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George Orwell


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George Orwell

  1. 1. GeorgeOrwell
  2. 2. Who is George Orwell? Born on June 25,1903 in Motihari, Bengal, in a British colony of India. Eric ArthurBlair, known by his pen name GeorgeOrwell, was an English novelists and journalist. Hisfather Richard, worked for the OpiumDepartment of the Civil Service. Hismother, Ida, was the one whom had broughthim to England. And didn’t see his father 3years later. Eric also had an older sister namedMarjorie and a younger sister named Avril.
  3. 3. EducationAt the age of five, Eric attended a smallAnglican parish school . He wrote a paper thatwas really great that he impressed theteachers. Two years later he wasrecommended to the headmaster of one of themost successful preparatory in England at thatmoment, St Cyprian’s School, inEastbourne, Sussex. He later then wrote“Such, Such were the joys,” and did wellenough to earn Wellington and Eton colleges. Itwas clear that Eric was disliked by some of histeachers.
  4. 4. After college After he finished his studies, his familywas to insufficient to pay his tuition, so hejoined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma.He then resigned and returned to Englandin 1928 having grown to hate imperialism. In1933 that’s when he adopted his penname. he chose a name that stressed hisdeep lifelong affection for the Englishtradition writing. George was the name ofthe patron saint in England and the RiverOrwell was one of his beloved English sites.
  5. 5. Continued… Orwell lived in poverty foryears, sometimes even a homeless. He thenfound work as a school teacher. Later heencountered with a part-time job in asecondhand bookshop.
  6. 6. Spanish Civil War Orwellvolunteered to fight for the republicans against Franco’s Nationalist uprising. He also joined the militia of the party in Spain. Orwell was shot in the neck on May 20, 1937 and so he writes a short essay “Wounded by a Fascist Snipe,”
  7. 7. World war and after Orwell kept supporting himself by writingbook reviews for the New English Weekly until1940. during World War II he was a member ofthe Home Guard. He knows he was shapingpropaganda and so he decided to resigneven though it was a good pay. He becamea literary editor of Tribune. In 1944 Orwellfinished his allegory Animal Farm, which waspublished the following year with great andpopular success. In 1949 his best-knownwork, the dystopian Nineteen Eighty-Fournovel was published.
  8. 8. Continued… Between 1936 and 1945 Orwell wasmarried to Eileen O’Shaughnessy, withwhom he adopted a son Richard HoratioBlair at age 1. she dies in 1945 during anoperation. In 1949, shortly before hisdeath, he married Sonia Brownell. Orwelldies at the age of 46 from tuberculosis. Hewas in and out of hospitals for the last threeyears of his life.
  9. 9. Some of his work are the following …Animal FarmBurmese daysThe Road1984And many other essays