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Idioms slang sayings ts55

  1. 1. Idioms- AAchilles’ heel Add fuel to the fire•The one weakness a person has •To make a bad situation worse, make someone angrierExample: “I’m strong in math andscience, but English is my Achilles’ heel.” Example: “I was already angry with you, and you forgot to pick me up, that really added fuel to the fire.”All ears At the end of your rope•Eager to listen •At the end of your ability or patience to do somethingExample: “You said you had somethingimportant to tell me. I’m all ears.” Example: “I’ve tried everything, but nothing’s worked. I’m at the end of my rope.”
  2. 2. Idioms- BBelow the belt Bite the dust•Cruel, unfair, hurtful, not sportsmanlike •To die, to fail to succeedExample: “Saying he wasn’t very good Example: “The spy bit the dust at thein math just because he got a 99 on the end of the movie.”test was really hitting below the belt.”Break the ice By the book•To overcome the first awkward •Exactly according to the rules, doingdifficulties in a social situation by a just as instructed.friendly gesture. Example: “Julie wants all her employeesExample: “John was very shy when he to do everything by the book.”met Cindy. He didn’t know how tobreak the ice.”
  3. 3. Idioms- CCall it a day Chill out•To stop work for the day, end a •To relax, calm down.project for the moment. Example: “There was a lot ofExample: “You’ve been working on that homework this week. On Saturday, I amreport for hours. Why don’t you call it a going to just chill out.”day?”Cold feet Couch potato•Fear of doing something, to lose •Someone who spends a lot of timeconfidence. watching televisionExample: “John wanted to ask Rachel Example: “He won’t come out to playto the dance, but he got cold feet.” because he’s a couch potato.”
  4. 4. Idioms- DDo or die Down-to-earth•To succeed or fail completely. •Practical; sensible; realisticExample: “Mod was determined to win Example: “Even though she has bigthe gold medal, do or die!” dreams of being a star, her sister is down-to-earth and enjoys working at the bank.”Draw the line at Drive you crazy•To set a specific limit, especially about •To make someone angry, annoyed orbehavior. confused.Example: “My parents give me a lot of Example: “My roommate’s music drivesfreedom, but they draw the line at me crazy!”letting me stay out late on schoolnights.”
  5. 5. Idioms- EEarly bird catches the Eat your wordsworm•A person who gets up early and starts •To have to admit humbly that youa project ahead of others has the best were wrong.chance of accomplishing his/her goal. Example: “He predicted that I wouldExample: “Sue slept overnight in front get a C on the Biology exam, but I gotof the stadium in order to get concert an A-. Now, he’ll have to eat his words.”tickets. The early bird catches the worm.”Eleventh hour Eyes in the back of your•At the last possible time, just before headthe absolute deadline. •Ability to sense what is happening when one’s back is turned.Example: “At the eleventh hour, justseconds before the play began, Sigh Example: “My teacher always knowsfinished painting the scenery.” when we’re passing notes. He must have eyes in the back of his head.”
  6. 6. Idioms- FFeather in your cap Fifth wheel•A great achievement or special honor; •An unneeded, extra person (similar toan accomplishment to be proud of the Thai idiom “ABC”)Example: “Winning the competition Example: “If he comes with us, he’ll justwas quite a feather in my cap.” be a fifth wheel.”Fish out of water Full of hot air•A person who is out of his or her •Being foolish or talking nonsense;usual place; someone who doesn’t fit in pompousor is helpless in a situation. Example: “I don’t believe anything heExample: “I want to help the new girl says. He’s full of hot air.”from Germany. She must feel like a fishout of water.”
  7. 7. Idioms- GGet out of my face Get under your skin•Stop standing so close to me and •To bother or upset someone.arguing with me, or disapproving of myactions. Example: “It really gets under my skin when people use my laptop withoutExample: “Just get our of my face right asking me.”now, or I might say something mean!”Go along for the ride Go bananas•To watch but not take part in an •To be or go crazyactivity; to keep someone company. Example: “Come quick! Your brotherExample: “Susan did not want to play has gone bananas.”basketball, but she went along for theride.”
