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Libraryand bookjokestotickleyourfunnybone


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Libraryand bookjokestotickleyourfunnybone

  1. 1. Twenty Library & Book Jokes to Tickle Your kids’Funny Bones Compiled byThe Book Princess
  2. 2. What club does Hagrid use on the 18th hole? His Harry Putter! Who is the coolest king in the world? King Author! What building has the most stories? A library! What does a mummy do in the library? Gets wrapped up in a good book! Where does a dog bring his book to get published? A PUPlisher! What does a cat like to read? A MEWSpaper. Why did the bird fly into the library? To get a bookworm! Why did Bunnicula want an art book? So he could learn to draw blood! Why was the dinosaur afraid to go to the library? Because his book was 60 million years overdue! What did one math book say to another? I’ve got big problems.What did one arithmetic book say to the other? What did one arithmetic book say to the other?Ive got a bi
  3. 3. Who writes invisible books? A ghost writer! Why does an elephant use his trunk as a bookmark? So he “nose” where he left off. What did snake say to noisy children in the library? SSSSSSS…Why did the baseball player take his bat to the library? His teacher told him to hit the books. What does the librarian say when she has to leave? Time to book! What do planets like to read? Comet books. When the cold wind blows, what does a book do? It puts on a book jacket. When a knight reads a book, who is always at his side? His page.Why did Dr. Jekyll cross the road in front of the library? To get to the other Hyde. Why did the librarian slip and fall on the library floor?Because she was in the non-friction section.
  4. 4. AD001135973EDUIve got a big problem. Short and sweet! Thanks for downloading the jokes I compiled. If you plan on using them, please consider leaving a rating. I used them when I was a librarian and now I use them during my author visits to schools. As the kids are shuffling into the auditorium, I have them running on a PowerPoint. Encourage your students to write jokes of their own! Kid-Friendly Jokes: I’m brand-spanking new on TPT! The Book Princess