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Synthesis Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Synthesis Presentation

  1. 1. ITEC 299 Synthesis Presentation Jennifer To
  2. 2. Motivation What motivated me to take this class is just the learning aspect of technology. Technology is growing so rapidly that we either get updated or outdated. Since I believe that majority of the courses in the next 10 - 20 years will be all online, I felt like this course would really help with time management. We have assignments that are due, and if you don’t manage your time well, you’re going to end up rushing to finish all your assignments when its the last two days. Or even worst, you don’t even remember the due dates.
  3. 3. Personal Learning Preferences My Learning Preferences as you can see to the right, is when I first took the test. I scored 1 on Reflective, 1 on Sensing, 3 on Visual, and 3 on Sequential. Reflective - Preferring to think things through first, and likes to work alone Sensing - Likes facts, patient with details, likes hands on work, practical, and careful Visual - Remembers what we see, prefers visual representations Sequential - Going step by step logically, linear, and orderly
  4. 4. Thoughts on Learning Preferences I believe it is important to know your learning style because you can learn about your strengths and weakness. After that, you can focus on what’s the best way to optimize your learning. After learning about the styles I use, it does make me want to improve all aspects of the learning styles. I personally don’t want to be strong on one aspect. I want to become evenly balanced between all aspects. I feel when you become balanced in all aspects, you are an optimized learner.
  5. 5. Learning Warrior I chose the Learning Warrior pathway. Learning Warriors want a deep understanding and investigation of fewer technologies.
  6. 6. Activities Level 1 helped with learning the basics of each technology. Level 2 was more of predicting what the effectiveness of each application would be. And then evaluating how it works afterwards. Also we had to give feedback to other students on what their experiences were. Level 3 helped with more of the critical thinking. Thinking about the who, what, when, where, and why parts of the technology. We were to think about those aspects and then two weeks later, come to see how much we used it, and how effective it was.
  7. 7. Top Three Technologies iPads and Tablets iPod and mp3 Games and MMOGs
  8. 8. Experiences iPod and mp3 What I experienced after investigating iPods and mp3 is more convenient in my daily life. I was able to record lectures and presentations at work and listen to them on the go. It was really helpful to listen to lecture to help me review for finals as well. iPads and Tablets What I experienced after investigating iPads and Tablets is being able to use different apps to help me study and learn new material faster. With using apps to help myself make flashcards, I was able to study, but also not have to worry if I was missing a card. So since it was stored all on my iPad, everything I did from a certain point in the semester was saved already. Games and MMOGs What I experienced after investigating games and MMOGs is that, there are games out there to help you learn certain subjects. However, the game isn’t as entertaining as you would hope it to be. The games would be helpful to only a certain degree, because there was only so many games available for a certain subject.
  9. 9. Physiological Factors How I integrated what I learned about physiological factors into learning, is I took more detail and care into when I slept, and what I ate.Through experiments of different times, I found out that sleeping for about 7 - 8 hours, were ideal for me. Also when I would eat breakfast in the morning, I wouldn’t fall asleep in class, and I would be able to think much better, and do better on quizzes. Also with exercising, it helped out when I felt overwhelmed with work. I like how exercising not only helped me mentally, but also physically.
  10. 10. Future Use After learning so much about technology and their new uses from this course, I plan and will use it for my future lectures and work projects. I will also optimize my learning by sleeping at least 7 - 8 hours, and eating breakfast in the morning. I plan to not only exercise for stress, but also as my well being as a whole. After learning about my strengths and weakness of learning preferences, I will be able to use all that I know and learned to my advantage.
  11. 11. Feelings as Learning Warrior How I felt about my learning experience as a Learning Warrior, is very eye opening. I didn’t think that I would be able to learn so much more about technology. But after learning about my preferences, I’m glad I’m able to use my strengths to my advantages. I’m glad that I gained a deeper understanding of technology.