Top 7 tips to make you a wonderful beach wedding


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Top 7 tips to make you a wonderful beach wedding

  1. 1. Top 7 Tips to Make You a Wonderful Beach WeddingBeach wedding is one of the most romantic wedding styles. If you are going to have your weddingon the beach, those tips may help you save time and effort on perfecting your big day.1. Find your wedding beachAfter you get a brief number of your guests, you could begin to find a beach that allow thatnumber of people. You need to know the specific requirement of the beach, such as whether it hasa limit number of people you can bring and whether it has requirement for the equipment you useon the beach. If you want to have the reception on the beach, you can get necessary equipmentfrom a rental company. When choosing the location of your wedding ceremony, you need toconsider whether the equipments for your wedding can possible and easily cart to the ceremonyspot.2. Aware of the weatherNo matter it is summer or winter, wind is what you and your guest must encounter on the beach.So you need to think the wind into consideration when you prepare everything such as yourwedding dress, hair style and equipment. Sunshine is another one. Do not forget to remind yourguest of the possible weather when you send the invitation card and let them dress properly.Meanwhile, you could prepare some necessity such as sunscreen for guests.
  2. 2. 3. Choose experienced vendorsBeach wedding is quite different from the others, so you need help from experienced vendors. Youcould ask for pictures or documents of the similar cases they ever took. If you are going to invitemore than 100 guests to the beach, you should not find a vendor who has experience for 10-guestbeach wedding. You could ask for the name of other vendors who worked those similar eventsfrom the one you have found.
  3. 3. 4. Clear guide for your guestsUnlike a hotel, a restaurant or a park, beach is a wide place and hard to name the exact location.Your guest may arrive at the beach from different directions, so you should make sure you haveenough guide and sign board to lead your guests to the exact ceremony spot. If shuttle service isavailable, it is considerable to provide your guest from a obvious location such as the gate.
  4. 4. 5. Keep eyes on giftsUnlike an indoor ceremony, you can not find a room for the gifts you receive from guests, so youneed to find someone you really trust to take a record of the presents and protect them from beinglost or damaged. Also, you need to think about how to bring so many gifts home. Extra duffle bagsmay be necessary.6. Build good relationshipWhen preparing the wedding, you have to contact with various people such as vendors,administrator staff of the beach and delivery people and so no. You need to build good relationshipwith those people who can let a detail ruin your big day. You could write them thank-you notes byhand and prepare small bills for palm-greasing.7. Hire a planner if possibleIf you can spend 10% of the wedding budget to hire a wedding planner, it is a good way to stressoff your burden.Looking for wonderful Beach Wedding Dresses and bridesmaid dresses online and have a nice shopping journey.