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  1. 1. 4569785-257397RYAN CASTRO GAMARA<br />26 J. Rizal St. Brgy. Wawa, Siniloan, Laguna<br />Mobile No: 09186259687<br />E-mail address:<br />OBJECTIVE<br />Engage myself into my chosen profession where I can employ all the learning that I have acquired in college as well as to interact with people for enhancement of my personality and career.<br />ELIGIBILITY<br />Civil Service- Professional Eligibility <br />Date of Examination: March 29, 2009<br />Place of Examination: URS, Morong, Rizal<br />EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT<br />Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business Administration<br />Major in Agricultural Business Management<br />LAGUNA STATE POLYTECNIC UNIVERSITY (2003-2008)<br />WORKING EXPERIENCES<br />RURAL BANK OF MABITAC (LAGUNA), Inc.<br /><ul><li>Position: Branch Manager/ OIC (May 2010- Present)</li></ul>Asenso-Microfinance Loan<br /> Duties:<br /><ul><li>Handling account officers/clients
  2. 2. Verification and approval loan application
  3. 3. Center monitoring/visitation
  4. 4. Consolidation of account officers’ month end report </li></ul>RURAL BANK OF MABITAC (LAGUNA), Inc.<br /><ul><li>Position: Account Officer (May 2009- May 2010)</li></ul>Asenso-Microfinance Loan<br /> Duties:<br /><ul><li>Handling clients accounts/ savings and loans
  5. 5. Consolidating of savings and loan repayments
  6. 6. Acts as cashier:
  7. 7. Accepting and consolidating of payments from the clients
  8. 8. Process the withdrawal of loan and savings transactions
  9. 9. Creating deposit and withdrawal slip
  10. 10. Releasing of cash loan on client account
  11. 11. Acts as bookkeeper:
  12. 12. Balancing T-accounts in daily transaction
  13. 13. Filing and keeping of proof sheets, receipts, withdrawal, etc.</li></ul>Special Program for Employment of Students<br /><ul><li>Position: Working Student/Beneficiary</li></ul>Siniloan, Laguna (2004-2007)<br />Global Tenets Consultancy<br /><ul><li>Position: Draftsman</li></ul>Los Banos, Laguna (July- August 2008)<br />Laguna State Polytechnic University<br /><ul><li>Position: Student Assistant (Library)</li></ul>Siniloan, Laguna (2005-2006)<br />PERSONAL INFORMATION<br />Date of Birth:February 6, 1985<br />Birth Place:Sta. Cruz, Laguna<br />Sex:Male<br />Height:5’4’’<br />Weight:56 kg.<br />Name of Father:Alberto A. Gamara <br />Name of Mother:Amalia C. Gamara (deceased)<br />Language spoken:Filipino/ English<br />SKILLS AND CAPABILITIES<br /><ul><li>Computer literate in Windows application such as MS word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and Internet.
  14. 14. Able to communicate well with other people and adaptable
  15. 15. Responsible</li></ul>ORGANIZATIONAL AFFILIATION<br />Student Body Organization (SBO) officer (A.Y 2006-2007)<br />College of Agriculture Science and Technology<br />LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY<br />Sangguniang Kabataan<br />Councilor (2002-2007)<br />CHARACTER REFERENCESBrgy.Wawa, Siniloan, Laguna<br />Ms. Editha Perey, Instructor (BSABA), LSPU- Siniloan, Laguna<br />Mr. Ed Revilla, Program Mngr, Rural Bank of Mabitac (Laguna), Inc.<br />Mr. Ruben Adricula III, Councilor, Municipality of Siniloan, Laguna<br />I hereby certify that the statements given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.<br />Ryan Castro Gamara<br /> Applicant <br />