  8. 8. Idioms- HHang in there Head in the clouds•To keep trying and not give up •Absentminded; daydreaming; lost in thoughtExample: “During the bike race, mybrother kept telling me to hang in Example: “My little brother’s reportthere.” card said that he should pay more attention in class - that his head was usually in the clouds.”Hit the road Hot under the collar•To begin a journey; to leave •Very angry; upsetExample: “We’re all packed, it’s time to Example: “I’m going to say goodnight.hit the road.” My father is starting to get hot under the collar.”
  9. 9. Idioms- IIn a nutshell In one ear and out the other•In very few words; briefly; clearly and •Not listening to what is being said; notto the point. attentive.Example: “In a nutshell, tell me what the Example: “I warned him about bringingmovie was about.” his pet tarantula to school for show- and-tell, but my advice went in one ear and out the other.”In the bag In the same boat•Absolutely certain to be won; sure; •In the same bad situation; sharing thecertain of success same problem or difficulty.Example: “We knew our soccer team Example: “We’re all in the same boat,had the championship in the bag.” and we’ve got to work together on this project.”
  10. 10. Idioms- JJack-of-all-trades Jump down your throat•A person who can do many different •To talk or scream at someone in akinds of work well. sudden, angry way.Example: “Mike’s a jack-of-all-trades, he Example: “I asked my older brother tocan fix anything.” borrow his car, and he just jumped down my throat!”Jump the gun Just deserts•To say or do something before you •The punishment a person deserves.should. Example: “He got his just deserts whenExample: “I couldn’t wait to give my he overslept and missed the last train.”mom her birthday present, so I jumpedthe gun and gave it to her a weekearly.”
  11. 11. Idioms- KKeep a straight face Keep your fingers crossed•To keep from laughing. •To wish for good luck and success for someone or something.Example: “When you see Eric’s newhaircut, try to keep a straight face.” Example: “We need a home run to win. Keep your fingers crossed.”Keep your shirt on Knock on wood•To remain cool; to not become angry; •An expression that superstitiousto be patient. people say when they knock on any kind of wood so that they won’t haveExample: “The referee saw the two bad luck.players shouting at each other and toldthem to keep their shirts on.” Example: “So far, the new teacher doesn’t give too much homework. Knock on wood.”
  12. 12. Idioms- LLet your hair down Like pulling teeth•To relax and show your true self. •Something very hard to do.Example: “At the karaoke party, Jane Example: “Getting Jessica to talk inreally let her hair down.” class is like pulling teeth.”Look down your nose at Loose cannonsomeone •A person who is unpredictable and•To think of and treat people as if they sometimes out of control.were lower in quality or ability. Example: “He got fired because he wasExample: “The seniors looked won their a loose cannon and caused everybody anoses at us.” lot of trouble.”
  13. 13. Idioms- MMake ends meet Make your mouth water•To earn just enough to live within •To look so attractive and desirableone’s income. that it makes you want to have it very much; to want to eat or drinkExample: “On her salary, Justin can something that looks or smellshardly make ends meet.” delicious. Example: “Just looking at that apple pie makes my mouth water.”Miss the boat More than meets the•To lose an opportunity; to arrive too eyelate and miss out on something. •There are hidden facts that can’t be seen or understood right away.Example: “If you’re late to theinterview, you’ll miss the boat for the Example: “Sherlock Holmes realizedjob.” immediately that there was more to the murder than met the eye.”
