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Using Tape on Multi-Part Items


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A tutorial on using tape to attach multiple parts of AV items for circulation.

Published in: Education
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Using Tape on Multi-Part Items

  1. 1. Using Tape on Multi-Part Items Hat tip to Ani Kiredjian, former AV technician extraordinaire at Cary Memorial Library in Lexington
  2. 2. In this example, we’re using a book that came with 3 discs. No way those were going to last in pockets! Note that spine label is already on in this case I put the discs in a 3-DVD case
  3. 3. We line up the book and case so the bottoms and spines are flush (hand model is library tech Nancy). Then we place them on our tape dispenser loaded with 3 inch Scotch Book Tape.
  4. 4. We apply the tape so it will cover both spines as if we were taping the spine of a single book.
  5. 5. Now, we open the “book” and apply tape to the inside of the hinge we created (so no sticky stuff is exposed).
  6. 6. Voila! The two pieces are attached. You can see that they sit quite nicely on the shelf.
  7. 7. Here’s an example using one of The Great Courses. In this case, we put the spine label over both pieces and then taped. If the case gets damaged, we’ll simply cut it off and tape a new case on.