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Evention Profile

  1. 1. Who is Evention?on Creative Event Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd – known as Evention to our clients - is an independent boutique firm with extensive experience in Event Management and Technical Production, Corporate Communication Counselling, Corporate Positioning and Strategic Planning. From its humble beginnings 14 years ago, Evention, formerly known as SHOWORX, is one of Malaysia’s longest established events management organisations. Offering a complete suite of services, from basic equipment rental and copywriting, through to multi-dimensional campaigns incorporating Event Management, Public Relations, Advertising and Promotions through to automation, creative design, video production and collateral design and production, Evention provides our clients with turn-key solutions for any event or corporate communications programme, both nation-wide and internationally. At Evention we know that perception is everything. And working as an extension of our client’s organisations means that the team at Evention is dedicated to serving only a select number of clients each year. We prize all of our client relationships and know that they need our personalised approach. We are meticulous in ensuring that there is a careful balance of resources and commitments because each and every client expects and deserves results- oriented professionalism. Our hallmark is our proactive, responsive and personalised approach to account management. Evention specialises in customising our approach to our clients’ specific needs. We realise that all of our clients are looking for focussed and targeted programmes, not “cookie cutter” tactics, and we ensure that all of our programmes are tailored to our client’s objectives. As a strategic partner, Evention assists clients in staking their claim in an increasingly competitive environment by harnessing the power of creative, intelligent, high-impact events and communications campaigns, as a high-value, cost-effective means of building market share. Evention has demonstrated its responsiveness and tenacity by adapting to economic challenges and anticipating our client’s objectives and budget needs. We are at our clients’ sides every step of the way; always striving to help them gain a competitive edge and leadership position in their respective markets. Our goal is to challenge conventional thinking and to make a significant contribution, based on our market experience, to the marketing, branding and positioning process for our clients. We call that integrated and strategic marketing. Our clients call it quot;delivering results.quot; We are proud to say that it is Evention’s unique blend of creativity, integrity and professionalism that our clients have learned to trust and lean upon over the years. When your Event is on, our deliverables always exceed your expectations. www.my-evention.com 2
  2. 2. Turn-key Services Managing events is the bedrock upon which we have built our reputation in national and international markets. After 10 years in operation, our hands-on experience for delivering event solutions means we can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to clients with particular emphasis on event coordination. Evention’s real talent is synthesising branding and programme deliverables to amplify event impact beyond budgetary expectations. Evention is a turn-key project specialist focusing on:- • Product & Brand Launches • Conference & Meetings • Public Relations & Media Management • Destination Management • Team Building • Lifestyle Promotions & Fairs • Social & Corporate Dinners • Tradeshows & Exhibitions • Concept Wedding • Concerts & Parties For each project, we usually become involved at the conceptualisation stage, since this is where our creative solutions can deliver the most value. Invariably we provide in-depth venue assessments, and lay the ground-work of logistical and coordination structures that will make your event project less stressful and more cost-effective. Ultimately, we are the one-stop project solutions provider for your larger-scale event projects. Our goal is to leave you free to participate because your event is in our safe hands: • Venue, Destination & Ground Assessment • Logistic Management & Feasibility Assessment • Conceptualisation, Design Planning, Programme Consultation & Management • Media, Protocol & VVIP coordination • Design, Printing and Prop Fabrication • Video and Multi-Media Production • Entertainment and Choreography • Security & Safety • Relevant Permits and Licenses • RSVP and Registration Corporate PR Services An organisation’s reputation, profitability, and even its continued existence depends on the degree to which its target “public’ supports its goals and policies. Serving as advocates for our clients, Evention’s public relations team builds and maintains positive relationships with the client’s public, whether they are stakeholders, customers or legislators. Handling organisational functions, our team “tells our clients’ stories” through a campaign comprising a combination of one or more of the following to create a dialogue between our client and their target: • Corporate Positioning • Media Relations • Crisis & Issues Management • Executive Media Coaching • Strategic Planning & Counselling • Internal Communication • Social Marketing • Protocol Management • Copywriting www.my-evention.com 3
  3. 3. Technical Productions & Support Services Evention also provides technical and other support services. As your event consultant we support your organisations’ event committee with our expertise and resources, more as part of their event team rather than the project manager. Our support services range from equipment supply to programme coordination and management. We are also one of the market leaders in managing protocol and high profile events. Our support services deliver substantial efficiency increases during the planning stage, and Evention’s operational size means you can enjoy advantageous economies of scale in equipment and banqueting, often below market-rate. We can fulfill almost all your event equipment requirements either internally or external from our vast network of industry partners. As your equipment supplier, we provide transportation, installation and technical operators to ensure that you get the best results possible from our equipment. • Sound, Lights & Audio Visual • Automation & Special Effects • Staging & Décor • Video & Multimedia • Graphic Design Creative Solutions The ‘look and feel’ of an event depends on how resources and designs are employed and combined. Even with limited budgets, Evention is able to synthesise your objectives with our creativity, design approach and first-class resources, often delivering an impact that exceeds the actual event investment. • Special Effects • Advanced Movement Engineering • Staging • Props and Décor • Videography and Multimedia • Entertainment • Backdrops and Signage www.my-evention.com 4
  4. 4. Event Studies: Car Trade, BMW 3-Series Launch From Concept into Reality. Few venues are perfect for our clients. Sometimes the ‘look’ of the venue conflicts with their branding image or their presentation style. On these occasions, our mandate usually includes changing the entire look of the venue to better synthesise with the event objectives. As you can see above, the venue itself has the facilities, but the décor style is certainly not modern. For a ‘traditionally oriented’ company this would not necessarily be a problem. For BMW and the launch of their new 3-Series car, the décor certainly was not reflective of their branding and style. This therefore had to be changed. Since this venue is one of the oldest stadiums in KL, many of the invited guests have attended this venue previously, and as such, their expectations for this launch would be based upon those memories. Furthermore, the designs and event would need to be ‘different’ and memorable, and would be used to form a platform of market expectation and anticipation as a PR-link with the forthcoming BMW 7-series launch. Rightly, our approach every time is to avoid any impact upon the venue structure, its fixtures or decoration, else we face repair costs. The proposed designs maximise available space using customised partitions and display fixtures, with lighting effects and image visuals adding life, space and energy to the overall presentation to deliver the modern, sporty and progressive ‘look’ BMW were looking for. In the launch arena, the sports stadium became a ballroom with round-table seating to meet the banqueting requirements. To extend this effect, white drapes were used as a wall to shield the view of the seating terraces. The launch gambit centred on motorised elevator platform for one of the cars, descending from above to ground level, accompanied by multimedia projections, live video broadcast, pyrotechnics, lighting and sound effects. To quote the attending VVIP, “Wow! I didn’t recognise the place!” www.my-evention.com 5
