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R Kelly 101


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These are the slides for a talk I gave 10/9/2012 at the Hungry Brain in Chicago for Homeroom Chicago's R. Kelly 101. To listen to the complete evening go here:

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R Kelly 101

  1. 1. It’s Complicated: R. Kelly’s Road toTrapped in the Closet (Remix) Jenny Benevento @jennybento
  2. 2. David Ritz
  3. 3. "I tape everything, but once I get their rhythms down, Ithrow away the transcripts and start writing in theirvoices," he says. "Its artifice, but it still has to feel genuine.You can hear peoples voices in their work. Rays speakingvoice came right out of his singing. Cornel West has a verymusical voice, like a preacher. With Buddy Guy, his voicecomes out of his guitar — his riffs and the way he bendsand cuts off the notes. Its all there.You just have to hear it."-David Ritz
  4. 4. “If they just want to build amonument, I walk away.Sometimes itstough...ultimately the artistis entitled to their owninterpretation of their life."He mentions BillieHolidays autobiography,"Lady Sings the Blues" (co-written by William Dufty)."It was excoriated forbeing inaccurate, but itsstill invaluable, because itsher view of her life."-Ritz
  5. 5. Dichotomies sex jams/church music mama’s boy/thug writer/illiterate musical genius/laughable lyricsanti-cheating/pro-cheating no wrongdoing/pleas of forgivenessadult themes/obsession with childhood
  6. 6. Joann Kelly
  7. 7. Musical Influence
  8. 8. Mr. Blue
  9. 9. As a kid, I had alot of secrets.Some wereterrible, somewere beautiful,some were both.There were somany secrets tostuff into myimaginary box,that I was runningout of room.
  10. 10. Hiding Your Secrets DownlowTrapped in the “Closet”
  11. 11. Characters Based on Family
  12. 12. "Whenever my motherand I talked over tea, Iremember how shewould leave her lipstickprint on the teacup.  Seeing that moved mefor reasons Im noteven sure Iunderstand. So whenIm out with a younglady, chillin, anddrinking tea, if sheswearing lipstick andleaves her print on thecup, I find myself fallingin love with her--atleast for the moment."
  13. 13. McDonald’s is his safe space
  14. 14. Pivotal McDonald’s Moments street performances When blowing off talk shows Purchasing the McD House After being acquitted During the middle of his Jay-Z concertWhile children are born
  15. 15. Ms. McLin Jealousy Lulu Death Chance Adult womanhood
  16. 16. 1992
  17. 17. 1993
  18. 18. 1994
  19. 19. 19971995
  20. 20. 1996
  21. 21. 2000
  22. 22. 2002
  23. 23. 2003
  24. 24. 2004
  25. 25. 2005
  26. 26. 20072009
  27. 27. 2010
  28. 28. 2010
  29. 29. 2010
  30. 30. 2012
  31. 31. Barry White Isley Brothers Celine DionWhitney Houston Toni BraxtonLife Soundtrack Janet JacksonBatman & Robin soundtrack Michael Jackson
  32. 32. R KellyHas Issues Theseissues make his music possible.
  33. 33. He wants youto want him.He needs youto need him.
  34. 34. "Im at my best whenIm wanted...and nogood when Im not.Thats mykryptonite--when Imnot wanted."
  35. 35. “I love going where I’mcelebrated, notjust tolerated”
  36. 36. He really likeschildren’s media
  37. 37. “Welcome to the room I call the Log Cabin, the beating heart of my recording studio, the Chocolate Factory.”
  38. 38. dollhouse
  39. 39. "There are two sides to all of us.  Everybodys struggling with something. Nobodys perfect!"
  40. 40. Sex & Church Pimpin &Proselytizing Cheating & Devotion
  41. 41. Jenny Benevento @jennybento