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Career Exploration Series at UIUC GSLIS with Jenny Benevento


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Career Exploration Series at UIUC GSLIS with Jenny Benevento

  1. 1. + How to Become a Rockstar Librarian
  2. 2. + Taxonomist at Sears Holdings Corporation
  3. 3. +
  4. 4. + How did I get here?
  5. 5.  Library volunteer in HS>+ desk in college>Circ Where I studied Russian History and got> An internship where I learned web design> IMLS grant project designing websites in a library> Reference desk volunteering at a public library> Library school> GAships (Archives & digitization, Math Library, Slavic serials)> Full time job on an IMLS grant at UIUC> Taxonomist at the Associated Press> Contractor at Sears> Full time job at Sears
  6. 6. + Best Part/Worst PartBest!10 million people a month! Best! New thing every day. Worst! Extremely old company! Worst! People have no idea what I do.
  7. 7. + Take awesome classes and cater them to your goal.
  8. 8. + Get an internship, practicum, or create a project for free that will give you experience!
  9. 9. + Get technical skills that people need.
  10. 10. + Teachyourself to do things.
  11. 11. + Have a passion for something. If this isn’t it, get a job till you find it.
  12. 12. + Take a job with downsides PURPOSEFULLY.
  13. 13. + Social media & conferences are important. Hang around long enough and they’ll ask you to speak.
  14. 14. + Everyone with an English degree wants to be a reference instruction librarian.
  15. 15. + Specialize in something weird.
  16. 16. + You’ll never stop doing the reference interview.
  17. 17. + Ask strangers you admire professionally for advice
  18. 18. + Jenny Benevento @jennybento