How to Power Your Presence


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Harness the power of Social Media for your business. Get Professionals to Build, engage & measure social media strategy and online marketing plan.

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How to Power Your Presence

  1. 1. HOW TOPOWER YOURWEB PRESENCE By Wandia 805.295.0112 May 2011
  2. 2. Most Valuable brandsshow direct correlation between...Top financial performance and deepsocial media engagement (Source: BusinessWeek / Interbrand Best Global Brands 2008).
  3. 3. 500+million  activeFacebook users75% f all Americans on aosocial network25% 5% of all online time is2spent on social networks  (Nielson) use on the rise                                                                            These are numbers you just cannot ignore.
  4. 4. 3 Top Benefits BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INCREASE Traffic to websiteTOP IMPROVE search engine ranking GET MORE exposure for Business
  5. 5. It’s not forkids...BabyBoomersFastest growing group
  6. 6. 1 500 000 +Businesses have fanpageSmall businesses exploiting social media in droves for• lead generation and  • improving customer experience (Source: Social Media Examiner Industry Report).
  7. 7. Your customers are thereAnd you can bet your competitors are too...Whether (or not) you are on socialmedia, people are there talking aboutyou, your industry, company,product or service.
  8. 8. 12
  9. 9. Power yourPresence Take your personal brand with you when you move from company-to-company, change careers, change positions, or transition to being an entrepreneur.  Secure your digital assets. • Personal Branded Social URLs • Set-up Social Profiles Properly • Set up your Own Your Network • Own Your Hub (Don’t just rent)
  10. 10. THE BIG QUESTIONWhat do experienced marketersand business owners knowand do with social mediathat makes them sosuccessful?
  11. 11. If you knew step-by-step how pros createand execute social media campaigns toattract high-quality customers andachieve success—you could simplyduplicate what they doand achieve similarresults.
  12. 12. Thats what theSOCIAL MEDIA VIP program is all about. 
  13. 13. You getwhat it took us years to learn...• Discover the best ways to market your business with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, video marketing and social bookmarking sites! No guesswork... benefit from the wisdom of those whove gone before you. • Gain a leg up on your competitors, and stand out• Creatively engage and grow a loyal following • Gain raving fans who have become your standard-bearers• Create a smart social media marketing plan and integrate social media activities with your other marketing efforts• Track and measure your social media return on investmentDont just teach and tell you... do it all for you!
  14. 14. Need help finding and engaging yourtarget audience with social media?SOCIAL MEDIAVIP program is a must have.• Exclusive • Very personalized • One-on-one service
  15. 15. Contact usThere’s a limit to how many peoplewe can help. Secure your spot. Use social media effectively to • connect with valuable customers and prospects  • turbo-boost your lead generation • enhance your image in your industry • improve sales