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Mobile design-seo-pubcon2014


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Rather than think about mobile vs. desktop, consider if your client is in or out. Balance design according to the unique needs of these in and out customers.

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Mobile design-seo-pubcon2014

  1. 1. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Mobile SEO & Design Are you In, or Out? Presented by: Jenny Halasz JLH Marketing
  2. 2. @jennyhalasz #pubcon 14 years in SEO Writer for Search Engine Land Co-author of SEO Like I’m 5 First spoke on mobile in 2007
  3. 3. RWD vs Dynamic Serving vs m-dot vs Apps… @jennyhalasz #pubcon
  4. 4. @jennyhalasz #pubcon RWD vs. Dynamic Serving
  5. 5. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Desktop vs. Mobile
  6. 6. @jennyhalasz #pubcon
  7. 7. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Are you In, or Out?
  8. 8. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Renting a Car In: Neo is preparing for a trip. He needs: • Price • Loyalty • Car choice • Features
  9. 9. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Renting a Car Out: Trinity is stranded and needs a car. She needs: • Streamlined process • Simple choices • Closest location • Click to call
  10. 10. @jennyhalasz #pubcon RWD vs. M-dot
  11. 11. @jennyhalasz #pubcon RWD vs. RWD (on iPad)
  12. 12. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Experience Matters (car selection)
  13. 13. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Experience Matters (layout)
  14. 14. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Experience Matters (options)
  15. 15. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Experience Matters (options)
  16. 16. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Experience Matters (clickability)
  17. 17. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Experience Matters (clickability)
  18. 18. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Other Considerations for “Mobile” • Auto-open the right feature – number pad or keyboard? • Consider extras for “out” users: • Number to a cab company? • Default pickup date to current • Allow return date to be empty • Tel-tags and map links • Don’t use pop ups. Ever.
  19. 19. @jennyhalasz #pubcon
  20. 20. @jennyhalasz #pubcon Thank you!