  5. 5. Event Studies: SP Setia, Duta Tropika launch Taking it from the edge. For some clients, their event venue happens to also be their work-place, especially for a property developer. In this case we were launching SP Setia’s new Duta Tropika development; a range of premium properties. As you can see above, three days before the launch, the venue is still under construction as we begin our installation and setup. Client construction teams are still completing the outer shells and roofing while the interior specialists are decorating and furnishing the interiors. Outside, landscaping and tiling is still underway, and the access roads and parking tarmac being laid. As their turn-key event manager, our greatest challenge here was lack of space. While catering for 400 invited guests with a round-table western menu, weather protection canopies (monsoon season) had to avoid obscuring sight of the show-homes. The ‘launch arena’ adjoined the show-homes, so we could not install a giant marquee, which would be the normal solution here. Furthermore, the arena landscape was newly laid and would not adequately support tables, chairs and people. Given these challenges, we incorporated multiple space-saving solutions into our design and planning proposal. We constructed a ‘floating stage’ in the pool, thus saving considerable space. For weather protection we deployed modular marquees with integral platforms as ground support for catering needs. As a central artistic feature to synergise with the product style and its presentation, we designed and constructed a narrow ‘dancing’ fountain. Rather than using conventional projection screens which would have used considerable space, we used the show- homes as our projection screen for our multiple lighting and visual effects to deliver significant impact and differentiation to the venue. In fact, we combined the dancing fountain, projection visual effects and music into programmed water and light show as part of the evening’s entertainment. www.my-evention.com 6
  6. 6. Event Studies: Standard Chartered Bank, new HQ Launch Delivering the big impact. After more than nine years as their turn-key event manager for high-profile and protocol-focused events for SCB Malaysia, they asked us to launch Menara SCB, their new Malaysian HQ. Attended by Malaysia’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Deputy Finance Minister and the entire SCB Group Board of Directors, this would be SCB Malaysia’s most important event since 1875 when it became Malaysia’s first bank. The event programme would consist of multiple supporting events at a variety of venues. We were also tasked with producing and directing SCB’s corporate video to commemorate the launch and 150 years of history. For the grand opening and launch, we were to conceptualise and design an icon that would be memorable and reflect the SCB brand. This launch would also be used to present SCB’s newest brand-messaging campaign for Malaysia. As with many such events, the launch arena would represent some of the greatest planning and design challenges. Aside from four large support pillars restricting guest lines-of-sight, lobby access would have to remain unrestricted for existing tenants. With a morning launch scheduled, the south and north facing glass walls would produce substantial light interference to any special effects we might propose. Our arena solutions incorporated the new brand messaging into ‘brand pillars’ which also supported a set of four customised motorised projection screens which we used to hide the Icon. Along with plasma TV’s we used these screens to show the new SCB Corporate video and the graphic ‘morphing’ of previous HQ’s. We also designed and constructed a purpose-built ‘light-stage’ using green and blue lighting as part of their branding convergence. For the launch Icon, we designed and fabricated SCB’s ‘Trust-Mark’ into a three-dimensional rotating sculpture, which artistically communicated the many strengths, directions and dimensions of the Bank. We applied a chrome finish to enhance its modern ‘look’ while acting as a laser mirror to build a ‘splash’ effect during the launch gambit. We should mention that at first glance, this sculpture might look relatively easy to fabricate. However, because the angle of rotation between the ‘arms’ changes continuously through the vertical axis, it took eleven prototypes to perfect this 8 foot high sculpture! www.my-evention.com 7