  14. 14. Idioms- NNeedle in a haystack Nickel-and-dime•Something hard or impossible to find. •Unimportant, trivialExample: “Looking for your contact Example: “Jacob said he worked for alens on this carpet will be like looking big corporation, but it was really only afor a needle in a haystack.” nickel-and-dime company.”Not your cup of tea Nothing ventured,•Not what one likes or prefers; not nothing gainedsuitable; not to your taste. •If you don’t try to do something, you’ll never accomplish it.Example: “I think I should try onanother dress. This one’s not my cup of Example: “Try making that dive.tea.” Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
  15. 15. Idioms - OOff-the-wall On the fence•shocking; very unusual •Neutral; undecided; not choosing one way or the otherExample: “That new reality televisionshow is definitely off-the-wall.” Example: “Are you for or against the new honor code, or are you still on the fence?”On the tip of your Out of heretongue•Temporarily forgotten but at the point •Good-bye; I’m going, I’m leavingwhere one can almost say it; ready tosay something but unable to remember Example: “Just one more cookie andit precisely. I’m out of here.”Example: “The name of the song wason the tip of her tongue, but Min couldn’tremember it fast enough to win thecontest.”
  16. 16. Idioms- PPiece of cake Pull strings•An especially easy and pleasant task •To secretly control others from a distance, as if they were puppets.Example: “Beating you at cards is apiece of cake.” Example: “The movie is sold out, but since your uncle runs the theater, maybe you could pull strings and get us tickets.”Pull your leg Put your foot in your•To tease or fool someone; to jokingly mouthtry to lie to someone. •Get in trouble for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrongExample: “Kevin, don’t get so annoyed person, often without realizing them for teasing you. They’re justpulling your leg.” Example: “You really put your foot in your mouth when you told Jenny you didn’t like David’s singing without knowing that he’s her boyfriend.”
  17. 17. Idioms- RRain or shine Raining cats and dogs•No matter what happens; whatever •To rain very heavily; to pourthe weather is like. Example: “It’s raining cats and dogs andExample: “The fair will be on the field our picnic is ruined.”this weekend, rain or shine.”Read between the lines Ring a bell•To identify the true, hidden meaning •To sound familiar; to call something toor fact in any document or action. mind; to stir a vague memory.Example: “When Mr. Jones said he’d Example: “I don’t remember Margaret’sfind a good part for me, I knew he face, but her name rings a bell.”meant I didn’t get the leading role. I canread between the lines.”
  18. 18. Idioms - SSee eye to eye Sink or swim•To agree fully; to have the same •To fail or succeed by one’s own effortsopinion. without anyone’s help or interference.Example: “My parents and I don’t Example: “When I went to college, Ialways see eye to eye about my had to sink or swim without my family’sallowance.” help.”Sky’s the limit Sleep on it•There is no limit to what you can •To put off making a decision until atspend or how far you can go or what least the next day so that you can thinkyou can achieve. about it overnight.Example: “Order anything on the Example: “The boss said she’d tell memenu- the sky’s the limit.” tomorrow if I got the job or not. She had to sleep on it.”
  19. 19. Idioms- TTake someone under Throw your weightyour wing•To help, guide, or protect someone. around •To use one’s power in a mean, threatening way; to be bossy or rough.Example: “Each senior will be assigneda freshman to take under his/her wing Example: “That kid is the new schoolduring the first month of school.” bully. He likes to throw his weight around.”Turn the other cheek Turn the tables•To let someone do something bad to •To reverse the situation; to make theyou and not defend yourself or hit opposite happen.back; to merely ignore abuse or injury. Example: “The visiting team wasExample: “Harry keeps insulting you, beating us badly, but then we turned theand all you do is turn the other cheek.” tables on them and won!”
  20. 20. Idioms- UUnder the table Under the weather•In secret, dishonestly; not out in the •Sick; not well; in trouble with moneyopen Example: “Ms. Mahoney will not be inExample: “The boxer was accused of today. She’s feeling a little under theaccepting money under the table to lose weather.”the fight.”Up a creek without a Up against the wallpaddle •In big trouble; in a difficult or•In serious trouble, and unable to do desperate situation.anything about it. Example: “Ben’s up against the wall. HeExample: “Ae lost her costume, and lost his job and can’t make thethe play is tonight. She’s up a creek payments on his house.”without a paddle.”
