideration: you do not want to stuff a band into a small space and will need room for several
  2. 2. people as well as their instruments and amplifiers. A band will generally require a lot more floor space to set up all of their bulky equipment. A DJ will only need room for a table, PA speakers and lighting set-up. When choosing to hire a band or disc jockey as party entertainment, always do the appropriate research and do not compromise your wants and desires. Your party should be the best for you and for your guests. DJ hire has become very common due to the wonderful addition to parties they can be and due to the peace of mind they can ultimately provide.