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E-Commerce Taxonomies

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A presentation given at SLA 2011 in Philadelphia. One half of a panel entitled E-Commerce Taxonomies.

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E-Commerce Taxonomies

  1. 1. e-­‐commerce   taxonomy:   a  union  catalog  you   can  shop  in.   Jenny  Benevento                                                                        Sears  Holdings  Corp  Twi7er:  jennybento                                                email:  
  2. 2. taxonomy  of  this  presenta7on  about  me  about  my  employer  &  our  collec7on  about  our  taxo  how  it’s  like  every  other  taxo  how  it’s  different  what  I  expect  of  an  e-­‐commerce  taxo  
  3. 3. about  me   librarian    -­‐public    -­‐academic    -­‐reference    -­‐cataloging    -­‐circula7on    -­‐serials    -­‐collec7on  development    -­‐digital  projects/metadata   employers    -­‐UIUC/IMLS    -­‐Associated  Press    -­‐freelance    -­‐Sears/Kmart  
  4. 4. geography   people    -­‐poli7cians  (even  local)  taxos  built    -­‐celebri7es    -­‐corpora7ons          subject  hierarchy   text  ar7cles   automa7cally     items   text  archive   in  the  field   classified   photos   every  news  story     video   every  day   audio  
  5. 5. 22  million  items  (Sears  &  other  retailers)   240  million  visitors  annually   products  &  services   3  levels  of  hierarchy   20+  websites   20+  websites  
  6. 6. ~1  million  Sears  products  ~21  million  vendor  products  
  7. 7. Appliances   Tools   Bed,  Bath  &  Home   Jewelry  Books   Apparel  
  8. 8. Baby  Fitness  &  Sports   Automo7ve  Toys  &  Games   Electronics  
  9. 9. Fitness  &  Sports   Outdoor  Living  Lawn  &  Garden   Fitness  &  Sports  
  10. 10. Lawn     &   Garden  Pets>Horse  &  Riding  
  11. 11. Computers   &   Electronics   Office  Supplies   Beauty  Office  Supplies   Office  Supplies   Office  Supplies  
  12. 12. cell  phone  service  dish  network  downloads  
  13. 13. ver7cal  redesign   vs.  ad-­‐hoc  changes   Three  level  hierarchy:   ver7cal  =  Clothing   category  =  Women’s   subcategory  =  Dresses   adributes  =  Color,  Size,  Brand,  Sleeve  Length  
  14. 14. meet  with  stakeholders    -­‐-­‐merchants    -­‐-­‐SEO    -­‐-­‐promo    -­‐-­‐mobile   what  do  you  love?   what  do  you  hate?   what  are  we  selling  a  ton  of?   what  should  we  be  selling  more  of?   what  can  I  not  change?   what  sites  do  you  wish  we  were  like?   what  sites  do  you  hate?   what  will  be  different  in  2  years?   what  do  you  wish  you  knew  about  our  users?   compara7ve  analysis  
  15. 15. it’s  the  same  thing   636 -­‐638    Pets   639       Fitness  &  Sports>Hun7ng   640       For  the  Home   641       Groceries   642 -­‐643  For  the  Home>Kitchen  &  Dining   644       Appliances   645       For  the  Home>Furniture   646       Clothing   648       Groceries>Cleaning  Supplies   649      Baby   physical  objects  &  digital  things  (and  services)  
  16. 16. …but  it’s  different!  the  government  makes  laws  about  selling  things  that  I  have  to  obey.   if  my  users  aren’t  happy,  no  one  gets  paid.   I  don’t  control  “collec7on  development.”   I  support  merchants.   trademarks  are  important   correctness  isn’t  as  important  as  findablity  
  17. 17. laws    &  trademarks    &  taxos  
  18. 18. Carats  are  important  
  19. 19. I    fought  the  law.  
  20. 20. toy  guns!   blaster?
  21. 21. water  guns  
  22. 22. Wii  guns  
  23. 23. Nerf  guns  
  24. 24. paintball  guns  
  25. 25. Airsop  guns  
  26. 26. …and  the  law  won  
  27. 27. Blasters?   Blasters.  
  28. 28. Trademarks  Schrademarks  
  29. 29. SnowTHROWers.  
  30. 30. I  work     FOR  the  business  
  31. 31. Correctness    isn’t  as  important     as  findablity  
  32. 32. Gun  Rights   Gun  Poli7cs   Gun  Control  
  33. 33. true  facts  about  dogs   The  Family  Canidae  (canids,  commonly   known  as  either  dogs  or  canines)   includes  wolves,  dogs,  foxes  and  so  on.   They  are  the  most  social  of  all  the   caniforms,  living  in  packs.  The  dog  is  the   most  diverse  of  all  mammals  in  terms  of   body  structure.  The  Canidae  family  is   divided  into  the  "true  dogs"  of  the  tribe   Canini  and  the  "foxes"  of  the  tribe   Vulpini.  The  two  species  of  the  basal   Caninae  are  more  primi7ve  and  dont  fit   into  either  tribe.  
  34. 34. true  facts  about  human  shoppers   no  one  will  ever  look  in   the  category  Canidae   for  their  dachshund   sombrero  &  matching   poncho.    
  35. 35. I  don’t  control    “collec7on  development.”  
  36. 36. I  will  never  meet  the  people  who  put  items  into  my  taxo.   There’s  no  way  to   punish  them  for  “bad   behavior.”   They  WILL  put  things  in   the  wrong  place  for   convenience  but  also  to   get  more  sales.   It  can  go  wrong.    Terribly,   terribly  wrong.  
  37. 37. if  my  users  aren’t  happy,     no  one  gets  paid.   or,  “I  pay  your  salary”    
  38. 38. 50%+  of  site  purchases  are  by  consumers  who  browse  the  taxo.  That  means  hundreds  of  millions  of  dollars.   I  don’t  need  to  jus7fy  the  taxo  department  as  vital  to  my  company,     because  it’s  how  more  than  half  of  our  customers  buy  things.   The  CEO  of  a  Fortune  50  company  knows  &  cares  about   what  taxonomy  is  and  how  it  affects  the  business.   The  defense  “this  is  what  will  sell  more  things”   wins  most  arguments.     Good  taxo  will  ALWAYS  sell  more  things   Can  you  say  that  about  your  intranet?  
  39. 39. Jenny  Benevento  twider:  jennybento   LinkedIn  
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A presentation given at SLA 2011 in Philadelphia. One half of a panel entitled E-Commerce Taxonomies.


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