  21. 21. Idioms - WWalk on eggshells Wet blanket•To be very cautious; to proceed warily •A person who spoils other people’s fun by being depressing, dull, sour,Example: “Jen was walking on eggshells nagging, or humorless.when she tried to return the jacket shehad borrowed without asking.” Example: “I hope Paul doesn’t come to the amusement park with us- he’s such a wet blanket.”Wild-goose chase Word of mouth•A useless or hopeless search, •By one person telling another; byespecially because something does not speaking, rather than writing.exist or can’t be found. Example: “The movie got bad reviews,Example: “We need a GPS! These but it became popular by word ofdirections lead us on a wild-goose mouth.”chase.”
  22. 22. Simple Greetings (other than just “hi” or “hello”) ! ! Hey! ! ! Howdy!Things Americans Say ! ! Yo! ! ! ! ! *These statements are mostly used like “hello”, people do ! ! not want to know. A quick response like “good”, “ok”, “fine” ! ! or repeating another phrase on this page is the easiest way ! ! to answer. ! ! ! How are you? ! ! ! How’s it going? ! ! ! How is everything? ! ! ! What’s up? ! ! ! Wussup? ! ! ! How have you been? ! ! ! What have you been up to? ! ! ! What’s new?
  23. 23. Starting a conversation ! Starting an informal conversation:Things Americans Say ! ! Guess what? ! ! Have you heard the latest? ! ! Have you heard? ! ! Did you hear what happened? ! ! Did you hear the news? ! ! You’ll never guess what I heard. ! ! You’ll never guess what I read online. ! ! You won’t believe this. ! ! ! Inviting someone to talk: ! ! You got a minute? ! ! I need to talk. ! ! Can we talk? ! ! Can I talk to you? ! ! May I have a word with you? ! !
  24. 24. When you are depressed ! ! I’m depressed.Things Americans Say ! ! I’m feeling low. ! ! I’m feeling down. ! ! I’m feeling blue. ! ! ! =sad ! ! I’m out of sorts. ! ! I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. ! ! My heart is heavy. ! ! My heart is broken. ! ! I’m heartbroken.
  25. 25. Explaining you’ve been busy ! ! I’m busy. ! ! Keeping busy.Things Americans Say ! ! Keeping myself busy. ! ! I’m swamped. ! ! ! swamped= overwhelmed. ! ! I don’t have time to breathe. ! ! I don’t have time to think. ! ! ! There aren’t enough hours in the day. ! ! Not a moment to spare. ! ! I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. ! ! ! =I’m so busy that I’ve been trying to do too many ! ! ! things at once.
  26. 26. Leaving things as they are ! ! Let it be. ! ! Leave it be.Things Americans Say ! ! Let it go. ! ! Let things be. ! ! Live and let live. ! ! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ! ! Don’t make waves. ! ! Don’t rock the boat. ! ! Don’t make trouble. ! ! Don’t go looking for trouble.
  27. 27. Ending a conversation Signaling the end of a conversation: ! ! Oh, look at the time! ! ! Well, it was good to see you, but I really must go.Things Americans Say ! ! It’s been fun talking to you. ! ! It’s been nice chatting with you. ! ! It’s good to see you again. ! ! We should make plans to get together sometime. ! ! Is it that time already? ! ! I have a big day tomorrow. ! ! Time to call it a day. Ending a conversation quickly: ! ! I have to run. ! ! I’m all out of time. I’ll have to say goodbye now. ! ! Look at the time. I really must go. ! ! It’s been great talking to you, but I have to go. ! ! Sorry, but I have to leave now. ! ! Let’s continue another time. I really must go. ! ! Wow! I’m late. I’ll have to talk to you again later. ! ! I’m afraid I have to be going. ! ! I’m out of here. ! ! Gotta go. ! ! Have to go now. Saying goodbye: ! ! Goodbye, bye, bye-bye ! ! Good afternoon, evening, morning, day ! ! So long ! ! Hasta la vista, adios (Spanish) ! ! See you later ! ! I’ll catch you later ! ! See you around ! ! See ya ! ! See you tomorrow ! ! Have a nice day
  28. 28. Showing understanding Stating that you understand: ! ! I hear you.Things Americans Say ! ! I can see that. ! ! I see what you mean. ! ! I see where you’re coming from. ! ! I know. ! ! I know what you mean. ! ! Point well taken. ! ! I know what you’re talking about. ! ! I got you. ! ! Gotcha. ! ! I’m with you. Making sure you are understood: ! ! Do you know what I mean? ! ! Do you know what I’m talking about? ! ! Does that make any sense? ! ! Am I making sense? ! ! Are you following me? ! ! You know? ! ! Do you see what I mean? ! ! Do you get the picture? ! ! Do you get the message? ! ! Do you get it? ! ! Do you hear what I am saying? ! ! Do you see where I’m coming from? ! ! ! where I’m coming from = what my position is ! ! Are you with me on this? ! ! Do we see eye to eye on this? ! !
