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  1. 1. From “Perpetual (Digital) Revolution” Together, hardware and software will be the catalyst for advances during the next 10 years that will far exceed changes of the last 30 years. Mr. Bill Gates, AWSJ, January 25, 2008
  2. 2. Tectonic Shifts
  3. 3. Traditional Media Digital Media
  4. 4. Traditional Media Digital Media
  5. 5. TV IPTV Radio Digital Radio Billboards Digital POS Traditional Media Digital Media
  6. 6. US $455b US $55b 6% 23% Source: IBM, “Navigating the Media Divide” Study Traditional Media Digital Media
  7. 7. ? The Cross-Over Point Traditional Media Digital Media
  8. 8. Why GM Gambled $1.5B On Digital Over the next three years, General Motors will shift half of its advertising budget to digital. Will that be enough to get the automobile manufacturer in gear? Michael Estrin is associate editor at iMediaConnection.
  9. 9. digital will predominate
  10. 10. Traditional Marketing DigiMarketing
  11. 11. From “New Media” to the New Mass Media (of One)01
  12. 12. 0.9 b PC users 1.3 b internet users 1.3 b landline phones 1.4 b credit cards 1.5 b email boxes (0.8b) 1.5 b TVs 1.8 b active sms users 3. 0b mobile phone subscribers Communities Dominate Brands Business and marketing challenges for the 21st century By Tomi T Ahonen and Alan Moore Worldwide Today
  13. 13. New Media Barons
  14. 14. (cc) Lynette Webb, 2006
  15. 15. Yuan Shiao Nan
  16. 16. - Unique address - Individual user behavior - Personal settings & preferences - Two-way – individual direct response Communities Dominate Brands Business and marketing challenges for the 21st century By Tomi T Ahonen and Alan Moore Mass Media of One (Addressability) - Contextual content
  17. 17. From Targets to Participants 02
  18. 18. Marketing Algorithm of Reach/Frequency
  19. 19. Engagement Metrics & Planning
  20. 20. From Mass to Personalization (and the Privacy Paradox)03
  21. 21. New RestrictionsUnprecedented Access Access and Restriction
  22. 22. Tim Berners-Lee, BBC Interview, March 18, 2008: On personal data: “It’s mine – you can’t have it. If you want to use it for something, then you have to negotiate with me. I have to agree. I have to understand what I’m getting in return.”
  23. 23. August 4, 2006: AOL released search records of 650,000 users over a 3-month period, 20 m searches August 7, 2006: they removed the file from their site August 9, 2006: New York Times identified & interviewed #4417749 August 22, 2006: AOL Chief Tech Officer & 2 others “left”
  24. 24. September 12 2007:September 12 2007:
  25. 25. Why personalize? 80% want it Up to 58% will pay more attention if they get it!
  26. 26. From Selling to Serving 04
  27. 27. From Impressions to New Connections 05
  28. 28. QR Codes Each one of these MOBICODES link to a specific mobile site.
  29. 29. Quick Response (QR) Code for North West Airlines
  30. 30. QR-Codes - MAGGI On-pack Communication Outside PackageOutside Package Inside PackageInside Package
  31. 31. 11stst weekweek 22ndnd weekweek 33rdrd weekweek Outside Code to introduce MAGGI Recipe
  32. 32. From Old to New “Physics” of Marketing 06
  33. 33. A MAJOR MEDIA REVOLUTION HAS JUST OCCURRED… Consumers Spent More to Reach Media Than Marketers Spent to Reach Them. For years, the consumer went along with a model of intrusion perpetuated by the networks, advertisers and ad agencies… The consumer has decided to take over… Consumers are willing to pay for personalized information and entertainment that fits their interests. August 23, 2004
  34. 34. ContentUser Generated
  35. 35. Leverage Impacted of Viral Viral video • Seen by and estimated 500MM people globally • Equivalent value of $150MM+ in media X
  36. 36. -- EndEnd --