Social Media’s Influence on Search: Going Beyond Rankings

Director of Community at OutSystems
May. 29, 2014

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Social Media’s Influence on Search: Going Beyond Rankings

  1. Social Media’s Influence on Search: Going Beyond Rankings Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita
  2. Is Social a Ranking Factor?
  3. No.
  4. Not Directly
  5. How We’d Like it to Work
  6. Create a Great Resource
  7. Get Tons of Social Shares @jennita #SMXSydney
  8. Rank #1 in Google! @jennita #SMXSydney
  9. How it Really Works
  10. Create a Great Resource
  11. Get Tons of Social Shares @jennita #SMXSydney
  12. Shared with Authority @jennita #SMXSydney
  13. Of Varying Degrees @jennita #SMXSydney
  14. Lots of People See it @jennita #SMXSydney
  15. Get Mentions Across Web @jennita #SMXSydney
  16. Earn Lots of Links @jennita #SMXSydney
  17. With Varying Anchor Text @jennita #SMXSydney
  18. From High Authority Sites
  19. Including This One?
  20. Including This One? @jennita #SMXSydney
  21. Rank #1 in Google! @jennita #SMXSydney
  22. Whew.
  23. Social Assists + Influences SEO in Many Ways
  24. Quick Indexing @jennita #SMXSydney G+ post indexed! Damn good lookin’ SERP right there!
  25. Grows Exposure @jennita #SMXSydney
  26. Increase Links @jennita #SMXSydney Beginner’s Guide to Social launched in January. ! In February we did another push. ! It continues to earn links & social shares!!
  27. Demonstrates Popularity @jennita #SMXSydney
  28. Signal of Relevance @jennita #SMXSydney Connect your G+ account to Adwords! “Recent posts” is all about our latest launch!!
  29. Branding @jennita #SMXSydney
  30. Personalized Results @jennita #SMXSydney This is a G+ Post Page – They ALL get indexed! Good thing we had “Moz Local” in the beginning of the title eh?!
  31. Grow Traffic @jennita #SMXSydney @jennita Social! Search!
  32. How Do You Integrate Social Into Your Search Strategy?
  33. Start by Making the Experience Consistent.
  34. @jennita #SMXSydney! Let’s Look at this Post
  35. @jennita #SMXSydney! How it Looks in Search Ooooh Noms!!! 449 calories!! Author has other recipes!
  36. @jennita #SMXSydney! And on Facebook
  37. @jennita #SMXSydney! What about Twitter?
  38. @jennita #SMXSydney! Boom. Pinterest.
  39. @jennita #SMXSydney! Overall Experience? Holy Consistency!! J
  40. How Most Pages Look
  41. @jennita #SMXSydney! Nice, Informational Page
  42. @jennita #SMXSydney! SERP - Looks Good eh?
  43. @jennita #SMXSydney! What About on Facebook? Not too bad, eh?
  44. @jennita #SMXSydney! And Pinterest… Oooh! Pretty picture
  45. @jennita #SMXSydney! Google+ Ouch.
  46. @jennita #SMXSydney! Twitter Snooze...
  47. @jennita #SMXSydney! Overall Experience? Completely Inconsistent L
  48. Put as Much Effort Into Social as You Do Into Search
  49. Start With Open Graph
  50. @jennita #SMXSydney!
  51. Nutella SERP @jennita #SMXSydney
  52. Nutella Page on Facebook @jennita #SMXSydney
  53. How Open Graph Works @jennita #SMXSydney @jennita On-Page Title + Title Tag! Title When Shared on FB!
  54. OpenGraph – ! <!-- Open Graph data -->! <meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />! ! <meta property="og:type" content="article" />! ! <meta property="og:url" content="" />! ! <meta property="og:image" content=" image.jpg" />! ! <meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" />! ! @jennita #SMXSydney!
  55. Facebook Debugger @jennita #SMXSydney!
  56. Facebook Debugger @jennita #SMXSydney If your page isn’t showing up properly in FB!
  57. Facebook Debugger @jennita #SMXSydney Or you have an old version of the page cached in FB!
  58. Facebook Debugger @jennita #SMXSydney Use the FB Debugger to re-cache!!
  59. Twitter Cards
  60. @jennita #SMXSydney! Regular Text Tweet Snooze...
  61. @jennita #SMXSydney! Summary Card (default) Community WIN!!
  62. @jennita #SMXSydney! Summary Card Large Image Community
  63. @jennita #SMXSydney! Twitter Card Code ! <!-- Twitter card data -->! <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary">! ! <meta name="twitter:site" content="@twitterhandle">! ! <meta name="twitter:creator" content="@AuthorTwitter”> ! ! <meta name="twitter:title" content=”Title specific to Twitter – short works great!">! ! <meta name="twitter:description" content=”Remember this is being shared on Twitter, make it enticing to the FB user.">! ! <meta name="twitter:image" content=”image URL for the image you want to display">! !
  64. @jennita #SMXSydney! Twitter Card Validator!
  65. @jennita #SMXSydney! Add Your Site
  66. @jennita #SMXSydney! Twitter Card Analytics
  67. Pinterest – Rich Pins!
  68. @jennita #SMXSydney! Regular Pin
  69. @jennita #SMXSydney! Rich Pin !
  70. @jennita #SMXSydney! Rich Pin !
  71. @jennita #SMXSydney!!
  72. @jennita #SMXSydney! Rich Pin =
  73. @jennita #SMXSydney! Rich Pins Validator!
  74. There’s No Doubt, that Social Influences Search.
  75. It’s Your Job, to Make the Most out of It!
  76. Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita !! Thank You