  29. 29. Getting ready to study or do homework ! ! Time to crack the books. ! ! ! to crack = to openThings Americans Say ! ! Time to hit the books. ! ! ! to hit = to use ! ! Gotta cram. ! ! ! cram = to study hard; to cram knowledge into one’s ! ! ! brain, usually this term is used the night before a ! ! ! test.! ! ! ! I need to prep for a big test. ! ! I have a lot of studying to do. ! ! I have to study. ! ! I’ve got a midterm tomorrow. ! ! I’ve got a big test tomorrow. ! ! I have a lot of homework tonight.
  30. 30. Encouraging someone to be prudent (clichés) ! ! Don’t jump the gun.Things Americans Say ! ! ! =starting a race before the starting gun is fired; ! ! ! to do something too early. ! ! Don’t put the cart before the horse. ! ! Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. ! ! ! =don’t base your plans on something that hasn’t ! ! ! developed yet. ! ! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. ! ! ! =We’ll deal with that when the time comes. ! ! Don’t get ahead of yourself.
  31. 31. When you have no money ! ! I’m broke.Things Americans Say ! ! I’m flat broke. ! ! I don’t have a dollar to my name. ! ! ! to my name= in my ownership ! ! I don’t have a cent to my name. ! ! I’m as poor as a church mouse. ! ! My pockets are empty. ! ! I have empty pockets. ! ! All I have is the shirt on my back ! ! ! =the clothes you see me in. ! ! I’m bankrupt. ! ! I’m up to my ears in debt.
  32. 32. Expressing stress or anxiety ! ! I’m going nuts.Things Americans Say ! ! ! =crazy ! ! I’m going crazy. ! ! I’m losing my mind. ! ! I’m freaking out. ! ! I need a break. ! ! I need some sleep. ! ! My head is going to explode. ! ! Everything is getting on my nerves. ! ! I can’t take it anymore. ! ! I can’t take another problem. ! ! I can’t deal with this anymore. ! ! I’m on pins and needles. ! ! ! =in anxious anticipation. (this is an idiom your ! ! ! teachers might say, but usually teenagers do not.) ! ! I’m a bundle of nerves. ! ! I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. ! ! I’m falling apart at the seems.
  33. 33. When someone is stressed out ! ! Calm down.Things Americans Say ! ! Control yourself. ! ! Don’t worry. ! ! Don’t lose sleep over it. ! ! Don’t let it get to you. ! ! Don’t go into hysterics. ! ! Chill out. ! ! Chill. ! ! Keep cool. ! ! Cool off. ! ! Cool down. ! ! Slow down. ! ! Relax. ! ! ! Take a deep breath. ! ! Take it easy. ! ! Deal with it. ! ! Keep your shirt on. ! ! Take it slow.
