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Lijjat papad

  1. 1. Women Entrepreneurship Model – Lijjat Papad Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  2. 2. Objectives of the Study Study the Lijjat Papad business model Understand the problems they face Explore possible business opportunities Analyze the threats Suggest solutions to the problem Research on the brand awareness of Lijjat papad among consumers
  3. 3. Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad(SMGULP) - Under KVIC• Started in 1959 by 7 gujurathi women with a borrowed fund of Rs 80/-.• Aim is to generate employment.• Today the turnover is Rs. 887 crores and Rs 37 crores is exports.• Lijjat has a variety of products : Detergents, Papad, Masala, Chapaties, Gehu Atta etc.• 30-35% production of the papad is exported.• Provides employment to over 43,000 women all over India.
  4. 4. Lijjat Papad Business ModelProcurement ProductionQuality Testing Packaging DOMESTIC Distribution EXPORTS
  5. 5. Problems & Solutions Ways to tackle theProblems being faced problems• Attrition rate • Provision of open spaces by• Space crunch for drying Local bodies papads • Tie-up with schools, colleges for the use of space• Quality of water• Quality of papads
  6. 6. Business Opportunity for Lijjat• Expand the Chapati Division into a full fledged meal service.• Tie-up with the Mumbai Dabbawalas for the distribution.• More women will be employed in the new division.
  7. 7. Threats to the Business Other brandsAutomated Fake Lijjatprocesses Papad Threats ExpansionLow wages Constraints Low barriers to entry
  8. 8. Research & FindingsResearch Objective: Understand the brand awareness of Lijjat papadFindings:1. 80% respondents were Lijjat papad consumers.2. 23% show customer loyalty for more than 16 yrs.3. They prefer Lijjat papad because of the taste, quality, availability, price, brand name & variety.4. Familiarity with other Lijjat products.5. 61% became aware of Lijjat papad through the ads on TV. 23% through their families.
  9. 9. Conclusion• Devise ways to tackle the problem of drying the papads.• Consider business expansion in order to generate more employment.• Allow for more interaction with the women working at Lijjat.
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