  7. 7. Event Studies: CitiGroup Private Bank, Regional conference Mixing business with pleasure. Some of our international clients use their regional conferences as a platform for team-strengthening and brainstorming. Having selected Kuala Lumpur as city host, CPB’s event programme included a welcome seminar, three days of conference, three social functions and a fun-based teambuilding challenge. Our mandate as their Turn-key event manager was to assess venue capabilities; coordinate hotel support facilities and transportation logistics; and plan, design and execute their event programme. While the Hyatt Saujana was initially selected, the venue had to be switched to the Palace of Golden Horses due to date changes. CPB’s contingent of nearly 400 would fill all but four of the hotel’s entire room capacity. However, our greatest challenge would not be room availability or coordinating international delegate arrivals. It would lie in managing the event programme around external events already confirmed at the hotel by other clients. The ballroom would be occupied by wedding functions on two of the three nights, and an afternoon garden wedding reception would restrict access to the hotel grounds during the teambuilding challenge. Our approach to planning, design and construction had therefore to include in logistical solutions. Both wedding functions agreed to reduce their ballroom usage to 2/3rds so our staging could be fixed in the remaining third. The first night function became a KL tour and dinner at KL Tower. For the second night we provided a Kampung Night featuring our cultural dance troupe at the nearby MINES resort, even though they only had capacity for 225. We expanded the restaurant capacity using a ground-leveling support system and a customised stage platform with canopies. For the third night event we provided a Retro Night Dinner with a 60ft long stage and ultra-violet décor and effects. For their fun-based teambuilding activity, we divided the delegates into twelve teams and designed a series of land and water challenges such as boat building, a material hunt, physical endurance, fear-factors and mental quizzes. Teams would need to split up in order to complete all the challenges, with CitiPoints earned for each challenge completed to determine the winning team. www.my-evention.com 8
  8. 8. Event Studies: Standard Chartered Bank, My Dream Account Securing sales during events. Most of our clients face the same problem: how to generate immediate sales during their event. In theory, most events should be able to do this. In practice; few product sales are delivered during an event or promotion, which might explain why most event projects focus on branding and awareness. Fortunately, Evention has the expertise and experience to deliver a unique ‘soft-selling’ event platform to secure immediate sales and generate ‘post-event’ prospects. SCB asked us to propose a launch event concept for their new savings product “My Dream Account”. Given that their two main competitors would also be launching a similar product around the same time, they needed a platform that would act as a ‘springboard’ for branch staff to drive sales; with the ultimate goal of leading the market in this product segment. Since SCB’s product marketing would focus upon parents saving for their children’s future, our concept proposal centred on attracting and engaging children with highly interactive activities and decorations. Rather than a single launch-event, we proposed a national roadshow roll-out using shopping malls as the interactive forum, thus bringing the product and SCB staff ‘to-the-public’. To ‘round off’ our proposal, we incorporated lead- generating tools and soft-selling mechanisms that would make it easier for staff to sell