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Institution of Music Videos


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Published in: Investor Relations
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Institution of Music Videos

  1. 1. Institution of Music Videos. By Jenny Cooper.
  2. 2. PRODUCTION. What is the role of an executive producer and a music producer? Executive producer – enables the making of a commercial entertainment product eg) music videos. May also be in charge of managing accounts and with legal issues such as copy right and following censorship laws. Music producer – producers music and allows the artist to achieve the recording which they want. What has to be considered during the preproduction stage? Before a music video has to be created the artist has to create a budget to which they can follow. This will then allow them to achieve what they want within strict guidelines. A storyboard will need to be created to plan the narrative and make sure the music video flows clearly and is interesting and easy to understand. Clothing and make up must be considered which fits in with the narrative to create a realistic, professional vibe. Casting needs to take place so any dancers/actors which are needed can fit the narrative and fulfil the needs of the video. A location is also needed as this is where the main action of the music video takes place. An example of a large, successful music video production company. Sony Music An example of an independent music video production company. RedCape productions What is the role of the director? In charge of the whole production of the music video. The director distributes jobs to all staff members, takes full control over the situation and is the person to finalise the music video in both production and editing. What is the role of the record label? To distribute the music and make it well known to the public and to attract the audience. They employ advertisers and the director in order to make the music video look as best as it possibly can. They also make sure the video is easily accessed eg) music channels and YouTube.
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTION. What are the various methods of distribution and examples? Distributing a music video is where a song is released to the public and is advertised. Music videos can be distributed on iTunes for example you can download music videos of your favourite artists for a small fee and keep them forever. Music channels such as VIVA and MTV are purely created for music videos. With the channels receiving approximately 1 million views per day many people can see a variety of music videos. YouTube created in 2005 is the main online distributor for music videos. Many artists have their own YouTube page and anyone in the world can watch these videos if they have internet access. The artists website also shows their latest music videos as do radio websites for example Radio One and Capital FM. An example of an distribution avenue which would be suitable for my music video. KVZ music as this is an independent distribution label focusing at smaller less well known music artists.
  4. 4. EXHIBITION. How can music videos be viewed in todays modern world? • YouTube • VEVO • Music Channels eg) Viva and MTV • At festivals However some music videos which have been censored can not be shown on these platforms at certain times of day or at all. When a video is censored this means it can be banned off tv, only shown at certain times or in certain countries, have an age rating on or in some cases needs to be completely changed. A video can be censored due to explicit language, dancing, little/lack of clothing etc. Madonna a famous music artist is the most popular person to get their music videos censored with 14 having to be banned/changed.