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Precious Moments: Faces of Death


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An exploration of the themes Love & Death in Precious Moments, specifically their Park & Chapel. Originally presented at the Hideout in Chicago, 02/10/11.

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Precious Moments: Faces of Death

  1. 1. Precious Moments: Jenny Benevento [email_address] Faces of Death
  2. 2. Love One Another
  3. 3. Rebel With a Cause
  4. 4. A Tractor To Call My Very Own
  5. 5. The Season Is Most Joyous Around Friends
  6. 6. Girl Scouts Brings Friends Together
  7. 7. I Found My Love In You
  8. 8. Do This In Memory of Me
  9. 43. Going Home
  10. 47. In memory of my cousin who died of an overdose on drugs! WE LOVED HER!!! Natalie
  11. 48. Lauren RIP I miss you and love you I hope you are in peace. It’s been 1 year and 2 months that you have been gone. We will never forget you. You were my only sister. I miss & love you Also if Aaron couldn’t come with us this week he agrees too! Love you! Emily, Mom & Dad.
  12. 49. In memory of my aunt and her family she died by the curenmt in the ocean. Laura
  13. 58. Jenny Benevento [email_address] Photo thanks to Samuel D. Hunter