product. Our concept and roll-out proposal did though require a substantial departure from SCB’s long- standing marketing and sales methodology in Malaysia. To limit this ‘leap of faith’ risk and the size of event investment, the “MDA Roadshow” would be rolled-out as a six venue ‘pilot’: Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and Klang. Aside from delivering, operating and managing each venue event, Evention also provided ‘guidance’ on soft-selling practices and tactics to SCB staff as they interacted with the public (to avoid employing selling styles and tactics more commonly associated with credit-card-promotions). SCB’s ‘leap of faith’ was spectacularly proven justified when immediate sales from just the first venue exceeded SCB expectations more than 10 fold. In fact, we estimate that the returns (ROEI) just from this single venue more than exceeded the entire roadshow event investment! By the end of the roadshow, Evention’s ‘soft-selling’ platform has delivered immediate sales and generated leads that have produced an ROEI of thousands of percent. www.my-evention.com 9
  9. 9. Event Studies: Product promotion and display Shouting silently. While launch and conference events represent the more ‘exciting’ aspect of our work and client support, our group also involves itself in the ‘daily life’ of client product marketing and promotion projects. In all cases, design work has to synthesise the product with the branding and presentation styles of each client. Design and construction processes also need to be practical and cost effective. Factors such as portability and budget constraints are a significant consideration when approaching a solution to the needs of a client. After-all, if the required display units are for a road-show, construction methods and the materials used will need to be more robust because of transportation and repeated installation. Whereas for a single one-use promotion, materials can be lighter and design more delicate. Since consumers often need to have personal interaction and involvement with a product before making a buying decision, design often needs to balance consumer accessibility with display volumes. A frequent solution here is to expand the design vertically, but this does have an impact upon construction costs. However, given that promotional space is usually expensive anyway, this vertical approach does offer a good balance between cost, utility and product breadth. An approach by some clients that is becoming more popular and effective is to combine product ‘exhibitions’ with a social event. While this does add the cost of catering to the promotional campaign, the available product display and interaction arena is substantially increased by sectioning the ballroom. Additionally, the attention of attending guests (consumers) is captured and retained for a much longer duration than is feasible in a shop or mall. This attention can also be controlled and directed to the extent that sales volume ROI is often much higher than conventional alternatives. Clients also use this approach as a means for developing customer relationships for generating repeat sales. www.my-evention.com 10
  10. 10. Event Studies: Special effects and Automations Having the right effect. Delivering a memorable experience to your guests to enhance your message and impact can make a big difference. With our wide range of special effects, your impact can be as big as you need and want, particularly when we combine multiple special effects. Lightening bolt Combination effects Laser and light effects Laser ceiling Water screen projection Laser grid Multi-colour fountains Light effect layering Laser launch Laser logo Video and laser Environmental light effects Combination light show Laser effect dance Pyrotechnics www.my-evention.com 11
