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Setting up your Distributed (Global) Community Team for Success!

  1. Setting up your Distributed (Global) Community Team for Success Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community @jennita
  2. Remote? Distributed? Global?
  3. Communication is already hard Let’s work on making it just a little bit easier for everyone
  4. #CMXSummit @jennita4 #CMXSummit @jennita Language & Culture Assume good intent & understand everyone works differently
  5. #CMXSummit @jennita5 #CMXSummit @jennita Time zones WorldChatClock
  6. #CMXSummit @jennita6 #CMXSummit @jennita Treat everyone as remote Make an agenda, take notes, record meetings
  7. #CMXSummit @jennita7 #CMXSummit @jennita Go beyond email & messaging Create videos to explain detailed information
  8. #CMXSummit @jennita8 #CMXSummit @jennita Update often You simply can’t over- Communicate Keep topics top-of-mind
  9. #CMXSummit @jennita Share the data Monthly (weekly?) email with metrics
  10. Distributed Learning How do you ensure everyone is trained properly? Uses the same “voice” and manages the community in the same way?
  11. #CMXSummit @jennita Follow the sun strategy
  12. #CMXSummit @jennita Pass the training
  13. Team Spirit Feeling like you’re a part of the team, no matter where in the world you are
  14. #CMXSummit @jennita Daily Hello
  15. #CMXSummit @jennita Fun at work
  16. #CMXSummit @jennita Ongoing games/memes Find Jay!
  17. #CMXSummit @jennita
  18. #CMXSummit @jennita Make it personal Actually use video Show your face! Schedule “coffee talk”
  19. #CMXSummit @jennita Online group cards KudoBoard
  20. Expectations & boundaries Be empathetic to yourself and coworkers by setting and adhering to boundaries and knowing what’s expected of you
  21. #CMXSummit @jennita Set work hours 2#CMXSummit @jennita Everyone on the team should have set working hours. Use tools to show when you’re available. Native Gmail
  22. #CMXSummit @jennita Set work hours 2#CMXSummit @jennita Enhance with Clockwise
  23. #CMXSummit @jennita Calendar etiquette 2#CMXSummit @jennita Be good to yourself and your team. Send emails at a reasonable hour. Thank you Gmail! ⏱"
  24. #CMXSummit @jennita Calendar etiquette 2#CMXSummit @jennita Enhance with Boomerang
  25. #CMXSummit @jennita Messaging manners 2#CMXSummit @jennita Be good to yourself and your team. Sending emails at a reasonable hour. 🌍Thank you Slack! 🌎
  26. Accountability & Trust Having those expectations set, it’s time to make sure everyone is accountable and can trust the work will get done.
  27. #CMXSummit @jennita Ownership 2#CMXSummit @jennita Get everyone on board with who’s in charge of what. More importantly, who’s their backup.
  28. #CMXSummit @jennita “Local” go-to resource 2#CMXSummit @jennita Someone in the same time zone Approval, ideas, advice, etc.
  29. #CMXSummit @jennita Team Strengths 2#CMXSummit @jennita Know everyone’s strengths, and play to them High5 Test Strengthfinder test
  30. #CMXSummit @jennita Cross-train 3#CMXSummit @jennita Not everyone will be an expert in all areas. Create a T-Shaped team Technical BusinessPMComms.Design Community EmpathyWriting Industry Task MgmtUX/UI Internal HTML & CSS JavaScript Back-end Database Architect Creativity Conflict Mgmt Adaptability Enablement Public Relations Customer Svc Broad knowledge across multiple disciplines Deep, specialized knowledge in specific areas
  31. #CMXSummit @jennita Tools to help Grammarly
  32. #CMXSummit @jennita Tools to help 3 Figma
  33. #CMXSummit @jennita Tools to help Toggl RescueTime
  34. ● Communication is already hard, work on making it easier ● Take a follow the sun strategy ● Get personal to create team spirit ● Set clear expectations & boundaries ● Set the team up for success with accountability and trust
  35. Resources ● ● ● ● KudoBoard ● Boomerang ● Clockwise ● Gallup StrengthFinder Test ● High5 Test - ● Grammarly ● ● ● RescueTime #CMXSummit @jennita
  36. Thank You! Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community @jennita