  34. 34. Explanations in conversation Asking for an explanation: ! ! What do you mean? ! ! What are you saying? ! ! What are you trying to get at?Things Americans Say ! ! What’s the bottom line? ! ! How so? ! ! What’s the point? ! ! I don’t see what you’re getting at. ! ! I don’t get it. ! ! I don’t follow you. ! ! I’m not sure I follow. ! ! I’m not sure I get your point. When someone does not understand you: ! ! That’s not what I meant. ! ! That’s not what I said. ! ! I didn’t mean that. ! ! I didn’t say that. ! ! I didn’t mean to give you that impression. ! ! I didn’t mean to imply that. Criticizing someone’s misunderstanding: ! ! Listen to me. ! ! You’re not listening to what I am saying. ! ! You’re only hearing what you want to hear. ! ! You’re missing the point. ! ! That’s not my point. ! ! You’ve got it wrong. ! ! You’ve twisted my words. ! ! You’re putting words in my mouth. ! ! You’re taking it out of context. ! ! You’re blowing this all out of proportion. Attempting to put an end to a misunderstanding: ! ! Let me rephrase that. ! ! Let me clarify that. ! ! Allow me to clarify. ! ! Let me make myself perfectly clear. ! !
  35. 35. When you do not understand what was said ! ! Pardon me? ! ! Excuse me?Things Americans Say ! ! Again, please. ! ! I’m sorry. I missed that. ! ! I didn’t quite get that. ! ! What did you say? ! ! I’m sorry, what? ! ! What? ! ! What was that? ! ! Could you please repeat that? ! ! I don’t understand you. ! ! I can’t hear you. ! ! Could you please speak more slowly? ! ! Could you please speak louder? ! ! Could you write it down, please? ! ! Could you spell that?! !
  36. 36. Making the best of a bad situation ! ! That’s life. ! That’s how it goes.Things Americans Say ! That’s the way the ball bounces. ! Things could be worse. ! It’s not as bad as all that. ! Look on the bright side. ! Make the best of it. ! Every cloud has a silver lining. ! It’s the best we can do under the circumstances.! ! ! I wish we could do more. ! You did the best you could. ! The important thing is that you tried. ! Winning isn’t everything. ! It was just one of those things. ! Don’t ask why, it just is. ! Who am I to question? ! It’s for the best. ! Don’t let it get you down. ! Cheer up! ! You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. ! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.! ! The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. ! I’m between a rock and a hard place.
  37. 37. When someone annoys you ! ! ! Would you stop that?Things Americans Say ! ! Could you please stop doing that? ! ! You are really trying my patience. ! ! That’s really annoying. ! ! That’s really irritating. ! ! That’s driving me nuts! ! ! That’s making me crazy! ! ! That’s really bothering me. ! ! That’s getting on my nerves. ! ! That’s really bugging me. ! ! ! bugging = bothering ! ! ! ! Must you (do that)? ! ! Stop bothering me. ! ! Give it a rest. ! ! Knock it off! ! ! Cut it out! ! ! Enough, already!
  38. 38. Guests and hosts ! Asking to visit someone: ! ! Are you free later today/sometime next week? ! ! Can I come over?Things Americans Say ! ! Do you mind if I stop by later? ! ! Are you busy or can I come over? ! ! When is a good time for you? ! ! ! When you are invited to an informal meal in a home: ! ! Do I need to bring anything? ! ! Would you like me to bring something? ! ! What should I bring? ! When you cannot reach something on the table: ! ! Could you please pass _________? ! ! Asking to leave the dinner table early: ! ! Do you mind if I leave the table? ! ! I’ll have to excuse myself. ! ! Would you excuse me? ! What a guest says to a host or hostess: ! ! Where can I put my coat? ! ! Where is the bathroom? ! ! You have a beautiful home. ! ! The table looks beautiful. ! ! You have wonderful taste. ! ! What a lovely home! ! When departing: ! ! Thanks for having me over. ! ! Thank you for a lovely time. ! ! Thank you for inviting me. ! ! Thank you for having me.
  39. 39. Talking about the weather ! ! A good way to start a conversation with anyone is by talking about ! the weather.Things Americans Say ! ! Nice weather we’re having. ! ! Lousy weather, isn’t it? ! ! Lovely weather for ducks. ! ! It’s raining again. ! ! Hot enough for you? ! ! Cold enough for you? ! ! It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. ! ! It’s bright and sunny. ! ! Horrible weather we’re having. ! ! It’s raining cats and dogs. ! ! What a storm! ! ! What a downpour! ! ! What a snowstorm! ! ! What a blizzard! ! ! It’s so foggy. ! ! It’s muggy. ! ! It’s windy.
