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NewLiteracies: Mobile Future


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Latino teens and mobile technology - how a generation is leap-frogging the digital divide. Impact on library service to teens, practical suggestions to address the interests and habits of this distinct user group today.

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NewLiteracies: Mobile Future

  1. 2. Temperature of the room…
  2. 3. Cellular phone use is “shifting” the digital divide Latino teens as a distinct user group regarding mobile technology Practical, relevant ways to engage teens in our community
  3. 6. In 2005, 54% of online teens said they have gone online at the library, up from 36% who reported this in 2000.
  4. 7. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2008
  5. 9. Cell Phones help bridge the digital divide… <ul><li>“ 44% of black teens and 35% of Hispanic teens use their cell phones to go online, compared with 21% of white teens.” </li></ul><ul><li>--Pew, Teen & Mobile Phones, 2010 </li></ul>
  6. 10. Latino teens are less likely to have internet at home… but are more likely to use access the internet via a cell phone...
  7. 11. By 2013… more users globally will access the Internet via their mobile phones than PCs. Gartner Technology Business Research Insight.
  8. 12. Cerritos Public Library, (CA) Nashville Public Library, (TN) ? ?
  9. 13. programming content & marketing possibilities
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