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Twitter for Training slides


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Presented for the South Florida Chapter of ASTD 11/13/2012

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Twitter for Training slides

  1. 1. Twitter for TrainingJennifer Tomarchio, CPLP National Advisor for Chapters Sunshine Area @JenTomarchio 1
  2. 2. Social Media Revolution 2
  3. 3. Poll: Are you a Linkedin user?
  4. 4. Poll: Are you on Facebook?
  5. 5. Poll: Do you use Twitter?
  6. 6. Tweet #ASTDSFL• During this collaborative session, please feel free to Tweet your – Ideas / Tips / Discoveries / Ah Ha! Moments• Everyone benefits!• Hashtags: #ASTDSFL #ASTD #ASTDChapters• Mentions: @ASTDSFL @JenTomarchio 6
  7. 7. Today’s PurposeThis hands-on mini-workshop isdesigned to provide useful tips forleveraging Twitter to enhance yourlearning programs and expand yourown learning and networkingopportunities. 7
  8. 8. So What? / Why Tweet?• Get tips and ideas• Share ideas / opinions / ideas• Use and follow backchannels for richer content, collaboration, and additional resources• Attend live Tweet chats on topics of interest• It’s a learning tool! 8
  9. 9. Getting Started • Set up your account – recognizable name • Brand yourself – 1 line “bio” – Website address – Actual location – Use a picture…Don’t be an Egg Head! 9 • Find people to follow
  10. 10. Hashtags• One or more words prefaced by #• Used to share tweets beyond your own followers / Anyone can see all tweets with that hashtag• Use a designated hashtag to facilitate discussion among a specific group of participants 10
  11. 11. Direct Messaging• Send a private, direct message by entering “d username” instead of “@username.” 11
  12. 12. Tweet Chats• Online meetings to discuss a specific topic• Discussions are guided by a moderator who posts questions to be answered by attendees• To find a chat:• Check out: #CPLPTtalk; #lrnchat; #elearnchat; #astdchapters• Use 12
  13. 13. PowerPoint Twitter Voting Instructions: @votebytweet 1 astdvote I use Social Media for… 1. Business only 2. Personal only 3. Both 4. Don’t use it at all © SAP 2009 / Page 13
  14. 14. Grow a Great Following1. Look for people you already know2. Display Tweets on your web page3. Offer something to followers / WIIFM4. Join a “conversation”5. Integrate your social networks6. Add Social Media links in email signature 14
  15. 15. For More Info7 Twitter Strategies for Growinga Great Following Tips to Build a Powerful Network: 15
  16. 16. Tools / Apps • Tweetdeck ( • Hootsuite ( • Tweetchat ( • SAP ( 16 erpoint-twitter-tools/)
  17. 17. The Backchannel• Poll Participants• Ask Questions• Check for understanding• Distribute information• Watch for Q & A• Resource: The Backchannel: How Audiences are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever by Cliff Atkinson
  18. 18. Benefits of the Backchannel• Get real-time feedback from your audience• Highlight key points from your session• Audience learns from each other as well as from you• Gives individuals who typically do not feel comfortable sharing aloud a way to get involved• More engaging! 19
  19. 19. Twitter for Training• Pre-session – Establish a hashtag – Send info about your session or gather info about your audience – Plan your key points into tweetable sentences – Prepare tweets to engage the backchannel – Ask experienced Tweeters to monitor the backchannel 20
  20. 20. Marketing Planner• Blog 1 – 2x month• Twitter posts – increase frequency as event approaches• Linkedin – start discussions related to topic / follow up afterward• Facebook – Post events / invites – Post Youtube videos to promote – Follow up with event photos – Media releases 21
  21. 21. Twitter Session Prep Worksheet• Get a moderator – Speaker & moderator Twitter usernames• Links to blogs and websites• Hashtags to follow• Set up tweets to post during session 22
  22. 22. During the Session• Let the audience know that you plan to use the backchannel in your session• Provide hashtag and username(s)• Encourage them to tweet as a way to share their ideas/insights with the group• Questions can be tweeted as they arise – Moderator can verbalize these are answer if they are SME 23
  23. 23. Post Session• Answer any unanswered questions in the Twitter stream• Post a summary of key points /additional resources, link to a blog or website• Archive the tweets:• Continue conversations with those on Twitter 24
  24. 24. Tweet Your AnswerWhat is your #1 take away? 25
  25. 25. Check the Backchannel
  26. 26. Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLP Mobile: 954-461-5724 @JenTomarchio Thank You!