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Opciones finales logo idiomas


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Opciones finales logo idiomas

  1. 1. The Equavolley The Equavolley is a variant of volleyball originaly from Ecuador The first tournament was held one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight (1958)
  2. 2. Main objective The Equavolley is a sport formed by two teams with three players each and their alternates. The object of the game is to drop the ball in the Field contrary,
  3. 3. Rules for Playing Equavolley the rules are the same the volleyball. It plays to two times of twelve points and the option of tie-breaker..
  4. 4. Equipment and implements Each team consists of three players: setter ; Flying, Server. the network has nine meters long, sixty centimeters wide. It is played with soccer ball number five.
  5. 5. The Field Has eighteen meters (18 m) long and nine meters (9 m) wide.
  6. 6. ¿Why did you choose this sport? This is not only a sport Is a show where players and the public enjoy
  7. 7. Conclusion and Recommendations This sport is excellent to stay in good physical condition. It can be practiced for either men or women