  11. 11. Evention’s turn-key portfolio AS THE SOLE EVENT SERVICES PROVIDER / TURN-KEY EVENT MANAGER (Launch, Conference & Convention, Corporate Dinners, PR & Protocol, etc) Government and Governmental agencies High Commission of the Rep. of South Africa, Malaysia High Commission of United Kingdom, Malaysia High Commission of Australia, Malaysia Embassy of United States of America, Malaysia Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Malaysia Embassy of Sweden, Malaysia Embassy of Finland, Malaysia Embassy of Zimbawe, Malaysia Mauritius High Commission, Malaysia Office of the President of the Yemen Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cambodia Ministry of Trade and Industry, Morocco Office of US Marine, Malaysia Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka Prime Ministers Office of Malaysia (since 1996 – current) Federal Government of Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia Langkawi Development Authority State Government of Perak State Government of Selangor State Government of Kedah State Government of Trengganu State Government of Kelantan State Government of Sabah Ulangtahun Pertama Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya 2002 Langkawi Development Authority International and National associations The International Law Conference National Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Malaysia Sarawak Timber Association Malaysia-South Africa Chamber of Business Malaysian Organization of the Pharmaceutical Industry Malaysian French Business Council Cape Malay Charitable Concert Stadium Malawati Corporations Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad (since 1996) Malayan Banking Berhad Kewangan Industri Bank Public Bank Berhad Standard Chartered Bank, India Citigroup Private Bank Switchgear & Instrumentation UK Ardent Australia (formerly known as V-Mark) Siemens Power Generation Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems (currently known as Wincor Nixdorf) TNT Technology Sdn Bhd Creative Labs (Creative Technology) XILINX ® USA - Silicon Valley PK Tech Sony Ericsson Scope International (GSSC SCB) Sharp Electronics cont../- www.my-evention.com 12
  12. 12. Corporations cont…/ Sony Electronics Malaysia (Penang) Guinness Anchor Berhad Tamco Holdings Berhad Malaysian Sheet Glass Berhad B. Braun Aesculap Remy Malaisie Fine Wine & Spirits Kintetsu World Express Fritz Logistics Booker Cash & Carry Hypermarket Plessey Telecommunications Authur Andersen Consulting (currently known as Accenture) opening of New HQ Sepang Formula 1(1999), International Media Welcoming Event Reliance Travel & Tours Mardi Gras KL 2000 Millennium Charity Ball, Sunway Resort Hotel Fight Time Kuala Lumpur 2001 - Launch of Mike Tyson Fight in Kuala Lumpur 2001 F1 Media Night 2001 Golden Hope Plantation Berhad European Incentive Tour Dinner Show - Laman Padi, Langkawi (LADA Host) 50th PATA 2001 Gold Awards 50th PATA 2001 National Geographic Lunch Auction Langkawi Tourism City 2001 SUCH Films / Leo Bernard Hong Kong Shangri-La Hotels in Malaysia (HK corporate head office) KTMB - STR (State Railway of Thailand) Inter-Government Meeting Farewell Dinner Cape Malay Charitable Concert Diamond House Launch Ironman 2002 Launch Mofaz/Rotax Launch of New Rotax Engine 2002 The Diamond House Launch Perodua – Car Manufacturer Le Prestige (CR Media) Menara Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad – Launch of Corporate HQ 2004 Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia “My Dream Account” Roadshow 2006 Vacheron Constantin Kin Kee Group 40th Anniversary Setia Duta Nusantara Residence Party 2003 Setia Duta Tropika Launch 2004 Setia Duta Tropika Garden Party 2005 Launching Ceremony of Setia Eco-Park & Show House Phase II Launch 2005 Setia Eco Park “Valley of Dreams” Commemorative Book Launch 2006 Setia Eco Park Motor Show 2006 Setia Eco Park - Swan Lake Launch 2007 Setia Eco Park - Bangalow Lot / Phase I Preview Launch 2007 Setia Eco Park - Eco Villa Phase III Launch 2007 Setia Eco Park - Street of Arts Phase V & VI Launch 2008 Setia Eco Park - Green Canopy HQ Party 2008 Setia Eco Park - Expat Picnic at Green Canopy Park 2008 Opening of SETIA ALAM – NKVE Highway 2006 Launch of Setia Alam Ladang Hammock Tamil School 2006 Setia Hill Ampang Launch 2007 Setia SKY Launch 2008 Intec Billing System Media Conference 2007 Intec Billing System – APAC Convention 2007 in Bangkok Intec Billing System – APAC Convention 2008 in Phuket PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia in Malaysia 2009 First Islamic Bank, Labuan 2009 cont…/ www.my-evention.com 13
