Edline as an LMS


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A tutorial on using Edline as a Learning Management System in your classroom.

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Edline as an LMS

  1. 1. Edline as an LMS GoingBeyond theGradebook
  2. 2. Using Edline in Your Classroom • Edline allows you to incorporate the capabilities of various websites/applications in one place by enabling you to post: - Helpful links for student practice, study tools, etc. - Class discussions - Surveys - Media: Videos, slideshows, audio, pictures - Direct links to documents - A class blog - RSS feed - Assignments, quizzes, and tests automatically synced to your gradebook
  3. 3. Editing Your PageAt your homepage click on My Edline > My Classes &Shortcuts > choose your class/group. At your homepage,select Edit This Page from the silver bar at the top.
  4. 4. Adding Elements• After clicking “Edit Page,” hover over center area to upload a picture and click class title and description box to personalize.
  5. 5. Adding Content (Documents, assignments, etc.) Click on the edit icon (pencil) or the green plus to add or edit content. • You can add a document, enter text by hand, copy and paste text , add a link or create a folder. • You can post the content to more than one class/group at one time. • Entering a calendar date will display your content in the Calendar section. • Save
  6. 6. Creating Folders• Select “Add Item” menu• Click “Folder”• Name folder (Quizzes, Tests, Classwork, etc.)• Save & Return
  7. 7. Interactive Assignment• This is a convenient alternative to paper assignments• Choose which folder you want students to access assignment (Under Contents)• Select “interactive assignment” from “add item” menu.• Create a title for your assignment• Add to calendar (optional)• Select additional classes to post to if applicable• Select “Build my interactive assignment”
  8. 8. Interactive Assignment cont. • “Plain Text” can be used to give instructions • “Hand-Out” allows you to upload documents • “Hand-In” allows students to upload the completed document • Questions can also be embedded for automatic grading • Select editing and grading options (I usually only sync after I have graded assignments) • Allow submissions or wait to do this later • Save and return
  9. 9. Quizzes and Tests• Choose appropriate folder from “Contents”• Select “Quiz” from the “Add Item” menu• Create title, date, and classes• Select “Build My Quiz”• Choose point value for each question• Import multiple choice and brief short answer questions from Word before creating any in Edline (tutorial on site)• Create remaining questions in Edline• Select editing and grading options• Save and return
  10. 10. Data Analysis• Select assignment• Scroll to bottom of page• Click “Go” by Item Analysis
  11. 11. Your Turn!• Take this time to upload something to your page and/or receive any clarification• Contact Jenny Ayers or Libbie Geary if you get stuck when you’re on your own