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Team UAS


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Tampa, Orland

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Team UAS

  1. 1. Experts in security guard serviceUnmatched quality control andauditing systemsSpecialized training program that ison-going and comprehensiveGPS monitoring of all vehiclesDedicated operations managementteamQuick additional security backupSafety and preventative procedureEffective solution for cost reductionand ROI United American Security combines the best Corporate & High Rise Security security guards with the best security practices. The results have been consistent growth and Manufacturing Security long-term relationships due to very satisfied Distribution Security clients. Because of our experienced management Chemical/ Petrochemical Security and continuous improvement, our customers consistently tell us that we deliver dependable, Distilling Security reliable, and affordable security and corporate Financial Security guard service. UAS is a regional security provider. Our locations: Airport Security  New Jersey Government Security  Pennsylvania  Virginia  Ohio 1-386-597-7366  North Carolina  Michigan  Kentucky  Florida