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Creating google-dashboards-smx west-jenny-halasz


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Creating Google Dashboards doesn't have to be a chore. Start with an easy template, figure out what you want to know, and then segment according to your needs. Simplify the output and create great reoccuring reports! Presented by Jenny Halasz in the "What's in my Analytics Toolbox" session of SMX West 2015.

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Creating google-dashboards-smx west-jenny-halasz

  1. 1. MARCH 5, 2015 HOW TO CREATE AWESOME GOOGLE ANALYTICS DASHBOARDS & REPORTS Jenny Halasz President, JLH Marketing @ JennyHalasz
  2. 2. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D
  3. 3. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D To use: 1. Login to GA 2. Paste in the browser 3. Select the account to apply it to TODAY’S MOST USEFUL LINK
  4. 4. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D • Customizable • Applicable to any GA Segment • Set up auto-email • Printable reports • Impress your boss • You only set it up once • FREE PROS OF GA DASHBOARDS
  5. 5. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D • Not user friendly • Relies on you to know what you need • Requires you to set up segments • Only holds 12 widgets per dashboard • Can’t filter by Metric values • … but it’s free, so what do you expect? CONS OF GA DASHBOARDS
  6. 6. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D
  7. 7. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D How Did People Get to Your Site? What Did They Do While They Were There? How and Why Did They Leave? WHERE TO START?
  8. 8. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D How Did People Get Here?
  9. 9. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D What Did They Do?
  10. 10. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D Why Did They Leave?
  11. 11. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D Edit the Title, instead of “Pages/Session” Choose a Layout Even Customize Your URL! Add Filters
  12. 12. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D CHANGING DISPLAY OPTIONS Choose different Dimensions or Metrics Change row display
  13. 13. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D USING FILTERS - SIMPLE “Only show” or “Don’t show” Selection criteria
  14. 14. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D USING FILTERS - REGEX Selection criteria • Use | to separate items – creates “OR” • Use .* as a wildcard • .*/category means match anything before /category • category/.* means match anything that comes after category • Test your expressions on the actual report
  15. 15. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D OTHER FUN THINGS Set up once, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly Email to anyone Share with everyone on the account Export a PDF
  16. 16. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D CUSTOM REPORTS
  17. 17. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D Ask questions to determine importance: • Which things do we want to know? • What parts of the site are important? • How can we use these as part of our strategy? • When does our traffic arrive? • Where can we improve? • Who is visiting our site? CUSTOM REPORTS
  18. 18. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D CUSTOM REPORTS Metrics: Things you want to measure Dimensions: Containers you want to use Filters: Things to include or not include
  19. 19. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D CUSTOM REPORTS Metrics: Things you want to measure Dimensions: Containers you want to use Filters: Things to include or not include
  20. 20. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D • Solidify/Contradict a hypothesis • Predict a problem • Ensure mistakes are caught • Open a new horizon • Maintain status quo • Teach us about behavior … and so much more! THINGS DATA CAN DO
  21. 21. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D Data is just data. Analysis leads to insight. That useful link again: REMEMBER:
  22. 22. @JennyHalasz #SMX #32D