  13. 13. Institutions University of Hertfordshire, UK (all Asia graduation ceremonies since 1997 - 2007) University of Tasmania Guan Institute Applied Technologies Sri Kuala Lumpur (Launch of 1st Malaysia Smart School Primary & Secondary) Gading Institute Sdn Bhd Individuals Lim Si Pin Wedding (son of Dato' Seri Lim Keng Yaik) Ashvin Valiram Wedding (5 days various 5 stars hotel) (Valiram Group) Vijay Binwani Wedding (6 days various 5 stars hotel) (Binwani Group) Dato' Kenneth Kobb Wedding in Carcosa Sri Negara Dato' Kenneth Kobb New Year Celebration Tan Sri Vincent Tan Langkawi New Year Celebration Dato' Othman Merican 70th Birthday Celebration Tuan Haji Mansur Wedding (Deputy General Manager, LADA, Langkawi) Azrina Wedding (daughter of Tan Sri Rashid – SP Setia) Renuka Wedding (5 days various 5 stars hotel)(daughter of Dato Charan Dass) Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin (SP Setia) Private event since 2006 Mukesh Valiram Wedding (5 days 6 events various 5stars hotel) (Valiram Group) Destination Management Swedish Trade Expo (1995) Finnish Trade Expo (1995) Taiwanese Trade and Culture Expo (1995) Danish Trade Expo (1995) South African Festival (1995) Australian Trade and Culture Expo (1996) Danish Trade Expo (1996) Brazilian Trade Expo (1996) Nixdorf Sales Convention (1997) XILINX ® USA - Silicon Valley Convention (1999) Golden Hope Plantation Berhad Convention & Expo (2000) HK Ministry of Transport (Road Safety Awareness Campaign) 2000 Philips European Dealers Convention (2001) Standard Chartered Bank India HNWC Convention (2001) Intentia quot;Rhythm of Successquot; Convention (2002) Standard Chartered Bank PLC LTC Convention (2003) Citigroup Private Banking Singapore quot;Bersama Kita Berjayaquot; Convention (2003) Standard Chartered Bank PLC Board (2004) Asia Telecom Awards 2008 – Phuket 2008 Public Relations Contract Aeroline – Zuco Sdn Bhd Odyssey Pretige Coaches Super Camp Discovery Learning Labs Explorer Toys Sound View Teach Direct Rentokil Initial BM Cosmoceuticals Ohhira Nutritionals Natberry Llumar Window Films www.my-evention.com 14
  14. 14. Evention’s support services portfolio AS SUPPLIER/SUB-CONTRACTOR TO CLIENTS, EVENT MANAGERS/ORGANISERS AND HOTELS (Sound & Lights, Special Effects & Lasers, Staging & Automation, Entertainment etc) Concerts The Voir Group Hong Kong Charity Concert, Stadium Negara YTL Concert, PWTC George Lam & Sally Yeh, Genting Arena of Stars Allan Tam Concert, Genting Highlands Resort Vanessa May Concert, Superstar Virgo Anita Mui, Genting Arena of the Stars (Other International Concerts held in Sunway Arena) MelC (Spice Girls) Showcase 2005 @ 12 SI ADK Mini Concert 2005 KLCC New Year Countdown Party 2005/2006 IKANO Power Station New Year Countdown Party 2005/2006 La Tour de Langkawi Roadshow Concert 2006 Rock Unite Concert - NTV7 Reality Programme Kelantan Hotlink Mini Concert Ziryab International Festival 2007 (Middle Eastern Concert) Major functions and shows Sukom 98 Promotion (XVI Commonwealth Games Organiser) XVI Commonwealth Games Opening & Closing Ceremony Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) 1997 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) 2001 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) 2005 Langkawi International Dialog (LID 1999) Langkawi International Dialog (LID 2000) Langkawi International Dialog (LID 2002) Langkawi International Dialog (LID 2004) Sukma - 7, 1998 Opening Sukma - 8, 2000 Opening Sukma – 9,2002 Opening Sukma – 10, 2004 Closing Sukma – 11, 2006 Opening & Closing Sukma – 12, 2008 Opening 1st F1 PowerBoat Race 2001 - Tanjung Puteri Johore Arsenal FC Asian Tour - Malaysian Farewell Dinner Pesta Air (Water Fest) Kuala Kangsar 2001 CitraWarna 2000 - 3rd Stage CitraWarna 2001 - 3rd Stage X-Games - Sunway Lagoon (Malaysia) X-Games - Mid Valley (Asia) 2001 Langkawi Fishing Safari Pesta Menuai Padi, 2001, (Laman Padi, Langkawi) Ager Exhibition - Bukit Jalil Adidas Street Ball Road Show Tour Ipoh Games – 2001/2 Sukan Perak - 2003 AXN Carnival 2003 Sepang F1 MotorGP 2005 – Yamaha Meet the Fan @ Paddock Sepang F1 MotorGP 2005 Concert @ Grandstand Malaysia F1 Grand Prix – Sepang Grand Opening Ceremony 1999 Malaysia F1 Grand Prix – Sepang 2005 – Opening, Press & Podium Malaysia F1 Grand Prix – Sepang 2006 – Opening, Press & Podium Malaysia F1 Grand Prix – Sepang 2007 – Opening, Press & Podium Malaysia F1 Grand Prix – Sepang 2008 – Opening, Press & Podium Malaysia F1 Grand Prix – Sepang 2009 – Opening, Press & Podium cont…/ www.my-evention.com 15
