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Howtoworkwithwordpress general

  1. 1. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsWordPress offers amazing functionality and social media connectivity.It’s as easy to learn as sending an email, so let’s get started.
  2. 2. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsThis is the original theme that comes with WordPress. The outside ofyour program will look like this to the user, but when you log in to thethe Dashboard to work, where you can customize as well as add content.
  3. 3. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsGo to your login url: and you will arriveat a login screen. Fill in your username and password. Click rememberme if you are on your own computer.
  4. 4. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsThis the dashboard where you control the site. Notice that there areposts and pages. Posts are for blogging and have categories to organizethem in your navigation.
  5. 5. How toWork withWordPressPagesPages act like a static website. You can have a static page for yourhomepage or use your homepage like a blog. WordPress lets you chose.You can create pages for all the content in your site.
  6. 6. How toWork withWordPressPagesClick on All Pages. Mouse over existing pages to see “edit” button. Justclick to edit an existing page, or click Add New, next to the Pagesheading
  7. 7. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsNext, add your page content. Formatting is similar to Microsoft Word.You may add images and format your text.
  8. 8. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsTo add an image, click the Add Media icon. It will open a box whereyou can import from your computer.
  9. 9. How toWork withWordPressImagesOnce imported, select the size you want and how you want itpositioned. If you want to change the title of the image and the link,do it here. Then click the “insert into page” button and save.
  10. 10. How toWork withWordPressAdding text and publishingThe image now in the page and you can preview and publish it. To seethe page, click the name of the site on the top left. To edit oncepublished, go to View All Pages, find your page and click edit.
  11. 11. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsPosts are the same to format, but will be viewed sequentially.Most recent post goeson top.Depending on thetheme you use,you may be able tohave blog posts onthe sidebar orfooter which willbe on every page.
  12. 12. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsTo Create a new post, mouse over the Post link and select “Add New”from the dropdown menu.
  13. 13. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsPosts have one extra step: You must select the category where it willappear. You may add new categories and create dropdowns as well.Be sureto add atitle.Click theappropriatecategory foryour post here
  14. 14. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsThese are the basics of creating WordPress content. Of course there ismuch more to tell you, but this will get you started.You can easily embed YouTube movies, make photo galleries, andcreate menus. Your template may include a slider with rotatingimages.There are many free templates that you can research in Themes, whichmay suit your needs, or you can purchase a premium template whichmakes formatting your site easy. Merrimack Media offers its clients afree premium template with any web design package.
  15. 15. How toWork withWordPressBasic Program FunctionsIf you would like any design or formatting help on web or publishingservices, please contact us at:www.merrimackmedia.cominfo@merrimackmedia.com978.710.8075