  40. 40. When you do not know what to say ! ! ! I’m at a loss for words.Things Americans Say ! ! I’m speechless. ! ! No comment. ! ! I have no response. ! ! I have nothing to say. ! ! I have nothing to add. ! ! I don’t know what to say. ! ! What can I say? ! ! What do you want me to say? ! ! You got me there.
  41. 41. At a restaurant (1) ! Questions a waiter or waitress might ask: ! ! Are you waiting for someone? ! ! Will someone be joining you?Things Americans Say ! ! Good evening, would you care for a drink? ! ! Would you like something to drink first? ! ! Would you like to order a drink? ! ! Would anyone like coffee? ! ! Cream or sugar? ! ! Would you like to see a menu? ! ! Are you ready to order? ! ! Do you need a few more minutes (to decide what you want)? ! ! Would you like to hear our specials? ! ! How would you like that prepared? ! ! How would you like that done? ! ! What kind of potatoes would you like? ! ! Mashed, boiled, hash browns or french fries? ! ! Would you like a baked potato, fries, or rice? ! ! Would you like soup or salad with that? ! ! Soup or salad? ! ! Our dressings are Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, Greek ! ! and house.! What would you like? ! ! ! house = the standard salad dressing used in this ! ! ! restaurant. ! ! Would you like some fresh ground pepper? ! ! Would you care for dessert? ! ! Would you like to see the menu again for dessert? ! ! Let me show you the dessert tray.
  42. 42. At a restaurant (2) ! Explaining to a waiter or waitress that you are not ready to order: ! ! We need a couple more minutes to decide. ! ! I need a few more minutes to decide.Things Americans Say ! ! Could I see a menu, please? ! ! I’m not ready to order yet. ! ! I haven’t figured out what I want yet. ! ! I haven’t decided yet. ! ! I cannot decide, do you have any suggestions? ! Asking about specific items on a restaurant menu: ! ! What are the specials? ! ! What is the special of the day? ! ! Do you have any specials? ! ! What would you suggest? ! ! Do you have any recommendations? ! ! What’s good today? ! ! What does that come with? ! ! Does that come with a salad? ! ! What kind of dressing do you have? ! ! Do you have any low calorie dressing? ! ! What’s the soup of the day? ! ! Is that prepared with meat? ! ! Is there meat in that? ! ! Do you have any vegetarian dishes? ! !
  43. 43. At a restaurant (3) ! Asking for the bill in a restaurant: ! ! Could I have the bill? ! ! Could I have the check?Things Americans Say ! ! We’d like the bill, please. ! ! Separate checks, please. ! ! Do I pay you or the cashier? ! ! Can I have a receipt, please? ! ! We are ready to leave now. ! ! All together. ! ! All on one (check). ! Asking about specific items on a restaurant menu: ! ! What are the specials? ! ! What is the special of the day? ! ! Do you have any specials? ! ! What would you suggest? ! ! Do you have any recommendations? ! ! What’s good today? ! ! What does that come with? ! ! Does that come with a salad? ! ! What kind of dressing do you have? ! ! Do you have any low calorie dressing? ! ! What’s the soup of the day? ! ! Is that prepared with meat? ! ! Is there meat in that? ! ! Do you have any vegetarian dishes? ! !
