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Getting Involved in the Moz Community - Internal Lunch & Learn


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This presentation was given internally to the Moz staff to get everyone more involved in the Moz community. Having more staff engaging with the community contributes to the overall growth and happiness of the community.

This presentation was given during lunch and we discussed various ways to get involved and showed examples of Mozzers already doing it.

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Getting Involved in the Moz Community - Internal Lunch & Learn

  1. 1. Getting Involved in the Moz Community Jen Lopez Director of Community All-hands Lunch & Learn 8.22.13
  2. 2. First… Who are we? Or, who’s on the Community team?
  3. 3. Erica McGillivray – Social Community Mgr
  4. 4. Keri Morgret – On-Site Community Mgr
  5. 5. Megan Singley – Community Coordinator
  6. 6. Melissa Fach – Community Associate Morning Roger!
  7. 7. Jen Lopez – Director of Community
  8. 8. So how can YOU get involved?
  9. 9. Moz Blog Whee! Staff comments 
  10. 10. Or, heck… why not write a post? Holla!
  11. 11. YouMoz Blog
  12. 12. Q&A Forum Sometimes, it’s your job to help in Q&A If not, you can still help!
  13. 13. Twitter
  14. 14. Facebook A Community member was unhappy we were posting too many *fun* photos Ethel knew Twitter was a better place for them!
  15. 15. Google+Yes, people go there.
  16. 16. Getting started… Set up your profiles
  17. 17. So if you tweet, they know who the heck you are
  18. 18. Ask Questions! Community@ • Want something promoted on social? • See something shady/questionable in community? • Not sure who to send to, we’ll take it! Editor@ • Blog or YouMoz related (typo, comment spam, etc) • Have a post you want to write? Marketing@ • General marketing alias for everyone
  19. 19. Monthly Mozzer Challenge Each month, we pick a Mozzer who had the best engagement in the community
  20. 20. Will it be you?
  21. 21. Jen Sable Lopez Moz Lunch & Learn 8.22.13