Fairtrade powerpoint


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Fairtrade powerpoint

  1. 1. Fairtrade How can we promote fairtrade in our school??
  2. 2. Anna’s Shop!! • Anna is trying to promote fair trade products. Can you help her?? • Click on the shop to listen to Anna’s story! • Then, in pairs, discuss how you could help Anna!!
  3. 3. Promoting Fair-Trade • Why should people buy fair-trade?? • Design a poster on your computer to tell people why!! • Click on the photos for some helpful websites
  4. 4. Here are some useful images!!
  5. 5. Cadburys…Chocolate with a conscience!! • Listen to how Cadburys is now a fair-trade product!! • How do you think you would feel if you were a farmer and you are now getting the right money for your work? • Or, if you worked in Cadburys, how would you feel??
  6. 6. Role Play!! • In your groups, video the scene. Two in the group are farmers. • The rest of the group ask the farmers how they feel. • Or, Two in the group are Cadburys workers!! • Make sure you show your happiness for fair-trade!!
  7. 7. Yum, chocolate!!! Which would you prefer??
  8. 8. • Your teacher will provide samples of this chocolate for you!! • In pairs discuss which one you prefer and why!! • Make a list of arguments to why you prefer this chocolate. • Prepare a slideshow with your partner to show your thoughts!!! • Try convince your classmates to choose fair-trade!!
  9. 9. Bananas about Fair-trade!! • Meet the farmers!! • Find out about the topic your given and make notes to tell your friends!! • Click on the bananas to find the farmers!!
  10. 10. Now for some fun!! • Think you’re the next Eminem?? • Here’s your chance!! • Take a listen to these crazy bananas and compose your own rap saying why our school should use fair-trade products!!
  11. 11. Finalé • Now use your knowledge to put together a movie!! • Using Windows Movie Maker, make a video containing the information you have learned and saying why we should use fair-trade!! • Don’t forget to include the rap!!