  15. 15. Major Functions & Shows Cont…/- World Youth Soccer Tournament Opening Ceremony Sepang Drag Battle 2005 Sepang Drag Battle 2006 Launch of SIC 2006 MOTO GP @ KL Tower Sepang Japan GT 2006 Sepang Japan Super GT 2007 KL Tower F1 Party 2009 Sepang Moto GP 2006 Sepang Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race (MME 2006) Sepang BMW Off-Road Sepang A1 Grand Prix 2006 Akademi Al-Quran TV9 – Final KL Asian Fashion Week @ KL Convention Centre 2006 Miss Universe Pagent 2007 Sukan Sukses Selangor Opening Ceremony 2007 MIHAS 2006 Launch MIHAS 2007 Launch & Gala Dinner FINAS 25th Anniversary Dinner Corporate functions PJVM Telekom Malaysia Castrol Malaysia Kolej Tunku Jaafar Petronas Resorts World Berhad (Genting Group) Malaysian Airlines Puncak Niaga RTM Amway Sales Convention Pusat Sains Negara Saito Academy Graduation Night AMI - agents conference 2001 Philips - Ultimate Launch 2002 Acer 2002 Minolta Road Show 2001 KENT Road Show 2001 Peter Stuyvesant Road Show 2002 PALA 2004 E-Excel Convention & Seminar 2005 Asia Football Confederation Launch & Seminar 2005 Lim Kok Wing University Chinese New Year Open House 2005 AXN Malaysia Fear Factor Competition CNI Convention 2005 Fashion Week @ the Curve 2005 Malaysia Building Association Dinner Fuji Xerox Docuworld 2005 Miss India Malaysia Pageant 2005 AXN Challenge 2005 Tun Dr Mahadhir Mohammad Hari Raya Open House 2005 Elle Spring/Summer Fashion Show (KLCC) HSBC 2006 Street Fiesta CNI National Convention 2006 Bumi Intan Convention 2006 Neucor Covention 2007 2007 DIGI F1 Party Kiaramas Kondo Party Penang Free School 190th Anniversary Dinner Junior Sports Carnival @ Dataran LRT Bukit Jalil PHILIPS 20076 Chinese New Year Celebration Perkampungan Hadhari @ Kepala Batas 2007 Sunway Surf Pool Party cont…/ www.my-evention.com 16
  16. 16. Corporate Functions cont…/ Feista Puteri UMNO Pandan Kuala Kangsar Swimming Pool Launch Bakat Seni Pos Malaysia Singing Contest Pos Malaysia Gala Dinner 2007 UCSI University Event Roadshows TV3 SURE HEBOH Carnival 2005 LG 2005 Roadshow Winston TQX Truck Road Show MotorGP Roadshow 2005 TV3 JOM HEBOH Roadshow 2006 Samsung “Golden Kick-Off Challenge” Roadshow 2006 2006 Jom Heboh Road Show 2007 Jom Heboh Road Show TV3 Mentor Karnival Road Tour Fiesta Pulau Indah @ Laguna Park, Pulau Indah 2007 Kuala Kangsar Celcom Mini Karnival BMW Road Show 2007 Celcom Mini Karnival Felda Roadshow 2007 Launches KLIA Launch KLSE Building Launch Stadium Bukit Jalil Launch KL Tower Launch Sepang FI Circuit Launch 99.8 Radio Launch Kodak Malaysia Launch Philips Malaysia Colour TV Launch Toshiba DVD Launch LADA Office Launch, Langkawi Dataran 'Lang' Launch, Langkawi LIMA EAGLE Launch Colgate Palmolive Launch Sony Vior World Launch Dataran Shah Alam Logo Launch Nokia Launch Konica Film Launch Maxis Network Launch Launch for Johnson Suisse Launch of Ring Ring Card 2001 (Langkawi) Telekom Malaysia Launch for Panasonic Millennium Series Launch of Coca Cola quot;Chupquot; Road show Genting Merdeka Float 2000 Kuala Lumpur Sentra Soft Launch 1999 Kuala Lumpur Sentra Soft Launch 2000 Launch of Alfio Rado Collection 2001 Launch of Konsortium Bas Ekpres Semenanjung (Supercoach) – Perak Launch of Philips Dealers Convention 2002 Samsung DiNe Launch Launch of BMW 3 Series Samsung Digital Convergence Revolution Launch University Kebangsaan Malaysia – Launch 2005 Bank Negara Malaysia – LINK Launch 2005 Tambun ‘Lost World’ Theme Park Launch Ceremony 2005 National Planetarium Launch 2005 Bentong Proclamation of City Status Launch & Concert 2005 Haier Showroom Launch 2006 Swedish Marque (Volvo) Showroom Launch Samsung Digital Camera Printer Launch cont…/ www.my-evention.com 17
  17. 17. Launches cont…/ ATIMM Launch (North Port Klang) Sinema Magazine Launch Launch JSC 06, Junior Sports Carnival Louis Vuitton – LOEWE Handbag Launch 2006 Launch of Hospital in Kuala Trengganu Sony HD Product Launch @ SevenEightNine Launch of Mazda 3 series 2006 Launch of Mazda 6 series 2006 Launch of Acer Computer 2006 Launch of BIOFUEL Factory 2007 Launch of MCA Hotline Launch of Album MAWI 2006 Launch of Traders Hotel Internet Clik-it 2007 SCB SCOMI Launch 2007 SCB Kota Damansara Branch Launch 2007 SCB Credit Card Launch 2007 EXIM Bank Launch The above-mentioned comprises only a selection of some of our bigger functions. Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. www.my-evention.com 18