  44. 44. Telling time ! It’s two. ! It’s two o’clock. ! It’s two o’clock sharp. ! It’s exactly two o’clock.Things Americans Say ! ! ! ! It’s twelve noon. ! ! I! ! It’s noon. ! ! ! ! It’s twelve o’clock. ! ! ! ! It’s midnight. ! ! ! ! It’s twelve midnight. ! ! ! ! It’s three ten. ! ! ! ! It’s ten after three. ! ! ! ! It’s ten minutes after three. ! ! ! ! It’s ten past three. ! ! ! ! It’s five fifteen. ! ! ! ! It’s a quarter past five. ! ! ! ! ! It’s four forty-five. ! It’s quarter to five. ! It’s a quarter to five. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It’s eight thirty. ! ! ! ! It’s half past eight. ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  45. 45. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school BS What’s up?Bullsh*t, something people putin their essays/papers to fill Bro This is a greeting and, for most of the time, it is not aup space when they have Short for brother, referring to question.nothing else in their heads. boys in the group. An appropriate response isAlso, in conversation, when typically “hi” or “what’s up.”someone comments, “That’sjust BS” it means whateverthe other person said is anunbelievable or useless idea. P’Ben TS54, Phillips Academy
  46. 46. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school (You’re) wicked smart Make it through... Under your beltWicked is a way of saying “very”, Persevere, sur vive a difficultsomeone who says “you’re wicked experience. An experience or qualification thatsmart” is impressed by your had a successful conclusion thatintelligence, especially in academics. may be useful to you in the future. For example, a coach might say, “That team was tough, but now we have that game under our belt and we can look for ward to next week.” All setA task that has been completed or somethingthat is ready for the next step. A person canbe “ set” and ready to go also. all P’Waew TS54, Gould Academy
  47. 47. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school Preppy Legit On your plateA preparatory school Real, not fake; cool. To have too muchstudent or former on one’s platestudent; a person whose means to be toomanner and dress are busy.typical of a preparatory Get Psychedschool. Get excited or mentally prepared for something Hang in there To continue to try to do something although it is very difficult P’Sarah TS54, Phillips Academy
  48. 48. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school Wildcard Swag You’re=A determining or =Cool! nutsimportant person or thingwhose qualities are =You’re crazyunknown, indeterminate,or unpredictable. Dope =Cool/awesome Bum/Booty I hate you! =Butt =I’m jealous of you. Bummer =Bad luck P’DD TS54, Peddie School
  49. 49. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school What’s good This test will kick=What’s up, how are you Hook up my assdoing? A slang relationship word- can mean get together for a date, I think I will do very badly onIf you walk past that person make out (a lot of kissing) or the next test.and he/she says that to you to have sex.without stopping/waiting foryour answer, they simplymean Hi/Hey. P’Chad TS54, Deerfield Academy
  50. 50. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school Good call Hang out Used to agree with someone. Wake up call To spend time with people aimlessly and being lazy. Making the wisest decisions An event that warns someone to get out of a tough situation. that they need to deal with an urgent or dangerous problem.P’Lek TS54, Lake Forest Academy P’View TS54, Blair Academy
  51. 51. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school Gee! Rock Star Sassy Cheesy Used as a mild A really cool 1. Rude and expletive or person disrespectful. 1. Trying too hard, unsubtleexclamation, as of and inauthentic. surprise, 2. Lively and enthusiasm, or 2. Like cheesy in flavor or spirited. sympathy. smell. 3. Stylish 3. In poor taste, of poor quality LameWeak and not effective, unsatisfactory.Example, “That was a lame apology, he isstill angry with you.” P’View TS54, Blair Academy
  52. 52. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school Shut it Have a good one!=A more polite version of shut Suck on that =Have a good weekend/day/up. anything. (Usually used to =Take that! Sort of proving that you end a conversation) are better or accomplished something over someone else. I got yah/I feel you= I understand you/yoursituation. Awks! =Awkward P’DD TS54 Peddie School
  53. 53. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school One-chair rule Leggo Bomb the test=Mental note when we join a table =Let’s go.that some students are already =Cannot do well; will fail the test.sitting there at the dining hall. Wetend to leave one seat empty andsit on the next seat. Yay or Nay =Yes or No -ish =kind of/ Nahhh! approximate =No (example: 20ish) P’DD TS54, Peddie School
  54. 54. Slang/Idioms from TS at prep school Suck up YOLO Ball your eyes out=Someone that does anything to =You Only Live Once.please the teacher. =Cry Dawg =Close friend/homie Like a boss =What you say to Whaddup make things =What’s up sound cooler, more exciting than it actually is. P’DD TS54, Peddie School